15 August 2009

Cheating Husband Tied Up and Super-Glued

Please Note> I swiped this email’s subject line
from the cover of a National Enquirer magazine.

How does this risqué checkout stand tabloid pertain
to you growing a successful home-based business?

You’ll have to keep reading to find out! :-)

(Special Offer at the End of this Post--Don't Miss It!)

I just read a killer article that revealed
a practical – yet powerful – copywriting
trick I just can’t horde all to myself.

The article’s author, David Garfinkel,
eloquently nicknamed it the “C-factor.”

And you can use it pretty much anywhere
(your website, blog, emails, articles,
yeah, even your tweets) to develop...

Genuine Friendships With Potential
Buyers And Business-Builders!


(Because when people like you, and trust you,
they’ll naturally want to do business with you!)

So what’s the “C-factor?”


David strongly suggests to look at copywriting
as a conversation you’re having with your reader.

Or if you’re writing audio it’s with your listener.

Or if you’re creating video it’s with your viewer.

Copywriting = Conversation.

He went on to stress that if you want to
build trust with prospects over the internet...

(People who don’t know you, and have never met you)

And then subtly persuade them to take whatever
action you want them to take...

You have to become aware of this principle! :-)

Then you have to learn how to actually do it.

How To Write To Someone As If You
Were Talking Face-To-Face With Them


Probably easier said than done, right?

Well, towards the end of the article David
made an unusual recommendation that will help.

Here’s what he said:

“Study the way they write in The National Enquirer.”

If you’re a little surprised by this piece of
“expert advice,” believe me, I sort of was too!

But then, it suddenly hit me.

The writing style in this cheap tabloid is like...

Hot Gossip Between Two People
Whispering In Loud Hot Whispers!


Which David says is a lot like the way you
want your copywriting to be.

You want it to be like you’re telling your
close friend about a really exciting secret.

Do you remember the principle?

Copywriting = Conversation.

Yes, you got it! :-)

Having said that, let me remind you about...

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To make a long story short

For six straight weeks, Ann’s having David
supply ALL of her team members with the
core principles they need to know to...

Quickly Write Persuasive Sales
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And you have the chance to pull up a chair
alongside them and (interactively) learn
from one of the best, most in-demand,
copywriting coaches in the world.

(Without actually being a member of her team.)

I also heard David’s going to be throwing in
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Plus, he’s going to include some brand-new
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Luckily, all this is very affordable.

For just a short period of time, you’ve got the
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Yes, you got that right.

You can get in right now for only $197 bucks.

(Which is the lowest price David has offered a
complete copywriting course for since 2000, when
he released “Killer Copy Tactics” with Mark Joyner.)

Here’s the sign-up link again.

As you might have guessed, Ann’s extending
this special invitation to ALL her followers.

And David is too.

Combine their fan-bases and you’re talking
about tens (if not hundreds) of thousands
of people all receiving word about this.

Which Means It’s
Going To Sell Out Fast!


(I’m kind of stating the obvious, I know.)

Anyways, I wanted to give you the “heads up”
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If you are, go here for all the details.

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Let's say you're selling a $60 product and it costs you
$20 to get 100 visitors to your site.

(I know we're talking about social media traffic here but
just stay with me for a second)

Now let's also say your website has a conversion rate of
1%. So every time you send 100 visitors to your site,
you make 1 sale.

That means for every 100 website visitors, you sell 1
product at $60 a piece, which is $60 of revenue. Right?

But hang on because it costs you $20 just to get those
visitors, and the commission you make on that product
is only $30.

So what REALLY matters is your PROFIT, which is just $10.
With me so far? Okay, now watch this...

Let's say you could "magically" increase your conversion
rate to 2%. Your profits would double right?

Wrong! It would be much better than that!

For every 100 visitors you now sell 2 products at $60 each,
which is $120 in revenue. Your commission on these two
products is now $60 but it still only costs you $20
to get that traffic.

So your PROFIT is now $40.

In other words...



It gets even better.

If you do the math, you'll see how your profits can
exponentially grow much more quickly than the conversion

Going from a 1% to a 5% conversion rate increases profits
a staggering 1,200% (from $10 to $130)!

And the best part is, that's with THE SAME amount of traffic...
every 100 visitors!

So how does this apply to social marketing?

Well, instead of paying $20 for 100 visitors, just insert an
hour of your time.

(Of course the great thing about social marketing is that
it may only take you an hour to create a couple articles
or a video, but those pieces of residual content can
continue to generate a couple hundred free visitors for
you every month, sometimes for years.)

So now what happens if you increase your conversion rate
from say, 1% to 3%?



Here's how it looks with the same $60 product and a $30

100 visitors (1 hour) x 3% conv rate = $90 profits

With a 1% conversion rate, you have to work THREE TIMES
as hard to get THREE TIMES the amount of traffic to make
THE SAME amount of money!

300 visitors (3 hours) x 1% conv rate = $90 profit
Where else can you instantly triple your own hourly

Increasing your conversion rate is as close to "magic"
as it gets!

Now imagine how exciting your business gets when you
increase your conversion rate and you have a few THOUSAND
visitors a month.

Remember the profit formula?

Traffic + Conversions + Content + List + Monetize =
A Money-Making Home Based Business


With that information tucked into your belt..and your brain..watch this blo on monday morning. Enrollments begin at 10 AM Eastern time. (Put your information in the Feed box in the side bar right now to make sure you get notified when the post is published) Copywriting is the MAGIC formula for increasing your conversions. Learning how to write great copy is the easiest way to give yourself a raise.

Peace and Abundance,
Deborah Tutnauer

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