04 September 2008

MLM Recruiting is HARD

Have you ever felt just so discouraged because no one wants to hear about your opportunity? Are you one of the hundred of thousands of people who get involved with a network marketing company, only to feel lost and frustrated and drop out? If it's not you, then I'm sure you know someone who has had that experience. I find it so sad. The true reason this happens is not the product, or the company or the compensation plan. It is that no one took the time to first, qualify and second, teach that person.

Before you begin in a new Network Marketing Business, make sure that the person who is sponsoring you took the time to truly educate you. You need to know what will be required in order to be successful. You also need to feel confident that your sponsor will truly be sponsoring you, not just enrolling you and hoping that you make them some money. Network marketing is a business of duplication. You MUST be taught correctly so that you can then sponsor and teach your teammates, correctly.

The success I am having in communication with my prospects is based on things that I have learned from many places. There are two favorites however.

You cannot miss with this book. It is short. It is inexpensive. It is very easy to understand. And it teaches duplication with more power than anything else I've ever seen.

I also highly recommend watching the One Hour video interview. It is free. It is only an hour. You will learn how to position yourself as a leader when you are talking to people. Doing so will make all the difference.

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