25 July 2009

Emotions and Thought Patterns: Stumbling Blocks on Your Road to Success

Fear of Success. Fear of Failure. Make Work. Busy Work. Whining. Keeping it Safe.

These are just a few of the Stumbling Blocks that you can easily trip over. They are mind games that will play tricks on you if you're not watching for them.

How many of you realized that there is such thing as Fear of Success? Huh? Isn't success what we are after in our home-based or network marketing businesses? "How could there be such thing when success is precisely my goal?"

But trust me on this one. Often times people will end up sabotaging their best efforts just when they are within striking distance of the gold ring. It happens for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it's due to a lifelong perception of themselves, which will have to change if they achieve a measurable level of financial success. It can be a fear of change. Once you have moved up in lifestyle and financial status, things will be different. Different can be great. But different can be scary.

Fear of success along with the other stumbing blocks listed above, will be the topic in Part 2 of our Workshop Series:
Emotional Aspects of Developing Your Work From Home Business.

Deborah Tutnauer, LCSW will be your presenter. After almost 20 years as a psychotherapist, business coach, home business coach and professional network marketer, Deborah is uniquely qualified to talk with you about this subject.

This is a Teleseminar open to everyone, taking place on Friday, July 31st at 1:00 PM Eastern Time (Noon-Central, 11 AM-Mountain, 10 AM- Pacific). Join in by dialing:

Access code:

There will be presentation and then the opportunity to ask questions at the end.

19 July 2009

Attraction Marketing Tips

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You will find this weekly newsletter filled with precise and useful thoughts, ideas and methods teaching you to utilize the power of attraction marketing for all your online (and even offline) marketing endeavors.

14 July 2009

Emotional Aspects of Developing Your Work From Home Business

Subject: Emotional Aspects of Developing Your Work From Home Business

(written by my good friend Eric Walker, Professional Coach Extraordinaire)

Hey Everyone,

They say that succeeding with internet marketing (or anything) is 10% learning and applying and the rest is emotional. What do you think?

I know I have played head games with myself. We all have.

Well, I have, what I promise will be a powerful series of calls devoted to this subject. You're going to be able to access this information for no cost. In the future, these calls will more than likely not be accessible without a price.

Let me introduce you to Deborah Tutnauer. She is a full-time network marketer amongst many other things, and lives in beautiful Crested Butte, Colorado.

Deborah is also my friend.

Deborah Tutnauer is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker,and practicing psychotherapist. She’s a Business coach, trained with The Global Consulting Partnership. Deborah is a mother to a 7 year old who she home schools.

Deborah is also a Renegade Professional Super Guide. She has agreed to participate in our live "underground" training series that all Renegade Professional community members can participate.

Deborah will be hosting a series of three conference calls titled, Emotional Aspects of Developing Your Work From Home Business: 3 Part Series focused on Network Marketers, Affiliate Marketers and Anyone Running an Internet Business.

Here is the outline for part one of the series. Join us on this call. Call information is at the bottom of this email.

1. Moving From Ideas to Action
1. Beliefs
1. Think and Grow Rich
2. Law of Attraction
3. More Than Just Words
1. Vision Board
2. Meditaion
3. Feelings
2. Why Statements
3. Goal Setting

Back to the Vision Board

1. But in Bite-Sized Steps
2. Letting go of Holding on
4. Sabtoge
1. Self
1. Being needy
2. Becoming an Alpha (Black Belt ideas vs. Beliefs)
2. Others Who Love You

When: Friday, July 24 at 1 p.m. EST

Call Info: dial (712) 432-6116 then press 100148#

Human Rules

Learn from these or not!
(Written by Neil Rosenthal in Denver Post Magazine, March 12, 1995)

1. You will receive a body. You may like it or hate it, but is will be yours for the entire period of this time around.

2. You will need lessons. You are enrolled in a full-time informal school called life. Each day in this school you will have the opportunity to learn lessons. You may like the lessons or think them irrelevant or stupid.

3. There are no mistakes, only lessons. Growth is a process of trial and error, of experimentation. The "failed" experiments are as much a part of the process as the experiment that eventually "works".

4. A lesson is repeated until learned. A lesson will be presented to you in various forms until you have learned it. When you have learned it, you can then go on to the next lesson.

5. Learning lessons does not end. There is no part of life that does not contain its lesson. If you are alive, there are lessons to be learned.

6. "There" is no better than "here. When your "there" has become a "here" you will simply obtain another "there" that will look better than "here".

7. Others are merely mirrors of you. You cannot love or hate something about another person unless it reflects something you love or hate about yourself.

8. What you make of your life is up to you. You have all the tools and resources you ;need. What you do with them is up to you. The choice is yours.

9. The answers to life's questions lie inside you. All you need to do is look, listen and trust.

10. You can forget all this.

11. You can remember it whenever you want.

13 July 2009


There's a new kid on the block. They are supposed to be a secret, yet if you Google them, they are all over the internet. Yoli is a new network marketing company which is positioning themselves as "something different" "by distributors, for distributors". I watched their webinar and I studied their compensation plan. And what I came away with was ANGER!! Read why below......

Yoli's comp plan is a common binary with a lot of breakage going back to the company due to qualifications and the whole binary lessor leg payout thing. I am so tired of companies saying that they are different, yada yada yada..and then recycling the same old type of plans that are not in distributor's best interest. To me it's just a repackaging, even if the product is somewhat unique. They are based in Salt Lake City area, just like all the companies that they are copying. They've spent a good deal of money on a big building and fancy furnishing. Even their pin levels have almost identical names to another binary juice company.

Yoli's product is called a Blast Cap. It appears to be a small receptacle filled with a nutritional powder that gets screwed onto a water bottle, pushed, and the powder dumps into the water and creates a juice. It's a nice idea. Certainly makes shipping easier. But beyond that, it's another line of nutritional juices in an already saturated juice market.

Yoli says that they are different and have been created for the distributors success, by people who have been distributors. Distributors who REALLY want to make a difference in people's lives and not just boost their own bottom line, would NEVER go with a binary. It makes me so angry to see another company creating a big mound of hype, yet really putting out there a copy-cat company. There is nothing new at Yoli besides that small plastic cap and that's not different enough to make their statements ring true.

With our new company, we spent 4 months just on the comp plan...to make sure that it really was unique and in the distributor's best interests. (In fact, it is so unique that our computer programmer has to create new mathematical formulas. He cannot use the long list of formulas that he has that work for the majority of compensation plans.) Only then did we decide on a product line that went with our philosophy. We are not based in Utah. We are not spending money on a big building and fancy furnishings. We are being fiscally conservative and making sure that any extra funds are spent where truly needed and we will continue in that vein into the future.

Our CEO has been in the industry for 42 years...he is so angry about how companies speak one thing and then do another. That's why we exist today. Yoli says they are "by distributors, for distributors". We say that too, but with us it's true.

02 July 2009

Choosing Your Path

Fifteen years ago I packed up my little red Acura Integra with my favorite books, my camping gear, mountain bike and few pairs of skis and headed to the Rocky Mountains. My goal was to visit many different small resort towns in Colorado, New Mexico and Utah and decide where I wanted to live next. I had a checklist of the items that comprised my perfect town. The plan was to visit and stay long enough in each location to be able to work through the checklist and determine if this was the place for me to live.

And so that's what I did. I stuck to the plan and to the checklist. In Moab I lived in my tent in the snow for 3 weeks, warming up at the laundromat and washing in the Library. Taos found me sleeping in the fields of a bed and breakfast that was a famous hippie hang out in the late sixties. (Ram Dass spent time there, among other well known enlightened beings), and working in an Nepalese clothing store. I got myself a ski pass job in Crested Butte and was able to stay for three weeks with friends of friends and ski every day for free.

In the end I settled on Crested Butte because it fit most of the parameters on my list. It also felt like home. I had chosen my path as soon as I decided that living in Northern Maine was not the right place for me. I developed a goal, a plan and the steps needed to carry it out. I created my destiny by taking the time to become clear about what I was looking for and motivated to go find it.

It is the same when you are an entrepreneur and home business owner. People have said that "you create your own luck". I believe this to be true in that you have the power to set the stage on which the play unfolds. In my coaching and teaching I often bring people back to the basics that they seem to have forgotten once they became caught up in their business process. I suggest that they step back in order to see the big picture. I have them write about their goals, their why, the future that they imagine. Once we have that, we create the plan. It is only a matter of choosing the best path and walking down it...while remembering to pay attention to the scenery on the way and make adjustments when necessary.

In life, many people do not choose their paths. They let the path choose them by falling into a job because they need one, or buying a house in their home town because it's what is expected. Network marketing is like this as well. Many people fall into it because they were introduced by a friend and it sounded like an easy way to make some money. When it becomes obvious that it's going to take more work than they expected to create that income, they become disillusioned and drop out, often bashing the industry on the way. But those who CHOOSE to become a serious network marketing professional---those who educate themselves about the industry, the methods, the outcomes---they are the people who in fact do make good money and find their way to residual income and freedom. It comes back to choosing your path--in life and in business.

01 July 2009

The Latest, Greatest, Best...and Why It Doesn't Matter

The internet is full of hype. How often do you see a page offering the latest, greatest, best, biggest, most lucrative, easiest, simplest product/opportunity/business/money-making venture? For most of us who work online, we see it everyday. And yes...those headlines can grab you. Just ask anyone who has 59 unread ebooks about the best way to make a million dollars, sitting on their hard drive. People use those headlines and say those things to get you to respond. They focus on your motivations, your fears and your desires for success. And they succeed in getting you to respond because they have good copy and they've done their homework as to what words sell.

What I'm going to tell you though, is that none of it matters. Sure, go ahead and buy that ebook or download that system for only $29.95. But don't think for a minute that it's going to work for you any better than the last system did. The reason why it doesn't matter is that any -- system, company, opportunity, business venture -- is only as good as the person in the driver's seat. That person is you. It is you who controls the speed, the growth and the outcome. It is you who decides whether this time will be the one.

Now, of course there are companies and opportunities and products that are just not smart to get involved with. There are marketing systems that will take your money and give back garbage. Assuming that you have done your homework though, most ventures that you undertake will allow you to move towards the success that you desire if you have the right attitude and the right work ethic. If some words on a page promise you instant riches and thousands per month for just joining in, run quickly the other way. You WANT to get involved with something that tells you there is work involved on your part. Then you have a better idea that you're talking the real McCoy.

When I train and coach people, whether my down line or my mentoring clients, I have them focus on themselves to begin with. I don't teach them to learn every detail of their product line, or to develop a script for approaching their warm market. Instead, I lead them through a series of questions designed to bring to the surface their best qualities. I teach people that they will succeed based on their strengths, their skills, their motivation and their commitment. This holds true for any company, and any situation.

So start there. Don't be swayed by the lastest, greatest, best. Do your research. Choose wisely. Then work your butt off until you make it. That's really the difference between those who succeed and those who do not.

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