19 January 2013

Magic of Motivation for Weight Loss

Magic of Motivation for Weight Loss

We are creatures of good intention, who often get sidetracked by our senses and our desires.body by vi challenge testimonial

There is no better example of this than the area of weight loss. Everyone knows it's not healthy to be overweight. Many people make frequent decisions to lose weight, eat better, make healthier choices. But when confronted by a fresh out of the oven pizza or a just baked chocolate cake, the decision blurs under the onslaught of scents and images!

Sound familiar?

Changing how we eat means actually changing how we live. For many food is much more than just a ball of energy. Food is emotional. Food it social. Food calms nerves and solves boredom. That is why MOTIVATION is such a crucial concept.

Studies have show that most people who take on a lifestyle change have a better chance of success when they are not alone. Add a partner and it becomes easier. Add a small group and now it's social. Create a community and it's easier, social and much more fun!

Take all of that and add in true rewards - meaningful rewards - and you've got a recipe for successful weight loss and lifestyle shift!

Think about this: You have decided to lose 15 pounds. You have tried to do this before and struggled. But you have just researched the the magic of motivation for weight loss and know you must find a community and set up a reward system for yourself. You happen upon a program that has some crazy rewards and a guarantee. Now you are really excited!! You talk to your spouse who decides that he/she could lose a few pounds too - and you start your lifestyle change together.

Here's what just occurred. You created a partnership for a common goal. You chose to engage in a program that had some really meaningful motivational rewards - Like $1,000 for losing 10 pounds and the chance to also win free product, vacations and shopping sprees.  You became part of a fun, exciting  and supportive community which provided the nutritional platform for your goal and all the tools you need to be successful.

You begin!! About a week later you are confronted by the delicious pizza!! You know that you have already lost 3 pounds just by replacing 2 meals per day with the nutritional Shake, eating two healthy snacks and having a good healthy dinner. You know that one piece of pizza is not bad yet you remember your past when you could eat "the whole thing". You understand that lifestyle change for the long term means living in moderation with good choices. So you eat one piece and drink a lot of water!!. You remember your goal and also the $10,000 you are trying to win. You are motivated to make a good choice! You feel powerful and happy.

Every day at the office people have candy and chips at their desks. You know your spouse is sticking to the plan and you've seen hundred of people on the same program as you, losing a ton of weight. You walk past the candy bowls and ignore the donuts (even though they smell so good). You make a shake that tastes like a Snicker's Bar  and smile! 4 more pounds gone this week!

Results breed results. Success breeds success. The magic of motivation for weig t loss is not just about making the decision. It is about making sure you are wrapped in a proven program, a supportive community, a simple system and rewards that get you excited!!

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