04 April 2009

Easiest Simplest Way to Create a Great Big LIST

Please join my list? Please, pretty please with sugar on top!

I am really good at what I do and if you join my list I'll be super nice to you and tell you all sorts of useful things that you can do to make money. Join my list and I'll be your best friend. Join my list and I'll let people on twitter know how cool you are and that they should follow you. If you join my list you'll get better information than you'll get from any other person doing the same thing as me. I really will send you beneficial information and worthwhile links that you can use to grow your business.

Building a big list is crucial to online and network marketing success. So I really need you to fill out the form above so that I can contact you and be a successful entrepreneur. It's nice to help others get big lists..I fill out people's forms all the time, so you can do the same and help me. See it's really easy to create a great big list to market to, if you just ask. Don't pussy-foot around and gently suggest. Take the bull by the horns and ask, just like me. Join my list. Fill out the form. Do it now.

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