18 April 2009

The Better Choice: Attraction Marketing or Google Adwords

There is a great debate going on amongst network marketers about the inherent value of attraction marketing versus Google Adwords (or other PPC advertising).

Those who lean towards attraction marketing feel that using PPC to direct people to your product or biz opp landing page, is just too "salesy". They would rather that people find them organically through high value content on the internet. That's the attraction piece. Once they have been found, those who resonate with what they write and say will either make contact, or will fill out a contact form in order to receive something of value, such as a free report or ebook. Once that happens, the attraction marketer can then further develop the relationship through a series of emails loaded into an auto-responder system and even a phone call or two. Along the way, a relationship develops that can often pave the way to eventually doing business together.

Attraction marketing done well is an organic and powerful process. It requires a large output of time, yet the foundation of your organization will be quite strong when built in this manner. For those new to this marketing method, it can feel overwhelming a cumbersome at first. Even for those well versed in the philosophy and techniques, there are times when it can be a stretch to write one more article or create yet another video. From experience, I would say that those times pass and the creative juices flow again.

The marketers who lean towards PPC advertising, at first glance, are creating sponsored ads that when clicked lead to their product information page or their business opportunity information. Many think initially that this is the easy way to do things. Why not just send people to the page and let the website and the system do the work? What they find over time is that they are throwing a lot of money at Google or Yahoo and not enrolling very many key people. The reason is, that the people clicking on those ads are not your most targeted market. Your targeted market for your business opportunity are people seriously researching the growing biz opp avenues. Some of those people will be ad clickers, but many of your ad clickers will be more like use car tire kickers.

You can use PPC though in another and much more fruitful manner. Once you get skilled in the methods so that Google doesn't eat your shirt. (This is a good course for that). You can create ads that take people to a high value content page that you have developed. On that page you offer useful information to the market that you focused on in your ads. You include an offer for more value and use an opt-in form to gather their information so you can send them the value offer. Now you have a name and contact information and you can begin the relationship building process. This is a great way to blend PPC with Attraction Marketing and reap the benefits of both while lessening the pitfalls.

There are many systems and course available for you to learn about attraction marketing and designing your magnetic presence on the internet. I have found it helpful in my work with coaching clients to offer them some books or videos which help make the concept easier to understand. From there one needs to develop an action plan and learn different methods and tools available to put it into play.

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