13 January 2008

How to Retire Early...36 Months From Today

What would you do with the rest of your life is you could retire in 3 years? Travel, play golf, volunteer in an orphanage in Uganda? Once you are free from needing to trade time for money everyday, you will be free to really dream. And once you're truly not trading time for money, and you've created the residual income that you desire you will be a position to make a difference in the world.

We live in a world that is increasingly in need of change and change agents. In his book, Your First Year in Network Marketing, Mark Yarnell talks about why he no longer works actively in his network marketing business even though he is the master of masters when it comes to this industry. He and his wife decided that they had as much money and they needed and they were blessed to be able to devote their time to charity work. I was impressed to read this and even more motivated to reach a point in my life and financial state that I could devote more time and money to be an agent of change if this very needy world.

Just for example. I local business person in my town spends 3 weeks per year in Haiti working in a medical clinic. He reported in a recent article that takes only $200 per year to send a Haitian child to school for the entire year. This covers tuition, supplies and uniforms. Even without network marketing success, there are very few people who are reading this who can't afford to spend $200 per year to send a poor child to school. What if every person reading this post made a commitment to do this? What if everyone working to retire early pledged to send just 5% of their yearly income to children in Haiti? Do you realize how many children we could send to school? (If you'd seriously like to know about doing this, please contact me directly at dtutnauer@yahoo.com).

So, the goal of retiring early is not just a selfish one. In fact, it could be the least selfish thing we've ever done. According to my million dollar mentor, the Zrii opportunity might be the road to this end. He has already made his million dollars in an older MLM and is coaching our team to success in this one. In this age of internet marketing and social networking we lose track of real time and often get discouraged if we're not making a lot of money in a few months. The reality is that even with the best MLM's, commitment is key. Patience is key. Understanding a system and working it daily, is key.

The Zrii compensation plan is unique in the network marketing world in that it rewards distributors early with fast start bonuses and the continues to reward them with it's powerful, unilevel, dynamic compression compensation plan. Link to the previous post to read more details about this.

Imagine if you were to get involved with a new company like Zrii right now? You would be the 9000th distributor or so. That alone is an amazing opportunity. Then you begin to work the system that this million dollar coach teaches you. You also work as part of a team that is developing a huge web presence and truly sharing team goals, chores and rewards. You offer your friends and clients the only health drink on the market that was developed by a world renowned medical center. A naturapath I know has tested the Zrii formulation using applied kinestheology with his patients and found it to test highly positive for every one he tested. What this means is that the ingredients in Zrii are known by the body to be beneficial.

How do you retire in 36 months? You enroll in Zrii, you commit, you create measurable goals and move towards them, you share and you give more than you ask for. Mostly, you don't bypass this invitation. Enroll now by going to www.zrii.com. Put in my name (Deborah Tutnauer and enroller #2631542. Your information will be sent to you and I will contact you to get you started on your first team project and on your way to your retirement dreams.

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