08 August 2009

The Inside Scoop at Marketing Merge

Things are going crazy in the Marketing Merge Network, and the outcome is going to huge for the online marketing community. Whether you market online for network marketing, affiliate marketing or your own niche and information marketing, you need to take a look at this.

The following statement is taken from Renegade Professional News.
"Marketing Merge Professional is the joint cumulative effort and creation of Mike Klingler’s Marketing Merge and Ann and Isaiah Sieg’s 80/20 Marketing. The goal of Marketing Merge Professional is to empower the entrepreneurial revolution that is predicted to shape the economy over the next decade.

With this mission and vision in mind, Marketing Merge Professional met in Portland, OR USA over a long weekend from July 30 – August 2 to discuss, unify and officially collaborate and unite, so as to further synergize an efficient team effort.

Renegade Professional is moving into position as the most outstanding and thorough support and training organization in the online marketing arena. In addition to over 300 training videos, Renegade Pro is about to unveil a live coaching options with students being able to choose their coach base on everything from expertise to cost.

The list below is a sampling of the most recent trainings that have been added to the Renegade Back Office.
Here is a quick glance at the most recent tutorials added to back office:

* Professionals, Businesses and Non-Profits: Introductory Video (by Patrice Walker)
* Mind-map Your Way To Accelerated Profits (by Jerry Chen)

* Mikogo desktop sharing tool (by Jerry Chen)

* Profitting Through Proper Posture (by Jerry Chen)

* Behind the Scenes — Training the Trainers – (with Ann Sieg, Mike Klingler and David Garfinkel)

* How to Mentor And Retain Your Leads II (by David Lazear)

* How to Mentor And Retain Your Leads I (by David Lazear)

* Advanced Traffic Tactics – How To Set Your Content Viral in Social Networks Using WordPress (live event by Steve Anderson)

* Twitter for Small Business (live webinar Dotty Scott)

* Posting with SEO in mind using WordPress (by Dotty Scott)

* Super Guides SEO Training and More 7-11-09 (by Eric Walker)

* How to Add Pictures, Bannners, Video and Links to Your Squarespace blog (by Kaitlin Rose)

* Day 3 of the SBI Action Guide -Brainstorm Profitable Keywords and Create a Template For Your Tier Structure (by Lisa Hanifelti)

* Day 2 of the SBI Action Guide – Developing Your Site Concept with BrainStormIt! & NicheChooseIt! (by Lisa Hanifelti)

* Creating Your Grand Opus: Leveraging the News (by Mike Klingler)

* Why WordPress Is A Powerhouse Attraction Marketing Platform (by Stephen Anderson)

* Pause, Reflect, Relax (by Mike Klingler)

Accessing all these trainings and way more is just a matter of deciding to experience Renegade Professional yourself. What is offered for only $49 per month are trainings that individually would cost hundred if not thousands of dollars. What's even more appealing is that you can try it for 30 days and get a full refund if what you see is not what you expect or need.

You can spend the rest of the year searching and you won’t find a safer, more guaranteed path to success.

No other program produces results like Renegade Professional. You’ve seen what it’s done for others and you’ve seen our incredible “free test drive” guarantee that takes all the risk off your shoulders. What excuse could you possibly have for waiting?

PS. If you are someone who prefers to test the waters a bit before diving in, then check this out. Renegade University is totally free. There is a wealth of training and some amazing video classes. Best of all, there is no charge and no obligation to anything but your own education and development. What excuse could you possibly have for waiting now?

Click this link right now and get started.

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