17 January 2008

Residual Income Creates Opportunities for Change

In the Sept/Oct 2007 issue of The Utne Reader, there is an article titled, The New Elders. The premise of the article is that the BabyBoomer Generation can still save the world. The premise of this post is that residual income is the door opener to making a difference in the world. If you have a source, or multiple sources of residual income (income that arrives in your bank account while you are doing something else), then you have the ultimate freedom in how you spend your time.

The Utne Reader article quotes author Marc Freedman (Encore: Finding Work That Matters in the Second Half of Life). Freedman states, "Faced with the practical necessity of extended working lives, boomers have made it a virtue getting busy on their next chapters. A generation that set out to change the world surely did, by changing the way the world thought about the purpose of work...."

Because people are living longer and are vital longer, there is a tendency to take on a second "career". Sometimes it is for financial reasons, and often it's to keep one's mind active and oneself engaged with the community. So here you have the largest generation ever, hitting 55 or 65 or even 70 years old and having the energy and the enthusiasm to devote to the needs of their community, the country and the planet. What an opportunity.

Network marketing is a means for creating passive, residual income. Though starting with a network marketing company is not a recipe for instant success, commitment, hard work and follow-through are the ingredients necessary to reach a point the residual income is appearing in your bank account on a monthly basis. If you talk to professionals in the network marketing industry, you will learn that though some make quick money due to their contacts and years in the industry, most people should expect to work hard and build their business for 3 years. How many other types of business can you build to a level of success in three years, that will enable you to be gone from it for weeks or even months at a time, and the money still comes in?

Once you are at that point in your business you can go to Uganda for 2 months and volunteer in an orphanage. Of you can join an organization in the US that is actively working and lobbying for healthy care reform. You will not be beholden to a desk or an office on a daily basis. Once you have set yourself up with a flow of residual income you will be able to not only go someplace warm in the winter, but go there long enough to be a traveler instead of tourist. The world opens up, and if you are of an altruistic bent then the possibilities are endless in terms of how you can use your time and your income to become an agent of change on a very needy planet.

13 January 2008

How to Retire Early...36 Months From Today

What would you do with the rest of your life is you could retire in 3 years? Travel, play golf, volunteer in an orphanage in Uganda? Once you are free from needing to trade time for money everyday, you will be free to really dream. And once you're truly not trading time for money, and you've created the residual income that you desire you will be a position to make a difference in the world.

We live in a world that is increasingly in need of change and change agents. In his book, Your First Year in Network Marketing, Mark Yarnell talks about why he no longer works actively in his network marketing business even though he is the master of masters when it comes to this industry. He and his wife decided that they had as much money and they needed and they were blessed to be able to devote their time to charity work. I was impressed to read this and even more motivated to reach a point in my life and financial state that I could devote more time and money to be an agent of change if this very needy world.

Just for example. I local business person in my town spends 3 weeks per year in Haiti working in a medical clinic. He reported in a recent article that takes only $200 per year to send a Haitian child to school for the entire year. This covers tuition, supplies and uniforms. Even without network marketing success, there are very few people who are reading this who can't afford to spend $200 per year to send a poor child to school. What if every person reading this post made a commitment to do this? What if everyone working to retire early pledged to send just 5% of their yearly income to children in Haiti? Do you realize how many children we could send to school? (If you'd seriously like to know about doing this, please contact me directly at dtutnauer@yahoo.com).

So, the goal of retiring early is not just a selfish one. In fact, it could be the least selfish thing we've ever done. According to my million dollar mentor, the Zrii opportunity might be the road to this end. He has already made his million dollars in an older MLM and is coaching our team to success in this one. In this age of internet marketing and social networking we lose track of real time and often get discouraged if we're not making a lot of money in a few months. The reality is that even with the best MLM's, commitment is key. Patience is key. Understanding a system and working it daily, is key.

The Zrii compensation plan is unique in the network marketing world in that it rewards distributors early with fast start bonuses and the continues to reward them with it's powerful, unilevel, dynamic compression compensation plan. Link to the previous post to read more details about this.

Imagine if you were to get involved with a new company like Zrii right now? You would be the 9000th distributor or so. That alone is an amazing opportunity. Then you begin to work the system that this million dollar coach teaches you. You also work as part of a team that is developing a huge web presence and truly sharing team goals, chores and rewards. You offer your friends and clients the only health drink on the market that was developed by a world renowned medical center. A naturapath I know has tested the Zrii formulation using applied kinestheology with his patients and found it to test highly positive for every one he tested. What this means is that the ingredients in Zrii are known by the body to be beneficial.

How do you retire in 36 months? You enroll in Zrii, you commit, you create measurable goals and move towards them, you share and you give more than you ask for. Mostly, you don't bypass this invitation. Enroll now by going to www.zrii.com. Put in my name (Deborah Tutnauer and enroller #2631542. Your information will be sent to you and I will contact you to get you started on your first team project and on your way to your retirement dreams.

12 January 2008

Zrii's Prosperity Plan..Other's Pale in Comparison

I'm shamelessly promoting Zrii this weekend because I'm so excited about what I've been learning about the comp plan. I thought I'd post it here. My upline in my Zrii team is an older man who at one point was making over $100,000 per month in another network marketing company. He is working closely with anyone on the team who is committed and wants his advice. This is a pretty unique situation to be in. It's the first time I've had a mentor like this and I've been with four different MLM's in the past 25 years. Click here to visit my Zrii site or contact me directly if you want to learn more about what we're doing.

Zrii's Prosperity Plan
The most unique aspects of the Zrii Prosperity Plan is Dynamic Compression. Even though the compensation plan shows only 9 levels of pay in the unilevel, in reality you are paid much deeper. Dynamic Compression pays from the bottom up.
Seven Ways to Earn
Not 1, Not 2, but 7 Ways To Earn!!
We've combined seven of the very best elements in network marketing pay plans and given it our own special twist, providing you a plan unmatched in the network marketing industry.

1. Fast Start Training Bonus (Paid weekly)
Be rewarded quickly and handsomely for sponsoring and training new people, with weekly payments on product purchases by those you personally enroll during their first 90 days with Zrii.

2. Fast Start Bonus Pool (Paid monthly)
The Fast Start Bonus Pool is a great way to earn additional income in any given month. Personally enroll five new people on Autoship in any given month to qualify for one share in the pool.

3. Unilevel Royalty Bonus (Paid monthly)
Earn a long-term residual override on all product sales within your entire sales organization. You will be paid monthly on up to nine levels of dynamically compressed product sales.

4. Infinity Bonus (Paid monthly)
Earn up to a 3% override on all product sales outside of your qualified earning levels, infinitely deep within your sales organization.

5. Matching Bonus (Paid monthly)
From those you have personally enrolled, earn a 10, 15, or 20% match on the Unilevel Commission check.

6. All-Star Bonus (Paid quarterly)
As a top-level executive, celebrate in the success of the entire company with the 3% global All-Star Bonus Pool.

7. Founders Bonus (Paid annually)
Share in 2% of the commissionable sales for each new market we open, and continue to share in 1% of total market commissionable sales during all subsequent years.
Understand the Power of the Dynamic Compression Play
No one explains it better than Dave Vass, network marketer extraordinaire! Click here for the link to his video that makes the concept of Dynamic Compression almost understandable! Nothing beats EXPERIENCING the power of this plan!

The Zrii Prosperity Plan
Over 50% payout. Infinity Bonus, Dynamic Compression, Matching Bonus, 40% Fast Start Bonus for 3 months. Best Plan in the Industry! Check it out!

This is such a great comp plan. The fast start bonus paid out $1400 per eligible person in the month of November? If anyone wants to know more about this, contact me through my Zrii site at www.healthyberrybiz.weebly.com .

11 January 2008

Work At Home Mom Discovers Social Bookmarking

The pace at which the cyber world progresses seems increasingly fast for those of us who are well over 25. The latest and greatest focus for getting your information out into the world is to use social bookmarking. Facebook and My Space are social networking sites. Those of you who have high school age children have probably been familiar with these for years not. The world of social networking has expanded to include many different types of sites for people with different interests.

On these sites users can bookmark other sites that they've been to and like. For instance, if I find an article I like, I can bookmark it on Digg.com rather than just bookmarking it on my personal computer. When I do that others can see it and I can access my bookmarks from any computer, anywhere. The beauty of this from a marketing standpoint is that many people can see your bookmarked sites, blogs or articles and refer them to others who might also enjoy them. Information gets spread very quickly this way.

There are many articles and web sites that can explain this much better than I can. What I wanted to share with you today is my joy at finally learning how to access and use this system. I went to a site called socialposter.com. I followed the instructions and put a link button to the site on my Firefox Toolbar. Then I wrote the post below this one. I then opened the post in it's viewable version. Once it was up on my screen I copies the text. Then I clicked on my socialposter.com button.

This is where it becomes really cool. My URL and my title appeared in the box on the right side of the page. Below it was a place to paste my text and add some tags (like keywords...they describe the post). Then I clicked the button that said "start posting". After that my the URL, Title and text showed up in a box on the bottom left and I clicked the link underneath that said "submit to social websites". What this does is to populate the submit pages on each of the listed social websites so that you don't have to do so, one by one.

The first time you do this is takes a really long time, because you have to become a member of each of the sites. You will see the list of social networking sites. When you click on the word "post" to the right of the site name you will be redirected to their login and enroll page. Once you're enrolled in every site you want to post to, it becomes really easy. You click on the "submit to social websites" button, then go to the "post" tab next to whichever site you want to post to. The page will open and you will see all your information already there. Then you just click "submit" or "share" or whatever word is there to confirm you posting. It's that easy.

Once you are all set up on the various social websites you can submit a post or new s article or website to all of them within about 10 minutes. I'm sure you can find a more technologically complete description of all this. I found that I'd been doing it wrong for the last few weeks, so once I figured it out last night it seemed like a good idea to try and make it easier for others like myself.

If you'd like to see an example, click here, and you'll how the post below this one looks on Digg.com.

From everything I've been reading, this is a great way to share any information that you want to share with a great number of people. Now I'm not computer savvy enough to understand how that happens, but those who are are preaching this gospel as the new wave of internet marketing. I'll just go with that.

10 January 2008

Earn $1000 Bonus This Month

OK, As those of you who have been reading my posts for the past few months know, I don’t usually pitch a specific company or business opportunity. I believe I did it only once before. But I just received a phone call and I was so stunned by the information that I have to share. I hoping by putting this information out there, we can all benefit.

Some of you may have realized that I am an Independent Executive with a new network marketing company called Zrii. Zrii is a health drink endorsed by doctors at the Chopra Center for Wellbeing. Dr. David Simon, who is the head physician at the Chopra Center (which he runs, along with Deepak Chopra), helped in the formulation of Zrii. The ayurvedic ingredients in Zrii…both the Amalaki Berry and 6 highly regarded herbs, has caught the interest of many alternative and mainstream physician.

On the business side, Zrii will be officially launched in May of 2008. Presently the company is in pre-launch, setting up their structure of Independent Executives and working out any kinks on the corporate end.

I learned tonight about a special compensation bonus that just floored me. I’ve been in network marketing for a number years and I have never heard of anything like this before. The company will give “one share” of their profits to each eligible distributor each month. All it takes to become eligible is to find 5 people who want to become involved with Zrii. In November every distributor who had enrolled 5 people that month received a check for $1400…in addition to their regular commission checks. A “share” is a percentage of the company’s profits for that month. It is divided between any people who have enrolled 5…just 5.

You can do it for one month, or two or three or more. You can even enroll, sign up five people and never do another thing with the company. I doubt you’d do that since this is a really amazing business opp, but you could. I had no idea that this bonus pool was open to everyone. I’ve been working this business for 3 months so far, and all my energy has been spent setting up my personal marketing campaigns for the future. I know that the long-term residual income will come over time. Now though, I’m going to focus a little more on the present and benefit from part of that bonus pool. I hope you will too.

You can link to my Zrii Web Page at http://goamalaki.com/healthfreedom. Most of us work at home and all of us could benefit from a bonus…especially when it’s comes from such a unique and nutritionally advantageous product… What a great way to begin 2008!!

04 January 2008

Success with Google

After months of work, patience, trial and error, one of my web sites is consistently on the first page of google for a number of my keywords. In addition, the new adwords ad I placed for that website is showing up in the number one spot. It's amazing how exciting this is. It feels like finding the key to the jewels. So, you ask, what did I do? How did it happen? There are thousands of parenting web sites and hundreds of parenting ads.

So here's the story. I read and followed the information presented by the pros. I searched out more information when I got confused. I read most of the tutorials that google offers. I took to heart any SEO information I could find ezine articles. I remembered to create a sitemap and to resubmit my site monthly, using the SEO tool at 1and1.com.

Now that people are coming, I've focused on the content of the site. I rewrote certain key phrases and added others. I tried to imagine what a customer would be looking for and geared my copy to that, all while remaining true to my vision. In this process I actually feel that I'm better at the technology than the copy writing, so I'll now go out and gather constructive advice about the contents of my site.

If I can do this, you can too. Good luck!!'

By the way...the site I'm talking about is called Intentional Parenting Program. Click on the title and you'll be there.

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