18 August 2008

70% of Network Marketers Are Women

Most Network Marketers Are Women

According to the industry statistics, even after you remove the "women oriented" companies, like Mary Kay and Arbonne, women are still the majority in the network marketing industry. In fact, 70% of network marketers are women. So one of the most innovative companies in network marketing is tailoring some of their presentations and training specifically to women, and the response is fabulous.

At the recent Zrii Rising Star Academy in Salt Lake City, over 800 people spent two full days learning in depth information as to how to market their business and improve their results and the lives of others. In that context, there was a presentation which focused entirely on women. Four strong women Independent Executives from the field talked not only about their philosophy and success techniques, but also about validity of women doing this business differently than men. I know, from the response of the audience, that there was collective female sigh of relief when this was spoken.

Unfortunately, like most businesses in this country, the top IE's in this new company are primarily men. But the powerful women in Zrii are rising to the top and have made it clear that women can use their inherent passion and excellent communication skills to succeed in this business, even if they approach it differently than the men. Women have the flexibility to use techniques that work for the men---when they want to---but also to use their amazing right-brained female skills to relate to people in a unique manner as well. What that does is to level the playing field, so to speak.

In Zrii, women are respected for what they bring to the organization. From training presentations to women specific conference calls, Zrii is making sure that women in this company know how much they are appreciated. If you'd like to know more about this, please feel free to contact me

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