21 March 2014

Who is Deborah Tutnauer and What is she Doing Now

This is Deborah Tutnauer. Who am I?

 It's quite amazing what comes up when I search for myself on Google. I began my career in 1986 as an educator. I became a clinical social worker practicing psychotherapy in 1992. I've been marketing my services and an array of products on the internet since the "brave new world" of internet marketing back in 2006 - 2007.. When I search myself I find blog posts and article from then. On the one hand, it's quite fun. On the other hand, I have grown in my business and within myself in the last 9 years and much that is out there is just OLD! LOL!! 

As you dig into my past you will see my Intentional Parenting Program which was a wonderful program I developed for working with parents in my therapist role. You'll also see me associated with a few direct sales companies like Zrii, Tikanii and Visalus. Without deep investigation someone might wonder "3 or 4 different direct sales positions".

Upon inspection you might discover that Zrii was my entree into that world. Tikanii was a company I helped develop from an idea into a company for two years. I was the lead distributor and developed their marketing platform. After 100's of hours and thousands of dollars invested, the company folded due to lack of focus and skill on the part of the owners, along with bad timing with the economy. From the rubble of Tikanii I joined I Visalus and became a six figure earner. To this day, I maintain and support my Visalus team and am blessed with a good residual income from this wonderful company.

 You might be wondering how this foray into direct sales and marketing fits with into my authentic self which is and has always been a coach and mentor for others. I just recorded a YouTube video - Deborah Tutnauer My Story in which I share a great deal about this journey and why I feel my internal self has been walking the same path for years, even though the external clothing/presentation has changed and developed.

 I am an Entrepreneur Success Coach.

 I help Confused Entrepreneurs get Real about Money and Make the Difference they want to Make in the world, from a place of Clarity and Authenticity. I believe that You will chase your tail for the rest of your life if you don't know if you don't know What You Stand For! Until you have Clarity you will continue to Struggle Financially and Emotionally. I can help you right now. 

 Until you are clear about who you are, you will continue to operate a business that is financially unsustainable. The reason that you feel paralyzed, ineffectual and even stupid in your business is because you are operating from a place of not knowing who you truly are. You may have stress insomnia, headaches, lower back pain and other anxiety symptoms. When you are done working with me, this will no longer be the issue.

22 February 2013

Taking Visalus Global

Are they taking Visalus Global?

Visalus Sciences announced last year that they would be expanding into Europe sometime in early 2013.  The March 2013 Visalus National Success Training is where the exact location of Visalus in Europe will be announced. Many are wondering and speculating and rumors continue to fly.

Whether Visalus opens in the UK or Europe, one thing we know for sure is that the Visalus Global expansion is just beginning. Regardless of where you live on the other side of the "pond" - you can expect Visalus and the Body By Vi Challenge to be coming soon. Based on deductive reasoning, one can surmise that the next countries to open will speak one of the three languages that are now available for all Visalus trainings and documents: English, French, Spanish. This leaves the UK, France and Spain as the next logical choices. Mexico makes sense too, but they have clearly stated "Europe",  so that is not on the short list - at least today.

Body by Vi Promoters are most likely wondering how to take their Visalus business Global; what should they be doing?  Here is where the combination of the internet and global networking come in to play. The key to expanding your network marketing business into another country is to cultivate relationships that develop into team leaders in that country. Unless one is an internet whiz kid, it's not going to be that easy to reach the average customer in another country from one's own. But if you can find and develop a leader from that country  in your team, you will begin building your global foundation.

Social Media , particular more business oriented sites like Linkedin are a wonderful way to connect with people of influence across the globe. Taking Visalus Global means that US and Canadian promoters will be opening their eyes to different cultures and experiences.  If Visalus opens in the UK,  there will be little language barrier for most. If Visalus opens in Europe, particularly France or Spain - our French and Spanish speaking promoters will have a distinct advantage.

Regardless of where the Visalus Global Expansion begins, we know that once it starts it will spread like a firestorm. The #1 Weight Loss and Fitness Challenge in North America is moving past borders. The mission of solving the obesity epidemic is one needed throughout the world. Just this past year, obesity surpassed malnutrition in scope of the problem. It's time to Take Visalus Global.

Are you up for The Challenge?!


20 February 2013

I Need to Lose 10 pounds for My Wedding

I need to lose 10 pounds for my wedding!weight_loss_success

Is there a bride on the planet who doesn't feel that way? Maybe some. Maybe others need to lose more. Maybe a few want to tone up and be super buff and strong. Regardless of what change you would like to see in your body, everyone wants to look their best on their wedding day.

Watch this great story about Heidi, who lost 10 pounds for her wedding on the Body By Vi Challenge and won $1000 in Project 10. It's simple to lose the weight and not too far fetched to win the money. Visalus and The Challenge give away $10,000 to 10 people who lose 10 pounds every  week of 2013

Are you NEXT?

Start your Challenge TODAY--->> BestWeightLossShake

09 February 2013

Body By Vi Shake Ingredients - Is it Safe and Effective

Body By Vi Shake Ingredients - Is it Safe and Effective?

What is REALLY in that Vi-Shake?
Visalus Body By Vi Challenge Vice President Audrey Sommerfield interviewed by 12 time IFBB Fitness Pro Jenny Lynn Travis. Interview recorded live at  Visalus Los Angeles Regional Event.

Visalus and the Body Vi Challenge is quickly becoming the #1 Weight Loss platform in the world. Right now The Challenge and the premium Vi Shape Shakes is #2 behind only Weight Watchers which is a 40+ year old company. As Vi shakes become more common across North America and the world, people are asking "What is in the Vi Shake?" . Last week, VP of Product Development at Visalus spoke candidly in a live interview about the Vi Shake Ingredients.

This live interview will answer that question and also teach why Vi Shake is Safe and Vi-Shape Shake is Effective.

06 February 2013

Project 10 Winners Highlights - Week One!

Every week we give $10,000 t0 10 people who lose 10 poundsproject_10_body_by_vi

on the Body By Vi Challenge

30 January 2013

Weight Loss Success - Avoid Common Obstacles

Understanding and avoiding some simply obstacles to weight loss success weight_loss_successwill help you achieve your weight loss goal

Lack of Sleep

You must remember is to get enough sleep each night. In a study by the American Journal of Epidemiology, women who slept seven or more hours a night were less likely to gain weight than women who didn’t. In fact, those who only slept 6 hours a night were 12% more likely to gain substantial weight over a long period of time. On top of this, studies have linked a lack of sleep to a higher BMI and a negative correspondence to the amount of ghrelin and leptin- hormones that help regulate your appetite. Make sure you are getting at least 7 hours per night. If you are getting up early to exercise, turn in a bit earlier at night.

Lack of Potassium

Keep an eye on how much potassium you are consuming.

A study in Canada concluded that ingesting more potassium might actually help you not only lose weight, but also lower your blood pressure. Strive for 4,700 milligrams of potassium in your daily diet. Supplements can be helpful, but you should try to consume it naturally by eating plenty of beans, vegetables and fruits, particularly bananas.

Low Metabolism

As you age, you begin losing muscle. This is called sarcopenia . Muscle burns more calories than fat. As your lean muscle decreases your resting metabolism drops, thus causing you to store more food as fat. Keep your muscles strong and sarcopenia at bay by doing weight training and weight bearing exercises.


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