13 July 2009


There's a new kid on the block. They are supposed to be a secret, yet if you Google them, they are all over the internet. Yoli is a new network marketing company which is positioning themselves as "something different" "by distributors, for distributors". I watched their webinar and I studied their compensation plan. And what I came away with was ANGER!! Read why below......

Yoli's comp plan is a common binary with a lot of breakage going back to the company due to qualifications and the whole binary lessor leg payout thing. I am so tired of companies saying that they are different, yada yada yada..and then recycling the same old type of plans that are not in distributor's best interest. To me it's just a repackaging, even if the product is somewhat unique. They are based in Salt Lake City area, just like all the companies that they are copying. They've spent a good deal of money on a big building and fancy furnishing. Even their pin levels have almost identical names to another binary juice company.

Yoli's product is called a Blast Cap. It appears to be a small receptacle filled with a nutritional powder that gets screwed onto a water bottle, pushed, and the powder dumps into the water and creates a juice. It's a nice idea. Certainly makes shipping easier. But beyond that, it's another line of nutritional juices in an already saturated juice market.

Yoli says that they are different and have been created for the distributors success, by people who have been distributors. Distributors who REALLY want to make a difference in people's lives and not just boost their own bottom line, would NEVER go with a binary. It makes me so angry to see another company creating a big mound of hype, yet really putting out there a copy-cat company. There is nothing new at Yoli besides that small plastic cap and that's not different enough to make their statements ring true.

With our new company, we spent 4 months just on the comp plan...to make sure that it really was unique and in the distributor's best interests. (In fact, it is so unique that our computer programmer has to create new mathematical formulas. He cannot use the long list of formulas that he has that work for the majority of compensation plans.) Only then did we decide on a product line that went with our philosophy. We are not based in Utah. We are not spending money on a big building and fancy furnishings. We are being fiscally conservative and making sure that any extra funds are spent where truly needed and we will continue in that vein into the future.

Our CEO has been in the industry for 42 years...he is so angry about how companies speak one thing and then do another. That's why we exist today. Yoli says they are "by distributors, for distributors". We say that too, but with us it's true.

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