04 December 2008

What To Do With Your Business Over The Holidays

So there are three weeks until Christmas, a little less until Hannukah. New Year's is right around the corner and we are still digesting turkey from Thanksgiving. Many will say that the holidays is a bad time to do business. People are focused on other things; it's too busy; yada yada yada...

I say, the smart network marketer will be seriously focused on their business RIGHT NOW. There are many reasons:

1. A smart networker is always focused on their business. It is far better to be consistent every day, every week, every season, than to work in spurts or when the mood strikes.

2. This is a difficult economic time. People are looking for ways to make extra income. Even if they begin something new and the income won't be seen until 2009, it feels good to be on a positive track and it helps with the holiday expenses if you know you've got a plan on how to cover them. In addition, many MLM'a offer wonderful products that can be given as gifts. I'm not talking only skin care products, or Discovery toys. I'm talking about services that will keep on giving long after December. I'm talking about energy plans, or preventative wellness products. Those types of things are so much more meaningful and beneficial than another plastic doodad.

3. Guess what comes after the holidays???? January!!! New Year's resolutions; turning over a new leaf; losing weight; paying off debt; starting a new project. January is psychologically a new beginning. Right now is when you should be setting yourself up for a great beginning to 2009

I'm sure there are many other ideas as to what we should be doing with our businesses during the holidays. Please share.

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