25 April 2009

Google Friend Connect

I'm working on optimizing Google Friend Connect here on this blog. I would be honored to have you join my network. The "join" box is in the sidebar. Once you join you can leave comments by clicking the link in the Google Connect bar at the top of the page. Thoughts, ideas, videos and links are all welcome and long as they are not spammy and relate to the nature of this blog. I am hoping by using the Google Friend Connect application we can begin to use this blog as a place to meet and discuss issues related to working at home and creating success.

24 April 2009

Mexican Swine Flu Prompts Epidemic Fears

Read the Yahoo new story here

Even with the media sparking concern about the Swine Flu in Mexico, the CDC is not pressing the panic button. According to CDC reports, no one infected in the US had died from the disease. In addition two anti-viral drugs, Tamilflu and Relenza are very effective if given early in the flu's progression. A microbiologist who tweeted on Twitter seems to feel that flu vaccines in the past few years may also offer protection.

21 April 2009

You are NOT Going to Believe This

I was astounded! Last night on the Duplication 123 Mastermind call we were introduced to the new Webinar Platform. Now I know I've spoken about their webinar platform before. But here is the story.

We began with a platform that was pretty good. It was almost identical in nature to GoTo Meeting..similar tool bar, etc... The Mastermind team had some concerns about the "user friendliness" of the platform, so the D123 owners went back to the drawing board. What we saw last night was the result of that.

The new platform is so user friendly that a kid could make it work. In addition, though the default is a room for 20 participants, it automatically expands to 120!! as the RSVP's to your webinar invitations come back in. The whole invitation and follow-up system is tied to an auto-repsonder. You can load in lists in a multitude of formats. You can schedule meetings immediately or for weeks in advance. This sytem puts GoTo Meeting to shame..and is included in your regular $34.95 monthly D123 cost.

That means that you receive all the other tools we've been talking about and the Webinar platform that you can use unlimited times per month, for just $34.95. Do you see what can happen with this?

Even if you move out of the network marketing arena, your potential prospects just for are stand alone Duplication123 Business are endless. Any business person, teacher, clergy, etc...who wants or needs to use webinars to communicate with and teach people, can use this system. Right now most use GoTo Meeting or a few others. Those can cost upwards of $100 per month..or they charge per participant. What we have here is truly amazing.

So this is a suggestion to think outside the box. Are there people you know who can use a webinar platform like this? Are there entire industries that you could target online who would jump at this platform? I think there are many. This is a great money making opportunity for you, even if you don't use it at all for your primary network marketing business.

19 April 2009

CTPM The Most Logical Way to Market Online

C- Content: Create In-Demand Content focused on the information needs of your target audience. People are NOT search online for you or for your product. They are searching for answers to their questions and solutions to their problems. A great content rich website offers them what they are looking for. This helps get you good organics results from Google/Yahoo/MSN, which leads us to...

SBI! CTPM Process

T- Traffic: Attract Targeted Traffic. When you content is rated high by the search engines, you get "found" more easily by the searchers. You want a lot of people landing on your web page. This is called Traffic.

P - Pre-sell: Pre-Sell Those Visitors. You Pre-sell by OVERdelivering what people are seeking... relevant, original, information. People develop confidence and trust in your because you are offering them what they need.

M- Monetize: Monetize pre-sold traffic. Convert warm, willing-to-buy (pre-sold) visitors into income. This is called "monetizing" and this is the easy part. You must remember that "M" cannot happen if you fail to first execute...C T P. This is where 99% of small businesses fail.

SBI! CTPM Process

No matter what system you use to build and host your website, you must follow the CTPM process if you want it make you money. This is the same process that SEO experts and those making millions from their websites, are using. It is this process which will get you on the first page of Googe or Yahoo for organic searches, rather than on page 3 or 59. Learn the CTPM Process and you will be well on your way to making money from your online business.

18 April 2009

The Better Choice: Attraction Marketing or Google Adwords

There is a great debate going on amongst network marketers about the inherent value of attraction marketing versus Google Adwords (or other PPC advertising).

Those who lean towards attraction marketing feel that using PPC to direct people to your product or biz opp landing page, is just too "salesy". They would rather that people find them organically through high value content on the internet. That's the attraction piece. Once they have been found, those who resonate with what they write and say will either make contact, or will fill out a contact form in order to receive something of value, such as a free report or ebook. Once that happens, the attraction marketer can then further develop the relationship through a series of emails loaded into an auto-responder system and even a phone call or two. Along the way, a relationship develops that can often pave the way to eventually doing business together.

Attraction marketing done well is an organic and powerful process. It requires a large output of time, yet the foundation of your organization will be quite strong when built in this manner. For those new to this marketing method, it can feel overwhelming a cumbersome at first. Even for those well versed in the philosophy and techniques, there are times when it can be a stretch to write one more article or create yet another video. From experience, I would say that those times pass and the creative juices flow again.

The marketers who lean towards PPC advertising, at first glance, are creating sponsored ads that when clicked lead to their product information page or their business opportunity information. Many think initially that this is the easy way to do things. Why not just send people to the page and let the website and the system do the work? What they find over time is that they are throwing a lot of money at Google or Yahoo and not enrolling very many key people. The reason is, that the people clicking on those ads are not your most targeted market. Your targeted market for your business opportunity are people seriously researching the growing biz opp avenues. Some of those people will be ad clickers, but many of your ad clickers will be more like use car tire kickers.

You can use PPC though in another and much more fruitful manner. Once you get skilled in the methods so that Google doesn't eat your shirt. (This is a good course for that). You can create ads that take people to a high value content page that you have developed. On that page you offer useful information to the market that you focused on in your ads. You include an offer for more value and use an opt-in form to gather their information so you can send them the value offer. Now you have a name and contact information and you can begin the relationship building process. This is a great way to blend PPC with Attraction Marketing and reap the benefits of both while lessening the pitfalls.

There are many systems and course available for you to learn about attraction marketing and designing your magnetic presence on the internet. I have found it helpful in my work with coaching clients to offer them some books or videos which help make the concept easier to understand. From there one needs to develop an action plan and learn different methods and tools available to put it into play.

16 April 2009

MLM Duplication, Webinar Room, Lead Capture, Downline Training Modules

Top network marketing professionals are turning to this system for the training their existing downlines and recruiting new leaders. Here is a simple flow chart outlining how it is done.

1. Enroll in the Duplication 123 System at the low price of $34.95 per month. (No worries about another "subscription". You will easily be recouping this in a very brief time.)

2. Set up your customizable Lead Capture page through DiscoverTheLifestyle.com. You do NOT pay extra for this page, nor for the back office system that goes with it, nor for the autoresponders for leads, contacts and friends.

3. Use the training given in the Duplication 123 back office to drive targeted traffic to your DiscoverTheLifestyle.com page. Remember..you have customized this generic business opportunity page to suit your needs..including links to your company website if you desire.

4. As people fill out your DiscoverTheLifestyle.com contact form, get in touch with them. Use the phone and the pre-loaded autoresponder letters to build a positive relationship. Bring those who are interested into your primary business opportunity.

5. Now here is where it really gets fun! Once a person joins your downline, set them up with their own Duplication 123 system. They can even enroll for free initially. The important part is that they work through the SIX generic network marketing training modules in the the D123 back office as soon they join with you.

6 You will also help them set up their DiscoverTheLifestyle.com Lead Capture page to bring in new business and start to grow their downline. Many MLM's don't allow you to market using the company name, unless you use a company page. With DiscoverTheLifestyle.com, you can market yourself and your opportunity without every breaching your company's rules for advertising..and it is simple.

7. Remember, everyone who joins Duplication 123 for $34.95 receives the DiscoverTheLifestyle.com page for FREE, in addition to the other Lead Capture pages and the entire D123 system.

8. As your team grows, use your personal Duplication 123 Webinar Room to host meetings and trainings online. This is just another part of your system. There is no additional fee no matter how often you use it.

9. Create Duplication in your downline by teaching and then repeating this process.

10. Recruit For your Primary Business (DiscoverTheLifestyle)
Train Duplication 123 Training modules and webinar room
Duplicate Plug your team into the same system
Generate additional Prospects by also marketing the D123 system. Your prospects will be very highly targeted. Develop the relationship

Whole downlines in some MLM's are using Duplication 123 as their primary marketing, training and duplication system. The additional income stream is also helpful, creating available money for more advertising. This is called a funded proposal. There is no conflict with any MLM, as D123 is NOT a network marketing company, but an affiliate product.

12 April 2009

Emotional Aspects and Stumbling Blocks of Your ONLINE Marketing Business

Eric Walker recently interviewed the author of this blog. Here is an excerpt from the introduction and a link to the recorded podcast.

Deborah Tutnauer is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, practicing psychotherapist. She’s a Business coach, trained with The Global Consulting Partnership. Deborah is an older mother of almost a 7 year old who she home schools.

Deborah believes strongly that residual income is the key to quality life, family time and the ability to make a true difference in the world.

She believes that the creating of own business working through the internet is the best income producing area of the decade and the early 21st century. Old 20th century economic paradigm is dead.

We spoke on the phone and discussed these topics most heavily:

* The emotional aspects of developing your own business using the internet, network marketing, affiliate marketing and attraction marketing.

* Moving from ideas to Action

* Fear of Success

* Fear of Failure

* Getting out of your own way.

* Sabatoge by meaningful friends and family

* Belief (Think and Grow Rich)

* Law of Attraction

Click here now to listen to this informative interview.

10 April 2009

Google Adsense

Since I already have way too many balls that I'm juggling, I decided to learn something new. ADSENSE. If you are not familiar with Google's Adsense, it is a way of monetizing your blogs, websites, hubpages by allowing Google to place ads on it. When the ads get clicked you make money. It's simple in concept..a bit more complicated in reality.

I came across a product last week that was a large 1000 page website all set up for Adsense ads on every page. The idea that creator had was that if you can make X dollars with one or two page websites, then you can multiply that by infinity and make a lot more money if you have sites with many, many pages all containing useful content. He created this site and apparently makes a lot of money from it. So I purchase it...$20 hopefully well spent.

The set-up instructions were interesting. The were written in english, but by someone who is clearly very good and computers and not as good at written instructions. I am fairly good with downloads, uploads, zip files, ftp..and even so this took me awhile to have up and running. Over the week there have been some glitches that are still being worked on. But I have to say that overall this is a pretty phenomenal website for my $20 plus a few hours of being sucked into the computer techie vortex.

I'll get the kinks worked out and start promoting the pages. Since there is nothing to sell and just good information to share with people, the site is fun to promote. I'm looking forward to seeing adsense dollars piling up in my account.

Oh..here's the site...take a look
You can get one too and also bypass all the techie challenges I had this week by paying an extra $35 and have them set it up for you.

04 April 2009

Easiest Simplest Way to Create a Great Big LIST

Please join my list? Please, pretty please with sugar on top!

I am really good at what I do and if you join my list I'll be super nice to you and tell you all sorts of useful things that you can do to make money. Join my list and I'll be your best friend. Join my list and I'll let people on twitter know how cool you are and that they should follow you. If you join my list you'll get better information than you'll get from any other person doing the same thing as me. I really will send you beneficial information and worthwhile links that you can use to grow your business.

Building a big list is crucial to online and network marketing success. So I really need you to fill out the form above so that I can contact you and be a successful entrepreneur. It's nice to help others get big lists..I fill out people's forms all the time, so you can do the same and help me. See it's really easy to create a great big list to market to, if you just ask. Don't pussy-foot around and gently suggest. Take the bull by the horns and ask, just like me. Join my list. Fill out the form. Do it now.

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