26 September 2008

The Middle Class, Free Markets, and The Financial Crisis

This letter from Mark Goodman arrived today in my email. Having a home business, particularly a network marketing business, is a perfect of example of a free market economy working the way it's supposed to.

Dear Friends,

The fundamental principle of Barack Obama's economic policies is that sustainable, long-term economic growth requires a robust middle class and properly functioning free markets.

How is the Middle Class Doing?

We have just completed the first economic expansion on record during which middle class incomes actually declined. At the same time, energy and health care costs have soared. This middle class squeeze is occurring as globalization causes a massive transfer of manufacturing jobs to China and service and technology jobs to India and elsewhere.

IRS data shows that we are in a 30-year trend of increasing income inequality while wealth is becoming increasingly concentrated in the top 1% of households, which now own more than the bottom 90%.

The Bush tax policies have exacerbated this growing inequality by cutting taxes for the wealthiest Americans whose incomes have grown faster than any other group while their average tax rate has declined more than any other group.

Obama will correct this distorting effect of the tax code by allowing the Bush cuts to expire and providing tax relief to 95% of households. Taxes will be lower or the same for everyone making less than $250,000 per year. The tax code will revert to its 1990's rates for everyone else.

Capital gains and dividend tax rates will remain the same for people making less than $250,000, and will increase only modestly to 20% for the top 2% of earners.

Middle class relief will also come in the form of a series of tax credits—for tuition, mortgage interest, fuel efficient vehicles, etc.

Since small business are the source of 80% of new jobs in our economy, Obama proposes eliminating capital gains taxes for entrepreneurs and investors in start-ups and small businesses.

He will also reform or eliminate corporate tax loopholes, breaks, and havens in order to eliminate perverse incentives that lead corporations to move jobs overseas or maintain an office in the Cayman Islands.

But it is not enough to reform the tax code. Our economy faces enormous challenges in three key areas—energy, infrastructure, and education—and the thrust of Obama's economic plan is to address each of these areas with an ambitious plan for public and private investment. These challenges can become opportunities for enormous wealth creation and job growth.

In stark contrast to the current Republican administration and Senator McCain's economic proposals, Obama is committed to fiscal discipline. Investments will be paid for with an aggressive approach to wasteful spending and a framework of accountability and efficiency for programs worthy of being funded by the taxpayer.

The $10 billion per month expenditure in Iraq (while the Iraqi government sits on a $79 billion surplus) will come to an end with the responsible conclusion of the Iraq war.

As Justice Brandeis said, sunlight is the best disinfectant. The recently passed Coburn-Obama Bill (The Federal Funding and Accountability Act) will allow anyone to search $1 trillion in government spending. Obama also proposes that citizens be able to read on-line any bill pending the signature of the President; that meetings between lobbyists and government agencies be broadcast on-line; and that it be made public which corporations receive how much in benefits from tax bills.

How is the Free Market Doing?

A market that is subject to manipulation, that incurs excessive risk, that lacks accountability for that risk, and that lacks the transparency necessary for its proper functioning is not free. It is the role of the government through fiscal and monetary policy to ensure stable macroeconomic conditions, and through its regulatory framework to ensure stable financial conditions.

In 2006, Senator Obama introduced legislation to prevent fraud and abuse in mortgage transactions.

In 2007, he formally warned Secretary Paulson and Fed Chairman Bernanke about rising foreclosure rates and proposed a home ownership summit with all the stakeholders in order to avert a crisis.

In a speech at the NASDAQ in the fall of 2007, Obama warned that public trust in the capital markets must be restored and that pain on Main Street may trickle up to Wall Street.

In March, in a speech following the collapse of Bear Stearns, Obama traced the sub-prime crisis to lax oversight and called for a new regulatory framework adequate to new market realities.

But here we are. With respect to the proposed $700 billion bail-out (which, by the way, is only the beginning), Obama is insisting that there be no blank check and proposes the following stipulations:

  1. A bi-partisan, independent Board to ensure oversight and accountability for the money that is spent.
  2. That the taxpayer be treated like an investor and participate in the up-side
  3. That the foreclosure problem be addressed in a separate bill
  4. That Wall Street CEO's not receive bail-out money in the form of bonuses

Going forward, financial firms that can be bailed out by the government should be subject to government oversight. Capital and liquidity requirements should be strengthened. The regulatory agencies should be streamlined to address the post Glass-Steegel reality. And there must be a process to identify systemic risk to the financial system with regular reporting to the President and Congress.

Free markets facilitate prosperity. A robust middle class drives long-term economic growth. It's time for a President who understands these basic principles.

Mark Goodman

22 September 2008

Marketing Lessons From A 15 Year Old

Dear Friends,

Would earning an extra $900 a month make a BIG difference in
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But what if you could earn that $900 a month by working just
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I was just reading a case study on Derek Gehl's website about
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She obviously has NO business training or experience, and at
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17 September 2008

How To Weather the Financial Storm

Bank fears, AIG fallout drive Wall St sell-off.

Banks rush to do deals as Wall St crisis deepens.

McCain, Obama seek reform amid US financial turmoil

Pretty scary stuff in the news these last few days. How are your personal finances? How secure is your job? There are many people who just last week would have felt really comfortable and are now feeling a lot of anxiety. There are many more people looking for or open to an additional stream of income today than there was two weeks ago. So what does this mean in terms of this blog?

Here is the answer. It means that now is a wonderful time for the business of Network Marketing. You may be wondering how people will pay for their enrollment into a new company when they are struggling with gas and groceries? The answer is that most people will find a way to get involved if they see the value for themselves and their families. If you have a company that offers a unique, consumable product, a great compensation plan and practical, effective training for new business owners, then you must get out there and offer your opportunity. You will be offering a gift to those who need and want to develop an alternative source of income.

Network Marketing is historically an industry and profession that thrives during times of recession and financial uncertainty. You owe it to your friends and family to share with them, this means for making additional money. You would want them to do the same for you.

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16 September 2008

Football Call and Financial Markets

I find it hard to believe that at the same time as the US Financial Markets were at the brink of disaster, news shows spent at least as much time on the Bronco/Charger bad football call. Maybe I'm unique, but the values that portrays are just another example as to why as a society we need to regroup and re-think what is really important.

While Lehman Brothers was dissolving, the war in Afghanistan was escalating, the US Presidential Election was heating up, Houston was under water and people were extremely concerned that an NFL Referee made a bad call. Yes the call probably cost the Chargers the game. But honestly, in the greater scheme of our world, is that important?

It is a disconnect from true importance in our media and our society that continues to keep my so concerned. I believe we all must have a Plan B. I'm sure the clerks and receptionists at Bear Stearns or Lehman Brothers had no idea that they were soon to be jobless. It is for this reason that I am so passionate about network marketing. It is one of the few situations in this country where your success, your income and your security are within your control. Work harder, make more. Learn more and be more committed, build a larger downline. Don't quit and you will secure your financial future.

I offer consultation with people to brainstorm whether or not network marketing is the right avenue for you to pursue. There is no cost and no obligation to get involved with anything or anyone. It is an opportunity to open your mind and explore an alternative, potentially life changing, direction.

14 September 2008

What's Your Plan B?

Do you have a Plan B? According to recent statistics, most Americans are just a few paychecks away from financial disaster. If you lost your job tomorrow, how long could you keep paying your bills? For many, the answer to that question is a scary one. In the past, jobs were easier to come by and expenses were not as extreme. It used to be that banks would not let you have monthly expenses that were greater than 33% of your gross (pre-tax) income. In our current state of affairs, many people have mortgages, car payments, credit card debt and utility payments that are way beyond that conservative 33% number. For that reason, many people are one paycheck away from foreclosure or repossession.

This is why you need a Plan B. A Plan B is the back-up plan. It is an alternative means for generating income, on top of your salaried or hourly job. For many of us, Plan B comes in the form of a Home Business. A well known network marketing professional named Jim Rohn, talks about going to your job to pay your bills while spending 10-15 hours per week building your Fortune with a network marketing company. The beautiful thing, according to Mr. Rohn, is that your network marketing business (Your Plan B) will soon be bringing in money that equals half of what you earn at your job. And if you keep at it, it will then match the money that you earn at your job.

Mr. Rohn knows how to tell a good story. He suggests that people will get very excited to learn how you are making money equal to your full-time job, building your Fortune, part-time. Not only is that a compelling story, but in the economy of today it is imperative. Your Plan B, which begins as your back-up; your extra; your rainy day money, can soon become enough of a substantial cash flow as to make your full-time job a option.

So what do you do then? I believe that once your network marketing business is bringing in all that you need to live on plus more, then it becomes your Plan A, and you create another Plan B. Focus on the primary but never forget the safety net created by having multiple streams of income.

10 September 2008

This Is NOT a Political Forum

No, This is not a political forum. But the selection of Sarah Palin to be the Republican VP candidate has created a huge groundswell of women through out the country, banding together to make sure that she never wins. Whether you are for, against or undecided with regards to Sarah Palin, you must Read This Website.!!!

08 September 2008

Happy Birthday Google!!

If it weren't for Google, the now 10 year old company that began in California, you would probably not be reading this blog post. The seed of google was planted when two Stanford undergrads wrote their thesis. Yesterday (September 7th, 2008), Google turned ten. Happy birthday Google. Thank you for making the internet the business powerhouse that it is today.

04 September 2008

MLM Recruiting is HARD

Have you ever felt just so discouraged because no one wants to hear about your opportunity? Are you one of the hundred of thousands of people who get involved with a network marketing company, only to feel lost and frustrated and drop out? If it's not you, then I'm sure you know someone who has had that experience. I find it so sad. The true reason this happens is not the product, or the company or the compensation plan. It is that no one took the time to first, qualify and second, teach that person.

Before you begin in a new Network Marketing Business, make sure that the person who is sponsoring you took the time to truly educate you. You need to know what will be required in order to be successful. You also need to feel confident that your sponsor will truly be sponsoring you, not just enrolling you and hoping that you make them some money. Network marketing is a business of duplication. You MUST be taught correctly so that you can then sponsor and teach your teammates, correctly.

The success I am having in communication with my prospects is based on things that I have learned from many places. There are two favorites however.

You cannot miss with this book. It is short. It is inexpensive. It is very easy to understand. And it teaches duplication with more power than anything else I've ever seen.

I also highly recommend watching the One Hour video interview. It is free. It is only an hour. You will learn how to position yourself as a leader when you are talking to people. Doing so will make all the difference.

Why the IRS Paid Me Over $2000

Wouldn't that be COOL? There is a very legal, very legitimate way to have the IRS pay you as well. Have a home-based business. Now I'm not an accountant, so you must obviously talk to one or do your own research, as I am not legally able to advise you on taxes. But, having a home business is known to be one of the best ways to save on taxes. Here is an article I found written by an accountant, that outlines why.

If you take the information in that article and now bring in the wonderful world of network marketing, amazing things start to happen with your deductions. Network marketing is a relationship business. When I leave my house and go out into the world and talk to people, I am doing my business. I make a point to talk to at least one, if not 3-4, new people about what I'm doing, every time I go to town. Every time I go to town, I deduct my milage ($.58/mile beginning in July 2008). That alone adds up to thousands of dollars per year that I am deducting.

Do you want to hear something funny? The IRS allows you to take a loss in your business for 3 years, as long as you can show that you are working it as a business and not a hobby. There are some people who work their home business just hard enough to break even with their true expenses and then their tax deductions help reduce their income from their primary job. They have fun, get to use their companies products for free and get a tax deduction. By the end of three years, if they've been consistent, they are probably making some really good money with their home network marketing business. Maybe even enough to let go of that JOB.

Paper, printer ink, phone, internet, travel, business meals, office supplies, books, marketing materials, samples, meetings. All are deductible expenses in your home based network marketing business.

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