03 January 2009

Twitter Interrupted

Twitter now accounts for 30% of the business done on the internet..or at least that's what I read last night on Twitter. The tricky part of twitter is that it is so fun and so consuming that it begins to take over all of ones computer time. Thus "Twitter Interrupted" needed to born.

Twitter Interrupted is a self-help plan for twitter addicts. It is a system that allows you to continue your twitter habit, keep your friends and business associates in the loop, and also spend time focusing on everything else that needs to happen in you life and your work.

Here's how it works:

1. Before you go to bed, list out what you need to accomplish the next day. Separate your computer work into its own category and break it down into tasks. Twitter is its own category. Number your internet list in order of priority

2. Before signing off the computer for the night... visit Tweetlater or Twuffer and program in at least one tweet per hour for the next day. These are not relationship tweets. These are the tweets that allow you to not panic if you cannot tweet for a few hours at time. You know you're covered and that eases anxiety.

3. In the morning you may glance at twitter for 15 minutes before showering or even opening your eyes..but be disciplined. Pull yourself away and get ready for the day.

4. After a healthy breakfast of more than just coffee and biscuit crumbs on your keyboard, move towards accomplishing one of your computer tasks that is not twitter. (If you have to head out..you may tweet a little on the way, as long as remember where you were heading and get there on time)

5. Once your task is accomplished it's REWARD TIME!! You may now tweet for 30 minutes. Enjoy. This is relationship building time. Read other's tweets. Reply. Make comments. Empathize. As a rule only 1/10 tweets should be self-promoting in regards to your business. Remember tweeples, this is a relationship building tool not a regurgitate your opportunity all over everyone tool.

6. Now move on to your next numbered task on your list. Do this throughout the day, scheduling twitter rewards whenever you achieve an objective. Please do not forget to eat, turn off the oven or pick your kids up at school These things might need to be on your list if you have a serious twitter addiction..just in case.

7. At the end of the day you are free to tweet for as many hours as you can before your wrists go numb..as long as you've accomplished your list. But do not go to bed without going back to step one and two before you shut down for the night.

8. Word of advice. Many have spoken of losing weight
due to twitter. It is hard to eat and tweet.
So if you are one who needs the nutrition,
please make a note of that on your daily list. We do not want to be tweeting about your demise due to twitteritis.

There are many other twitter tools available to make your tweeting time more efficient. You can easily find them by googling or getting on twitter and asking about them. For those who love twitter, sometimes the tools interfere with the shear enjoyment of the speed, chaos and adrenalin of twitter. Use your own discretion.

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