11 January 2008

Work At Home Mom Discovers Social Bookmarking

The pace at which the cyber world progresses seems increasingly fast for those of us who are well over 25. The latest and greatest focus for getting your information out into the world is to use social bookmarking. Facebook and My Space are social networking sites. Those of you who have high school age children have probably been familiar with these for years not. The world of social networking has expanded to include many different types of sites for people with different interests.

On these sites users can bookmark other sites that they've been to and like. For instance, if I find an article I like, I can bookmark it on Digg.com rather than just bookmarking it on my personal computer. When I do that others can see it and I can access my bookmarks from any computer, anywhere. The beauty of this from a marketing standpoint is that many people can see your bookmarked sites, blogs or articles and refer them to others who might also enjoy them. Information gets spread very quickly this way.

There are many articles and web sites that can explain this much better than I can. What I wanted to share with you today is my joy at finally learning how to access and use this system. I went to a site called socialposter.com. I followed the instructions and put a link button to the site on my Firefox Toolbar. Then I wrote the post below this one. I then opened the post in it's viewable version. Once it was up on my screen I copies the text. Then I clicked on my socialposter.com button.

This is where it becomes really cool. My URL and my title appeared in the box on the right side of the page. Below it was a place to paste my text and add some tags (like keywords...they describe the post). Then I clicked the button that said "start posting". After that my the URL, Title and text showed up in a box on the bottom left and I clicked the link underneath that said "submit to social websites". What this does is to populate the submit pages on each of the listed social websites so that you don't have to do so, one by one.

The first time you do this is takes a really long time, because you have to become a member of each of the sites. You will see the list of social networking sites. When you click on the word "post" to the right of the site name you will be redirected to their login and enroll page. Once you're enrolled in every site you want to post to, it becomes really easy. You click on the "submit to social websites" button, then go to the "post" tab next to whichever site you want to post to. The page will open and you will see all your information already there. Then you just click "submit" or "share" or whatever word is there to confirm you posting. It's that easy.

Once you are all set up on the various social websites you can submit a post or new s article or website to all of them within about 10 minutes. I'm sure you can find a more technologically complete description of all this. I found that I'd been doing it wrong for the last few weeks, so once I figured it out last night it seemed like a good idea to try and make it easier for others like myself.

If you'd like to see an example, click here, and you'll how the post below this one looks on Digg.com.

From everything I've been reading, this is a great way to share any information that you want to share with a great number of people. Now I'm not computer savvy enough to understand how that happens, but those who are are preaching this gospel as the new wave of internet marketing. I'll just go with that.

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