13 December 2009

MLM Lead Generating Program

If you’ve been struggling in MLM, or stressing out about getting enough leads and yet not knowing what else to do, this will be your solution. This is THE system that I personally plug my downline into. If it’s good enough for me to share with them, you know it will work for you as well.

We know for a fact that the best prospects for your network marketing business are those who already understand and embrace the industry. It is also known that many are struggling in their MLM business because they do not know how to reach that specific target market. By developing a system that is "plug and play", you give every networker the means to access targeted leads just like long term professionals do. From there it is a matter of taking the time to Brand yourself using the options in the system and then get online and start driving traffic.

It's easy to see how offering a simple to use online marketing system to your team, is a great thing. But you may also be wondering how this system helps you bring new people into your organization. It's a wonderful question. The answer is, many struggling network marketers are looking for a lead generating program. They are also looking for a leader. If you can be the one to offer them both a program for generating free leads for their MLM business, and also be a leader who teaches and support them in their efforts, they are very likely to want to work with you. Initially the program allows you to make contact, then you provide assistance and leadership. From their you will develop relationships that turn into prospects that turn into new distributors in your primary business.

06 December 2009

Why All The Fanfare About Keurig Single Cup Coffee Makers?

Just remember the power of marketing!! Keurig makes a nice product. It is convenient. In comparison to other single cup coffee makers, it's a mediocre cup of coffee and adds lots of little plastic cups to the landfill. But they are all over the stores and internet. Because of great marketing and great advertising, consumers are almost associating "keurig" with "single cup coffee brewer".

It's great for them and not so great for the consumers. Many people will base their decisions on advertising rather than doing their own research and taste testing. Then then end up with something that they live with, because they spent the money.

Personally, I'd rather use a single cup coffee maker that makes an out-of-this-world FANTASTIC cup of coffee. My favorite single cup coffee maker also uses biodegradable coffee pods filled some of the highest quality coffee found in the world today. It still costs less than a trip to Starbucks and there is no beating the taste or the convenience.

Best of all, with the holiday special they are running you can own one for the same price as a coffee brewer of much lesser quality. Just $198  (Regularly $299!!) gets you this amazing Gourmet Single Cup Coffee Brewer AND 2 boxes of Premium Coffee Pods. But you have to act quickly. This offer expires as 2009 fades into history--December 31, 2009.

Better Single Cup Coffee Maker Than The Plastic One

I am just enthralled by this single cup coffee maker and have to share with you what I learned. The top selling single cup coffee brewer uses little plastic cups which hold the coffee grounds for each one cup serving of coffee. My first thought months ago was, "What happens with all those little plastic cups?" and "The really hot water goes through plastic as it's making a cup of coffee?"

Maybe I'm being overly sensitive to the environment and to what I put into my own body, but I was not going to be part of adding more plastic to the landfill or knowingly put chemicals into my body. So I was so excited when I came across this machine that uses biodegradable coffee pods!!

It's a new company and their products are wonderful. Even better, they are a company that sells through consumer direct marketing, so even though the single cup coffee brewer is commercial grade and a bit higher priced than the toy-like coffee brewers sold at Walmart, it is not overly priced because there is less company overhead.

But you probably are not interested in all that. You want to know about the TASTE of the coffee. I so wish there was a way to link to a taste on the internet. How fun would that be?!! I love coffee and this coffee is the best I've ever had outside of Italy. Every cup is brewed fresh in under a minute. It's robust and smooth and comes in six premium blends. No one who has tried it can believe that such a great cup of coffee can come from such a sleek, easy to use machine.

So if you are looking for a single cup coffee maker (some call it a single cup coffee brewer), and you want be smart and do your research, you need to look at the Tikanii Gourmet Pod Brewer. You'll be so glad you spent you money on it, rather than drinking plastic.

I just heard about this---Holiday Special!! Until December 31, 2009 you can own the Tikanii Gourmet Pod Brewer for only $198. That's almost a 30% savings!! AND 2 boxes of Premium Tikanii Coffee Pods come with it!

05 December 2009

ITS ALL SUCCESS TV: Premier of the Home Business Training TV Channel

ITS ALL SUCCESS TV is THE place to be if you have a home based business. Deborah Tutnauer, uber mom/social worker turned network marketing and home business training guru (or maybe un-guru--watch the show to get the joke) is the host of ITS ALL SUCCESS TV. Deborah is informative, enlightening, knowledgeable, funny, entertaining and very skilled in presenting what you need to know to grow your downline more easily and make real money in network marketing.

This is the Premier Episode of ITS ALL SUCCESS TV. The ongoing show can be found by going directly to Deborah Tutnauer 's Professional Blog.

30 November 2009

Is December Really That Bad (For Network Marketing)?

(This timely article was originally posted at DeborahTutnauer.com)

I’m sure you’ve been told that December is worst month of the year for network marketing. Is it an old wives tale meant to make everyone feel better about taking the month off and pushing hard with your business, or is it true?

The time between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day is traditionally a time in our US culture with a focus on the holidays and on retail sales and marketing. No one could possibly make you believe that business is not happening. You just have to open a newspaper flyer or enter into any retail store to see that business is in full swing. In fact, this time period may well be the best time of year for many types of businesses.

So why not network marketing? Part of the reason is related to solely to human nature. A network marketing business requires that individuals need to focus and take action. During the holiday period, many home business people experience a change in mind-set, choosing to relax and focus on family and festivities instead of on business. This is certainly their choice and in fact is one of the benefits of being self-employed. But when hundreds of thousands of people make this same choice at the same time, it effects the entire industry.

Another reason for the perpetuation of the idea that the network marketing industry struggles in December, is that people are hesitant to focus on recruiting members and prospects feel no pressure to start a new endeavor when the new year is looming just over the horizon. Unfortunately, this is short sighted on both parties parts. Given that January is a huge month for new business, setting everything up in December assures that January begins with a bang instead of a whimper.

Thirdly, many network marketing products are not focused on retail sales, and this is clearly a retailing/gift giving period of time. Those companies that have a product line that is geared to customers and retail purchases can take huge advantage of this holiday season by helping the people in the field see the opportunity and go for it.

As a network marketing professional, you do not have to succumb to the dreaded December doldrums. You can choose instead to stand outside the crowd and make this a great business month. Wherever possible, make use of your product line as gifts and make sure your team does the same. There is no reason to not shop in your own store, so to speak. As for business, there are people already open minded and preparing for the new year. Be the person who connects with them. While others sit back and relax, you have the opportunity to make an impact and a difference. This is just one more way that you can take effective action and grow your downline easily.

December is only really that bad for your network marketing business if you believe it to be. Just like so much in this industry, your mind-set and focus will determine the outcome. You truly have a choice to make. I know what I choose.

14 November 2009

Social Media Outsourcing Solution

This is truly Cool!!! If you are using Social Media correctly for your online marketing, then you are most likely spending hours per day bookmarking your own and other people's content on a multitude of social media sites. (Unless you've hired someone to do it for you..smart!)

So if you could essentially hire that magic person who's only job was to make you a bookmarking, commenting, Digging and Mixxing superhero, you'd be the top dog when it came to your Google Ranking, Search Engine placement and traffic! The magic person it here!!

That's what I've been wanting to tell you now for weeks, but I needed to make sure that my personal results were what I had hoped. Well not only are they...they are more than I could have imagined. So start dreaming my friends. Your dream is about to come true!

First page of Google for my keywords with every single campaign I have put into place. These are not keywords for wimps. In fact in one campaign I hold two page one Google positions out of 550, 000,000 other listings. And it took less than two weeks..sometimes less than 3 days.

Wait! It gets even better. You can set up and try the platform yourself, with your content and your keywords for 7 days for just a buck. That's right. $1 for 1 week. If your content is good and your keywords are well defined and you have a page that converts, you could easily make many, many times that amount in that week.

So try the Social Media Outsourcing Solution right now.

03 November 2009

RV Income : Making Money From Anywhere

The idea of RV income is about learning how to make money from anywhere. Think about the power in that statement...Making money from anywhere. So many people would love to have the skills to do that. You would not be tied to a specific location or home. You could follow the seasons if you'd like and still have a check coming in, waiting for you at the next post office.

How can this be done? In fact it's being done in a multitude of ways, from internet marketing, to affiliate marketing to online niche marketing..just to name a few. People living in their RV's these days are a very diverse group as well. Of course there are those who are retired and travel year round from one location to the next. But it goes way beyond that. Families with children will often live in their RV's and travel while schooling their kids. It would be wonderful for them to be able to create an RV income. People who are just plain tired of the rat race are investigating RV living as an alternative lifestyle. They too would benefit from developing and ongoing RV income from anywhere.

But being a full time RVer has expenses associated with it, and clearly you cannot hold a regular 9-5 job if you are traveling in your RV. According to a number of RV lifestyle websites, the average yearly cost of RV living is about $25, 000 per year. I'd tend to round up and plan on $30,000. So the question becomes, how can you create an income of $2500 per month, from anywhere. And of course, the answer is: On the internet! RV income is not just a pipe dream, it is entirely possible, probable and feasable with some information, education and fortitude!

27 September 2009

$5,368,709.12 A Penny That Doubles

A penny that doubles every day for 30 days = $5,368,709.12

Doesn't that just seem incredible? You can do the math yourself and you'll watch how it happens on your calculator. It is the power of a geometric progression. Geometric progressions are the engine that drives income in any industry where people work with other people to market a product and create income for all.

In most network marketing companies you will not see a doubling every 30 days. But over 4-6 months, you could see five people progress to an organization of over 3000. Even in a program where you commission on product sales is $5 per person per month, that's $15,000 per month in just six month.

Yesterday an email came across my desk from a colleague. We both work our primary network marketing businesses full time. He shared with the crazy program with me. At first glance it was the type of thing I usually just delete. But given who it came from, I took five minutes and watched the video.

The outcome: I could find no down side to playing with it for a month or two. It costs nothing, as all costs are covered by the advertisers. It takes a tiny bit of time per day to click on a few ads. I'm always doodling around online while I'm talking on the phone or listening to conference calls, so why not click some ads.

Free to join
Easy to do
No money to spend
Only five minutes per day
Could make $100 per month
Could make a lot more
Could be junk
May be great

Decide for yourself...
Watch the Video and see the penny double over 30 days!

29 August 2009

Cash For Clunkers Program Still Lives

The Cash For Clunkers Program was a great success from the car dealership perspective and from the customer perspective as well. It was a win-win, giving people something they needed and giving the auto business an infusion of activity and income.

Now the official government cash for clunkers program is over. But the idea and the value still lives. Cash for clunkers allowed people to trade in something that no longer worked in their lives, add a financial investment to that trade and walk away with what they wanted and needed.

What if you could perform that same operation in other areas of your life?

Would it interest you to give up some things that are no longer working for you, and trade them for something that is more useful and beneficial?

I certainly would and I can't imagine that anyone would say no to question like that!

What would you trade in?

A job that takes too much energy away from your family in exchange for a career that offers money and time?

Unemployment income that barely covers the bills in exchange for a good paycheck?

A home business that is barely breaking even for one that makes it easy to cover your overhead and make a good living wage or even part time income?

If any of these rings a bell for you, you may find what you are looking for in this invitation.

Your Invitation

This is an exclusive opportunity to be on the front
lines with a most amazing company,
(Coffee and Tea are just the beginning)

I am so excited to share this opportunity with you! I do appreciate
you are taking the time to learn more about Tikanii.

We are a new company, (you probably will only find a few of our
founding members pages on google), we are setting high standards
and solving the biggest issues that plague the network marketing
and home based business industry today.

My guess is that you know what I am talking about. Most home
businesses fail do to lack of revenues and expensive marketing.
You never make any money. Along with several other factors;
the market is not responsive, or poor leadership and training may
have been the issue.

Maybe it was that no one really took action and developed the
right mind set. Mostly it was because you never made the income
you expected, and most likely deserved.

Believe me its all going to change. It already has.

Everything Good Begins With a Story

Tikanii began as a question. We knew, from over 70 years of combined
experience in the industry, that the same problems were occurring over
and over again in most network marketing companies, even with the
seemingly most successful.

These problems were preventing distributors and team leaders from
achieving success. Our goal was to solve the problems and create an
opportunity where everyone wins. A network marketing company
developed by distributors and for distributors.

We started with a mission and then carefully selected the right product
with extensive research and discovery. We know we have created
something very unique, an business that is systematically proven to achieve
positive results. And with positive results comes certainty.

And with certainty there is more belief, more potential, more action
and thus more results.

We are offering you an opportunity to be paid fairly and treated as the valued participant that you are. The product line we offer just makes sense for everyone, especially in our present economic climate. Do you know anyone who is not familiar with Coffee and Tea?

We thoroughly researched the market prior to choosing our product line. Our quality and delivery system is high end and unique. In fact, we have an exclusive in the network marketing industry for our products...coffee, tea and brewing system.

Sound good to you?

The Tikanii Cash for Clunkers Program will give you the tools and engine you need to trade in what's not working in your life for more income, more time and more flexibility.

Click this link immediately, fill out you contact info and a leader from the the
Top Tikanii Team
will contact you shortly.

If you're just too excited to wait for more details, call 970-209-7473 right now and ask for Deborah.

18 August 2009

Is Attraction Marketing A Waste of Time?

I call myself an attraction marketer. In my mind that means that I prefer to present myself as a giver of value to other like-minded people and allow a business relationship to develop from that position rather then operate as someone who pitches and sells.

Those who follow me may then say, "But I've seen you advertise a product or a service or an opportunity." And the answer is, "yes". The difference is that I share what I have with those who have ALREADY ASKED to receive information from me. There is a very fundamental difference between that and soliciting people who have never before met or heard of Deborah Tutnauer.

The effort required to be a successful attraction marketer is one comprised of time and thoughtfulness. I truly value the people who I meet online in various ways. I want to witness their success and be part of helping them in their journey. Sometimes their journey will never result in a financial reward for me, and I am truly find with that. In the world of karma and law of attraction mentality, what goes around comes around.

My online business association with Fred may be just what Fred needs to jump start his plan and move to the next level. Fred becomes an online friend and goes forward to succeed in his business. I am thrilled for him. Later on, Fred might recommend me to Mary who is in a different position and ultimately joins my primary business. Now I've helped Fred and Mary and also created good karma in the world and developed a new business associate. It works quite well this way.

Attraction Marketing takes time, but pays it back in spades. By the time someone joins my network marketing organization they have become far more connected to me than just a lead or a prospect. What comes from that is a very solid and committed organization of people who are serious of this particular business and invested on many levels in their own success and the success of the team. I'd rather have 10 people like this than 100 people who join me because of hype, pressure or sales manipulation. What about you?

17 August 2009

I Have Something to Confess...

Really...I have been keeping a secret from you, my audience, my business associates, my friends, for almost 9 months now.

It's been hard for me and I've let things slip now and then. But I've been sworn to secrecy and I've kept my promise about keeping quiet.

By the beginning of next week at the earliest, or the end of August at the latest, I'll finally be able to spill the beans.

But here is what I can tell you now, so I don't explode with excitement.

I am the leader of a power network marketing team. My upline is the Founder and CEO of our company. (So he's not really an upline in the normal sense). After 42 years as a million dollar ultra successful distributor in some very well known MLM's, he has started his own company and I am Front Line to the company.

We have a copyrighted compensation plan that was designed from scratch, over 7 months. The plan was created to solve the main problems that prevent people from achieving their goals in network marketing.

1. Attrition
2. Too many "hoops" to jump through
3. "Holes" in the plan that leave people hanging on between the fast start period and the time they begin making meaningful residual
4. Too much built in breakage back to the company
5. A mind-set that makes people think they can just "hold" a spot and someone will build their down line for them
6. Too much going out for auto-ship and not enough coming in to cover that cost
7. Customers not being valued as just customers (Long term residual is created by having a 70:1 customer to business builder ratio in the big long term picture)
8. A product that is used primarily by business builders, but does not appeal easily and for the long term to the average customer

There's more...
Our product line will make you open your eyes and scratch your head in amazement.


Because you'll be thinking, "Why didn't someone do this before..this is absolutely brilliant!"

It's recession proof. People require no explanation. The market is proven to be growing everyday, even in our present economy. Our presentation/form of the product sits at the beginning of a known wave in our product industry. In two years, most households in North America will have or want what we are offering..and we are the ONLY network marketing company who has it.

Gosh...I just want to spill the beans so badly!!!

But I can't.

Not here on the internet anyway. But there's a loophole...I can tell you every detail in a one-on-one conversation. In fact I've been doing that for the past few months and already have a team in place ready to hit the road running when our product ships for the first time (7 days from now).

So I can talk to you too...and if you like what we are doing and I like what you have to offer, you can become one of the first 100 distributors in the company. Not a bad offer.

Go here for a place to send me your info. You'll get to see a video I made and a basic lead capture page that I'm sharing with my team for the time being.

That link again is right here.

Of course you could just wait a few more weeks and we'll be all over the internet. But then you'd miss out on insider information along with one of the very top spots in the company.

That would not be good business

15 August 2009

Cheating Husband Tied Up and Super-Glued

Please Note> I swiped this email’s subject line
from the cover of a National Enquirer magazine.

How does this risqué checkout stand tabloid pertain
to you growing a successful home-based business?

You’ll have to keep reading to find out! :-)

(Special Offer at the End of this Post--Don't Miss It!)

I just read a killer article that revealed
a practical – yet powerful – copywriting
trick I just can’t horde all to myself.

The article’s author, David Garfinkel,
eloquently nicknamed it the “C-factor.”

And you can use it pretty much anywhere
(your website, blog, emails, articles,
yeah, even your tweets) to develop...

Genuine Friendships With Potential
Buyers And Business-Builders!


(Because when people like you, and trust you,
they’ll naturally want to do business with you!)

So what’s the “C-factor?”


David strongly suggests to look at copywriting
as a conversation you’re having with your reader.

Or if you’re writing audio it’s with your listener.

Or if you’re creating video it’s with your viewer.

Copywriting = Conversation.

He went on to stress that if you want to
build trust with prospects over the internet...

(People who don’t know you, and have never met you)

And then subtly persuade them to take whatever
action you want them to take...

You have to become aware of this principle! :-)

Then you have to learn how to actually do it.

How To Write To Someone As If You
Were Talking Face-To-Face With Them


Probably easier said than done, right?

Well, towards the end of the article David
made an unusual recommendation that will help.

Here’s what he said:

“Study the way they write in The National Enquirer.”

If you’re a little surprised by this piece of
“expert advice,” believe me, I sort of was too!

But then, it suddenly hit me.

The writing style in this cheap tabloid is like...

Hot Gossip Between Two People
Whispering In Loud Hot Whispers!


Which David says is a lot like the way you
want your copywriting to be.

You want it to be like you’re telling your
close friend about a really exciting secret.

Do you remember the principle?

Copywriting = Conversation.

Yes, you got it! :-)

Having said that, let me remind you about...

The Once-In-A-Lifetime Opportunity
That’s In Front Of You Right Now!


(I know that’s a bold claim - but it’s true,
and I’ll prove it to you in a second here.)

I’m talking about Ann Sieg and David Garfinkel’s
“The Ultimate Copywriting Crash Course,” which
became available just a couple minutes ago.

Click here to sign-up right now.

(Remember, there are only 350 available seats.)

To make a long story short

For six straight weeks, Ann’s having David
supply ALL of her team members with the
core principles they need to know to...

Quickly Write Persuasive Sales
And Lead-Generating Messages!


And you have the chance to pull up a chair
alongside them and (interactively) learn
from one of the best, most in-demand,
copywriting coaches in the world.

(Without actually being a member of her team.)

I also heard David’s going to be throwing in
over 50 of the most influential “drag-and-drop”
templates from his priciest ($1197) copy course.

Plus, he’s going to include some brand-new
ones especially for this six-week course!

Luckily, all this is very affordable.

For just a short period of time, you’ve got the
chance to get the condensed, accelerated, version
of the same training Ann Sieg paid $35,000.00 for...

For Just Pennies
On The Dollar!


Yes, you got that right.

You can get in right now for only $197 bucks.

(Which is the lowest price David has offered a
complete copywriting course for since 2000, when
he released “Killer Copy Tactics” with Mark Joyner.)

Here’s the sign-up link again.

As you might have guessed, Ann’s extending
this special invitation to ALL her followers.

And David is too.

Combine their fan-bases and you’re talking
about tens (if not hundreds) of thousands
of people all receiving word about this.

Which Means It’s
Going To Sell Out Fast!


(I’m kind of stating the obvious, I know.)

Anyways, I wanted to give you the “heads up”
about this just in case you’re interested.

If you are, go here for all the details.

Special Offer: Because I feel so strongly about this course and because I'll be taking it right along with you, I wanted to give something special to those of you who enroll through the link in this email.

How To Make Money From Anywhere, Using the Internet
is a Four Audio Ebook Series. The series normally sells for $28 .

I'd like to give it to you as my gift.

After you sign up for the David Garfinkel Copywriting Course, send me an email at


In the subject line write: Garfinkel Audio Ebook Gift
Once I check your name in the database, I will email you the location to download your Free Audio Ebook Series.

How To Make Money From Anywhere, Using the Internet

When you have completed listening to the books, you will know:
1. The 3 main ways that people like yourself make money
using the internet.

2. The difference between Old School "Pitch and Sell"
and Attraction-Based Marketing.

3. About Social Media--what it is and how it is beneficial and even crucial for your business.

4. About the Holy Grail of Home Business--the creation of a RESIDUAL STREAM OF INCOME.

Enroll Now in the David Garfinkel Copywriting Course by clicking here..and also receive your Free Audio Ebook Series as my gift to you.

Don't Read This Yet.....Release is on Monday

Sign ups on Monday morning for the David Garfinkel copywriting course are going to intense. There are only 350 slots available for this course and it is being marketed to a list of over 30,000 people.

My responsibility is to you...so I wanted to give you a "heads up" so that you can grab a space in David's copywriting webinar series..if you want one. Some people won't initially understand the value, while others have been around writing and marketing long enough to know that good copywriting can make the difference in almost everything. I personally plan to take this course. In fact I've rearranged my schedule to make sure I don't miss even one session.

When you wake up monday morning, there will be a post on this blog giving you all the details about the course and the link to reserve your spot. In terms of dollar...think about the money you make online right now. If you can increase the percentage of people who respond to your call for action--be it making a purchase or opting into a list or joining an opportunity--by even a few percentage points, your income will increase substantially. Do the math..here is an illustration.

Let's say you're selling a $60 product and it costs you
$20 to get 100 visitors to your site.

(I know we're talking about social media traffic here but
just stay with me for a second)

Now let's also say your website has a conversion rate of
1%. So every time you send 100 visitors to your site,
you make 1 sale.

That means for every 100 website visitors, you sell 1
product at $60 a piece, which is $60 of revenue. Right?

But hang on because it costs you $20 just to get those
visitors, and the commission you make on that product
is only $30.

So what REALLY matters is your PROFIT, which is just $10.
With me so far? Okay, now watch this...

Let's say you could "magically" increase your conversion
rate to 2%. Your profits would double right?

Wrong! It would be much better than that!

For every 100 visitors you now sell 2 products at $60 each,
which is $120 in revenue. Your commission on these two
products is now $60 but it still only costs you $20
to get that traffic.

So your PROFIT is now $40.

In other words...



It gets even better.

If you do the math, you'll see how your profits can
exponentially grow much more quickly than the conversion

Going from a 1% to a 5% conversion rate increases profits
a staggering 1,200% (from $10 to $130)!

And the best part is, that's with THE SAME amount of traffic...
every 100 visitors!

So how does this apply to social marketing?

Well, instead of paying $20 for 100 visitors, just insert an
hour of your time.

(Of course the great thing about social marketing is that
it may only take you an hour to create a couple articles
or a video, but those pieces of residual content can
continue to generate a couple hundred free visitors for
you every month, sometimes for years.)

So now what happens if you increase your conversion rate
from say, 1% to 3%?



Here's how it looks with the same $60 product and a $30

100 visitors (1 hour) x 3% conv rate = $90 profits

With a 1% conversion rate, you have to work THREE TIMES
as hard to get THREE TIMES the amount of traffic to make
THE SAME amount of money!

300 visitors (3 hours) x 1% conv rate = $90 profit
Where else can you instantly triple your own hourly

Increasing your conversion rate is as close to "magic"
as it gets!

Now imagine how exciting your business gets when you
increase your conversion rate and you have a few THOUSAND
visitors a month.

Remember the profit formula?

Traffic + Conversions + Content + List + Monetize =
A Money-Making Home Based Business


With that information tucked into your belt..and your brain..watch this blo on monday morning. Enrollments begin at 10 AM Eastern time. (Put your information in the Feed box in the side bar right now to make sure you get notified when the post is published) Copywriting is the MAGIC formula for increasing your conversions. Learning how to write great copy is the easiest way to give yourself a raise.

Peace and Abundance,
Deborah Tutnauer

14 August 2009

Friday Afternoon in August

There is a rhythm to the dog days of summer that can be felt by anyone in business. Things slow down. People appear less anxious to take action be it purchases or business decisions. Add to that the typical "Ahh, the week is over" feeling the permeated a Friday afternoon and you have a time period in sitting in front of you where not much is happening.

September is a huge month in business. Somehow the business community still feels like it is going "back to school". The temperature drops. It feels good to wear shoes again instead of flip flops. The renewed energy that has been ingrained into us all since our school days as children, rising to the forefront. September is traditionally the biggest month of the year in network marketing. The industry itself seems jump start in september and then rides that wave right up until the holidays that come four months later.

So right now, in the dog days of summer, good network marketers are preparing for September. This is not the time to take a step back and relax, even though it feels like it's hard to be productive. No, now is actually the time to get so prepared that when Labor Day is over, you can hit the ground running. Now is when you set up appointments for next month. Now is when you focus on developing your pipeline and when you lead people into your marketing funnel.

Becoming a light that shines out from the crowd is a matter of preparation and fortitude. While others are kicking back by the pool, you can be setting things up to make September 2009 your most productive month ever.

Useful "chores" list:
Update your website
Clean up your blog
Optimize your auto-responder emails
Revisit your vision, goals and objectives
De-clutter your office (including your email inbox)
Expand your mind
Watch training videos that you've been meaning to spend time on.
Read some new business books
Take part in a live event or webinar
Learn how to write good copy** (Good copywriting is the difference between websites that convert and those that don't...or emails that people open or those that end up in the trash.

While you are doing all of this..watch this free interview and learn a skill that will add to your September success..and the rest of 2009 as well.

10 August 2009

Who is David Garfinkel and Why Do You Want to Know?

David Garfinkel writes a blog called
World Copywriting Blog

He is one of the most successful copywriters in the world! You want to know about him because copywriting is the one skill that will allow you to maximize your time and your advertising dollars. Copywriting is what massages prospects to join and customers to buy. Copywriting can mean the difference between 1% conversions and 10% conversions on your websites and squeeze pages.

David Garfinkel is THE copywriting master. And get this...in just two days he will be sharing some of his secrets in an interview with Ann Sieg. I am so excited to learn what he has to teach us. I didn't want you to miss out on this, so I'm leaking the information a bit early, just so you can be prepared.

Right now, go over the the left-hand side of this page and SUBSCRIBE to this blog. That is the only way you will be assured of receiving the information and the link to this free copywriting training with David Garfinkel. I'll be writing a post about it, the minute the video is live!!

How To Influence Reluctant Prospects To Sign Up

Would you like to learn how to inspire even
your most reluctant prospects to take action?

It might be persuading them to open an email,
visit your website, or read your blog post.

Convincing them to surrender their contact info
(and willingly become your lead) in exchange
for a free special report or newsletter.

Or more importantly, influencing them to work
underneath you in your downline and getting
them to purchase whatever you're selling.

The reason I ask is this.

Ann Sieg just interviewed this unorthodox
fellow by the name of David Garfinkel

And guess what?

They Chatted At Length
About This Very Subject!


In other words, writing that inspires people
to take the actions you want them to take.

If you want to start learning how to craft
enticing sales messages and offers that
no sane prospect could ever refuse...

Click here to listen to their conversation.

(David really over-delivers on this call
and serves up plenty of proven-to-work
copywriting advice - free of charge!)

I was totally impressed and I know you will too!

Plus, Ann gets him to reveal a little-known
(and severely underused) mindset trick
you can immediately start using...

That Will Help You "Connect" With
Potential Clients Like Never Before!

It's not something that's taught in any
school, business, or industry.

The highest paid writers working for the
biggest advertising agencies don't even
understand this stunning sales secret.

But you can discover it today by simply
listening to their in-depth interview.

Here's the link again.

Now you might be wondering...

"Who Exactly Is This
David Garfinkel Character?

Well, he's considered by many marketers to be,
"The World's Greatest Copywriting Teacher."

Because from what I hear he's dedicated the
last 15 years of his life to teaching it.

Thanks to him, many of his students have gone
on to become rich because their websites, sales
letters, emails, and ads, rake in small fortunes.

(At least 3 of them have written sales letters
that made over $1,000,000 dollars in 24 hours.)

Oh, and I should mention this too.

Word on the street is that Ann Sieg secretly
hired this guy for 35k to personally train
3 of her team members for six months.

(And to help launch Renegade Professional.)

The results?

Over $1,100,000.00 In
Sales Within Just 72 Hours!


Almost 40,000 fresh opt-ins (leads) generated
in a single month.

Exactly 4,454 new customers acquired in less
than 8 hours.

More than 186,517 unique website visitors in
under 30 days.

Apparently Ann was so thrilled with David's
training and how things went...

(Who wouldn't be, right?)

That now she's having him teach copywriting
to her entire team for six straight weeks!

But you'll never believe this.

She's actually going to allow a limited
number of people from the general public...

To Sit In On These Closed-Door
Company Training Sessions!


I'm almost positive nothing like this has
ever been done before and I'll have to admit
I'm a little curious to see how it turns out.


Click here to find out more information.

By the way, Ann and David talk about
"The Ultimate Copywriting Crash Course"...

(I think that's what they're calling it.)

Towards the very end of the call.

Everything before that is pure content.

Sound copywriting (and business) advice from
David (and Ann) that will help you politely
influence folks to do what you want them to.

To Your Success!!

08 August 2009

The Inside Scoop at Marketing Merge

Things are going crazy in the Marketing Merge Network, and the outcome is going to huge for the online marketing community. Whether you market online for network marketing, affiliate marketing or your own niche and information marketing, you need to take a look at this.

The following statement is taken from Renegade Professional News.
"Marketing Merge Professional is the joint cumulative effort and creation of Mike Klingler’s Marketing Merge and Ann and Isaiah Sieg’s 80/20 Marketing. The goal of Marketing Merge Professional is to empower the entrepreneurial revolution that is predicted to shape the economy over the next decade.

With this mission and vision in mind, Marketing Merge Professional met in Portland, OR USA over a long weekend from July 30 – August 2 to discuss, unify and officially collaborate and unite, so as to further synergize an efficient team effort.

Renegade Professional is moving into position as the most outstanding and thorough support and training organization in the online marketing arena. In addition to over 300 training videos, Renegade Pro is about to unveil a live coaching options with students being able to choose their coach base on everything from expertise to cost.

The list below is a sampling of the most recent trainings that have been added to the Renegade Back Office.
Here is a quick glance at the most recent tutorials added to back office:

* Professionals, Businesses and Non-Profits: Introductory Video (by Patrice Walker)
* Mind-map Your Way To Accelerated Profits (by Jerry Chen)

* Mikogo desktop sharing tool (by Jerry Chen)

* Profitting Through Proper Posture (by Jerry Chen)

* Behind the Scenes — Training the Trainers – (with Ann Sieg, Mike Klingler and David Garfinkel)

* How to Mentor And Retain Your Leads II (by David Lazear)

* How to Mentor And Retain Your Leads I (by David Lazear)

* Advanced Traffic Tactics – How To Set Your Content Viral in Social Networks Using WordPress (live event by Steve Anderson)

* Twitter for Small Business (live webinar Dotty Scott)

* Posting with SEO in mind using WordPress (by Dotty Scott)

* Super Guides SEO Training and More 7-11-09 (by Eric Walker)

* How to Add Pictures, Bannners, Video and Links to Your Squarespace blog (by Kaitlin Rose)

* Day 3 of the SBI Action Guide -Brainstorm Profitable Keywords and Create a Template For Your Tier Structure (by Lisa Hanifelti)

* Day 2 of the SBI Action Guide – Developing Your Site Concept with BrainStormIt! & NicheChooseIt! (by Lisa Hanifelti)

* Creating Your Grand Opus: Leveraging the News (by Mike Klingler)

* Why WordPress Is A Powerhouse Attraction Marketing Platform (by Stephen Anderson)

* Pause, Reflect, Relax (by Mike Klingler)

Accessing all these trainings and way more is just a matter of deciding to experience Renegade Professional yourself. What is offered for only $49 per month are trainings that individually would cost hundred if not thousands of dollars. What's even more appealing is that you can try it for 30 days and get a full refund if what you see is not what you expect or need.

You can spend the rest of the year searching and you won’t find a safer, more guaranteed path to success.

No other program produces results like Renegade Professional. You’ve seen what it’s done for others and you’ve seen our incredible “free test drive” guarantee that takes all the risk off your shoulders. What excuse could you possibly have for waiting?

PS. If you are someone who prefers to test the waters a bit before diving in, then check this out. Renegade University is totally free. There is a wealth of training and some amazing video classes. Best of all, there is no charge and no obligation to anything but your own education and development. What excuse could you possibly have for waiting now?

Click this link right now and get started.

25 July 2009

Emotions and Thought Patterns: Stumbling Blocks on Your Road to Success

Fear of Success. Fear of Failure. Make Work. Busy Work. Whining. Keeping it Safe.

These are just a few of the Stumbling Blocks that you can easily trip over. They are mind games that will play tricks on you if you're not watching for them.

How many of you realized that there is such thing as Fear of Success? Huh? Isn't success what we are after in our home-based or network marketing businesses? "How could there be such thing when success is precisely my goal?"

But trust me on this one. Often times people will end up sabotaging their best efforts just when they are within striking distance of the gold ring. It happens for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it's due to a lifelong perception of themselves, which will have to change if they achieve a measurable level of financial success. It can be a fear of change. Once you have moved up in lifestyle and financial status, things will be different. Different can be great. But different can be scary.

Fear of success along with the other stumbing blocks listed above, will be the topic in Part 2 of our Workshop Series:
Emotional Aspects of Developing Your Work From Home Business.

Deborah Tutnauer, LCSW will be your presenter. After almost 20 years as a psychotherapist, business coach, home business coach and professional network marketer, Deborah is uniquely qualified to talk with you about this subject.

This is a Teleseminar open to everyone, taking place on Friday, July 31st at 1:00 PM Eastern Time (Noon-Central, 11 AM-Mountain, 10 AM- Pacific). Join in by dialing:

Access code:

There will be presentation and then the opportunity to ask questions at the end.

19 July 2009

Attraction Marketing Tips

This is the subscription page for a new newsletter called Attraction Marketing Tips.

You will find this weekly newsletter filled with precise and useful thoughts, ideas and methods teaching you to utilize the power of attraction marketing for all your online (and even offline) marketing endeavors.

14 July 2009

Emotional Aspects of Developing Your Work From Home Business

Subject: Emotional Aspects of Developing Your Work From Home Business

(written by my good friend Eric Walker, Professional Coach Extraordinaire)

Hey Everyone,

They say that succeeding with internet marketing (or anything) is 10% learning and applying and the rest is emotional. What do you think?

I know I have played head games with myself. We all have.

Well, I have, what I promise will be a powerful series of calls devoted to this subject. You're going to be able to access this information for no cost. In the future, these calls will more than likely not be accessible without a price.

Let me introduce you to Deborah Tutnauer. She is a full-time network marketer amongst many other things, and lives in beautiful Crested Butte, Colorado.

Deborah is also my friend.

Deborah Tutnauer is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker,and practicing psychotherapist. She’s a Business coach, trained with The Global Consulting Partnership. Deborah is a mother to a 7 year old who she home schools.

Deborah is also a Renegade Professional Super Guide. She has agreed to participate in our live "underground" training series that all Renegade Professional community members can participate.

Deborah will be hosting a series of three conference calls titled, Emotional Aspects of Developing Your Work From Home Business: 3 Part Series focused on Network Marketers, Affiliate Marketers and Anyone Running an Internet Business.

Here is the outline for part one of the series. Join us on this call. Call information is at the bottom of this email.

1. Moving From Ideas to Action
1. Beliefs
1. Think and Grow Rich
2. Law of Attraction
3. More Than Just Words
1. Vision Board
2. Meditaion
3. Feelings
2. Why Statements
3. Goal Setting

Back to the Vision Board

1. But in Bite-Sized Steps
2. Letting go of Holding on
4. Sabtoge
1. Self
1. Being needy
2. Becoming an Alpha (Black Belt ideas vs. Beliefs)
2. Others Who Love You

When: Friday, July 24 at 1 p.m. EST

Call Info: dial (712) 432-6116 then press 100148#

Human Rules

Learn from these or not!
(Written by Neil Rosenthal in Denver Post Magazine, March 12, 1995)

1. You will receive a body. You may like it or hate it, but is will be yours for the entire period of this time around.

2. You will need lessons. You are enrolled in a full-time informal school called life. Each day in this school you will have the opportunity to learn lessons. You may like the lessons or think them irrelevant or stupid.

3. There are no mistakes, only lessons. Growth is a process of trial and error, of experimentation. The "failed" experiments are as much a part of the process as the experiment that eventually "works".

4. A lesson is repeated until learned. A lesson will be presented to you in various forms until you have learned it. When you have learned it, you can then go on to the next lesson.

5. Learning lessons does not end. There is no part of life that does not contain its lesson. If you are alive, there are lessons to be learned.

6. "There" is no better than "here. When your "there" has become a "here" you will simply obtain another "there" that will look better than "here".

7. Others are merely mirrors of you. You cannot love or hate something about another person unless it reflects something you love or hate about yourself.

8. What you make of your life is up to you. You have all the tools and resources you ;need. What you do with them is up to you. The choice is yours.

9. The answers to life's questions lie inside you. All you need to do is look, listen and trust.

10. You can forget all this.

11. You can remember it whenever you want.

13 July 2009


There's a new kid on the block. They are supposed to be a secret, yet if you Google them, they are all over the internet. Yoli is a new network marketing company which is positioning themselves as "something different" "by distributors, for distributors". I watched their webinar and I studied their compensation plan. And what I came away with was ANGER!! Read why below......

Yoli's comp plan is a common binary with a lot of breakage going back to the company due to qualifications and the whole binary lessor leg payout thing. I am so tired of companies saying that they are different, yada yada yada..and then recycling the same old type of plans that are not in distributor's best interest. To me it's just a repackaging, even if the product is somewhat unique. They are based in Salt Lake City area, just like all the companies that they are copying. They've spent a good deal of money on a big building and fancy furnishing. Even their pin levels have almost identical names to another binary juice company.

Yoli's product is called a Blast Cap. It appears to be a small receptacle filled with a nutritional powder that gets screwed onto a water bottle, pushed, and the powder dumps into the water and creates a juice. It's a nice idea. Certainly makes shipping easier. But beyond that, it's another line of nutritional juices in an already saturated juice market.

Yoli says that they are different and have been created for the distributors success, by people who have been distributors. Distributors who REALLY want to make a difference in people's lives and not just boost their own bottom line, would NEVER go with a binary. It makes me so angry to see another company creating a big mound of hype, yet really putting out there a copy-cat company. There is nothing new at Yoli besides that small plastic cap and that's not different enough to make their statements ring true.

With our new company, we spent 4 months just on the comp plan...to make sure that it really was unique and in the distributor's best interests. (In fact, it is so unique that our computer programmer has to create new mathematical formulas. He cannot use the long list of formulas that he has that work for the majority of compensation plans.) Only then did we decide on a product line that went with our philosophy. We are not based in Utah. We are not spending money on a big building and fancy furnishings. We are being fiscally conservative and making sure that any extra funds are spent where truly needed and we will continue in that vein into the future.

Our CEO has been in the industry for 42 years...he is so angry about how companies speak one thing and then do another. That's why we exist today. Yoli says they are "by distributors, for distributors". We say that too, but with us it's true.

02 July 2009

Choosing Your Path

Fifteen years ago I packed up my little red Acura Integra with my favorite books, my camping gear, mountain bike and few pairs of skis and headed to the Rocky Mountains. My goal was to visit many different small resort towns in Colorado, New Mexico and Utah and decide where I wanted to live next. I had a checklist of the items that comprised my perfect town. The plan was to visit and stay long enough in each location to be able to work through the checklist and determine if this was the place for me to live.

And so that's what I did. I stuck to the plan and to the checklist. In Moab I lived in my tent in the snow for 3 weeks, warming up at the laundromat and washing in the Library. Taos found me sleeping in the fields of a bed and breakfast that was a famous hippie hang out in the late sixties. (Ram Dass spent time there, among other well known enlightened beings), and working in an Nepalese clothing store. I got myself a ski pass job in Crested Butte and was able to stay for three weeks with friends of friends and ski every day for free.

In the end I settled on Crested Butte because it fit most of the parameters on my list. It also felt like home. I had chosen my path as soon as I decided that living in Northern Maine was not the right place for me. I developed a goal, a plan and the steps needed to carry it out. I created my destiny by taking the time to become clear about what I was looking for and motivated to go find it.

It is the same when you are an entrepreneur and home business owner. People have said that "you create your own luck". I believe this to be true in that you have the power to set the stage on which the play unfolds. In my coaching and teaching I often bring people back to the basics that they seem to have forgotten once they became caught up in their business process. I suggest that they step back in order to see the big picture. I have them write about their goals, their why, the future that they imagine. Once we have that, we create the plan. It is only a matter of choosing the best path and walking down it...while remembering to pay attention to the scenery on the way and make adjustments when necessary.

In life, many people do not choose their paths. They let the path choose them by falling into a job because they need one, or buying a house in their home town because it's what is expected. Network marketing is like this as well. Many people fall into it because they were introduced by a friend and it sounded like an easy way to make some money. When it becomes obvious that it's going to take more work than they expected to create that income, they become disillusioned and drop out, often bashing the industry on the way. But those who CHOOSE to become a serious network marketing professional---those who educate themselves about the industry, the methods, the outcomes---they are the people who in fact do make good money and find their way to residual income and freedom. It comes back to choosing your path--in life and in business.

01 July 2009

The Latest, Greatest, Best...and Why It Doesn't Matter

The internet is full of hype. How often do you see a page offering the latest, greatest, best, biggest, most lucrative, easiest, simplest product/opportunity/business/money-making venture? For most of us who work online, we see it everyday. And yes...those headlines can grab you. Just ask anyone who has 59 unread ebooks about the best way to make a million dollars, sitting on their hard drive. People use those headlines and say those things to get you to respond. They focus on your motivations, your fears and your desires for success. And they succeed in getting you to respond because they have good copy and they've done their homework as to what words sell.

What I'm going to tell you though, is that none of it matters. Sure, go ahead and buy that ebook or download that system for only $29.95. But don't think for a minute that it's going to work for you any better than the last system did. The reason why it doesn't matter is that any -- system, company, opportunity, business venture -- is only as good as the person in the driver's seat. That person is you. It is you who controls the speed, the growth and the outcome. It is you who decides whether this time will be the one.

Now, of course there are companies and opportunities and products that are just not smart to get involved with. There are marketing systems that will take your money and give back garbage. Assuming that you have done your homework though, most ventures that you undertake will allow you to move towards the success that you desire if you have the right attitude and the right work ethic. If some words on a page promise you instant riches and thousands per month for just joining in, run quickly the other way. You WANT to get involved with something that tells you there is work involved on your part. Then you have a better idea that you're talking the real McCoy.

When I train and coach people, whether my down line or my mentoring clients, I have them focus on themselves to begin with. I don't teach them to learn every detail of their product line, or to develop a script for approaching their warm market. Instead, I lead them through a series of questions designed to bring to the surface their best qualities. I teach people that they will succeed based on their strengths, their skills, their motivation and their commitment. This holds true for any company, and any situation.

So start there. Don't be swayed by the lastest, greatest, best. Do your research. Choose wisely. Then work your butt off until you make it. That's really the difference between those who succeed and those who do not.

24 June 2009

Definition: Residual Focus Company

The development of a Residual Focus Company begins with the desire to increase the percentage of distributors that maintain a qualifying volume and to create mathematically a compensation design to assist this achievement. The primary belief in this concept is that retention relates directly to the development of a residual. The residual focus company design is to mathematically create retention and thus increases by many factors the ability to now create a residual.

1. Mathematically Increase the Cash Flow.

2. Cash Flow Increases Retention.

3. Retention builds Residuals.

By simply creating residuals for all distributors, we form a powerful, strong core in our organizations. The distributors and the company reap the benefits.

You may be asking how this explanation differs from other types of network marketing company financial focus. The answer is that many compensation plans look great on paper...the latest, greatest, most lucrative ever kind of thing. But when you seriously look at the numbers you find a great deal of breakage (money that does not go to the field but comes back to the company), and also holes. Holes in a compensation plan can be seen for example, when there is a great fast start bonus incentive, but then a gap until the residual begins. Another type of hole is one where the fast start pays out to the enroller, but not at all to the upline for a period of time. The upline essentially gets no residual on a new enrolling for a number of months..and by that time the new person may even be gone.

The idea behind a Residual Focus Company is to reverse the 75% Attrition Rate in the MLM industry and create a 65%-75% Retention Rate. When you do this, your efforts pay out for a longer time and more easily. You then do not need to become a recruiting machine..which is never what network marketing was meant to require in the first place. Instead you can focus on teaching and duplicating. Your team will grow steadily and with strength, and the residual income of all will be reflective of individual efforts.

18 June 2009

What Is Network Marketing?


The information below was written by Tim Sales.

"In a traditional company you have a building - same with a network marketing company." I do this while sketching a building.
"You also have a president, vice presidents, middle managers and staff to run the company - same with network marketing." I do this while sketching an organizational chart.
"But here's where it's different, in a traditional company if you have 50 million dollars to advertise and promote your product - who do you give that money to? You spend it on TV, radio, and print ads, often with celebrity endorsements." Then I wrote a couple of celebrity endorsement fees. Then I explained, "In Network marketing we spend that same 50 million dollars but on ordinary people who master the product and master how to sell it. A celebrity never masters the product - they just shoot a couple of ads."

From there you can then explain how those ordinary people become part of a network marketing organization, and how that benefits the them and the company. Simple. No sales pitch.

13 June 2009

Top 10 Internet Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

This is based on experience. Even while knowing better, it is easy to get tired and then get lazy when it comes to Internet Marketing. When you get lazy you start taking short cuts, thinking that you can, because you had great traffic and a really good reputation for a long time. Well I'm here to tell you that you can't take short cuts and it's best not to get lazy. After years of doing extremely well by being very cognizant of providing high value, excellent content in all that I do online, recently I thought I could slide bit.

I started spending less time creating the insight and information that I am known for, and instead writing more about specific affiliate products and posing links to affiliate lead capture pages. I had a lot of time pressure due to obligations in my personal life and thought I could do it the easy way for a bit. The result was that every measurement that I keep track of went down. Site traffic went down. Lead capture page conversions went down. Clicks on links in my articles went down. Overall the experiment was a dismal failure and I learned my lesson.

I am thankful that when I began marketing online a few years ago, I learned the right way to do it. I know what works and what makes sense, and I know how to do it. My past results are a tribute to this. Writing great content about useful topics with a dollop of wit and humor has served me well. So I am going home...back to my roots as a very consciencious attraction marketer who writes about topics that serve the needs of the online network marketing community. In doing so I will regain my traffic, my CTR and my conversions and be back to feeling really proud of the material that I put out on the web.

Learn from my mistakes. Here they are:

1. Posting direct links to affiliate pages
2. Not creating my own page for pre-selling prior to linking
3. Thinking that past results allow you to rest on your laurels
4. Getting lazy and duplicating content
5. Writing more sales posts than value posts
6. Getting lazy on twitter and pre-loading sales tweets
7. Forgetting to write posts and articles around a specific keyword or words
8. Getting side tracked by new projects rather than focusing on what I know works well
9. Not spending enough time on new web page construction, and putting them online anyway
10. Giving great advice to others but then not listening to myself and making the mistakes that I often coach others to avoid.

This list is very different than those I've researched on this same "Top 10 Internet Marketing Mistakes" topic. If you were looking for something different, here are links to some of those other lists.

Top 10 Marketing Mistakes

Top 10 Internet Marketing Mistakes

Twitter is Changing: How You Can Benefit

You may have noticed that Twitter is changing. I certainly have. Eight months ago when I became really active on Twitter a large portion of the tweets were valuable in terms of content. There were great quotes, business tips, sharing of thoughts and in between, some links for useful systems, trainings and products. The tweeple on Twitter spent the majority of time with a focus on connection, relationship building and communicating worthwhile information. Through this many high quality business relationships were formed. Links to blogs, articles, etc...were often viewed because they were being tweeted by people who we saw and heard from every day...people sharing valuable information in the majority of their tweets.

Fast forward to now. Twitter has been "discovered", in case you hadn't noticed. And with the discovery it is now most common to see tweet after tweet pitching and selling products, services and opportunities. You have to consciously search for a few pages to find a good quote or a great piece of business advice. In addition, the newer people on Twitter seem (in my perspective of following almost 5000 people) to have missed learning about Twitter Manners.

Good Twitter Manners include: thanking every single person who retweets one of your tweets; Writing DM's to new followers that DO NOT include a link to you lead capture page; Making sure that the majority of your tweets are NOT sales pitches but instead offer useful thoughts and ideas in 140 characters. This is just a started list, but you get the point. Be polite. Act as if Twitter were a room full of people who you were just getting to know, some of whom might become good friends or business partners over time.

So how can you benefit from the changes in Twitter. You now have even more of an opportunity to stand out from the crowd. If 90% of the tweeple are pitching and linking with every tweet, be part of the 10% that is sharing great ideas with high enthusiasm. Be the person on Twitter who is dynamic, personable and caring by writing tweets that communicatethis and that people find not only interesting but compelling to read. When you include links in your tweets, link to an awesome article or a blog post that will improve someone's knowledge in an area that you are involved. Also, be not only a conversation starter, but a conversation continuer. Look at who is tweeting when you arrive on Twitter and see if you can't add benefit to the conversation. Offer answers to questions or links to a solution you've read about. Share your own experiences if you think it will help someone else. When you get involved in a Twitter conversation, keep it going. Switch to DM's to exchange emails and make a stronger connection. Set up a phone call if it appears you've met a kindred spirit.

Can you do this and still use Twitter to send people to your affiliate product page, or your sales or capture page? The answer is yes, as long as those tweets are only 30% or less of what you tweet about. The beauty of this is that people are more likely to read those kinds of tweets from you, if they have gotten in the habit of reading your tweets whenever they seem them, because your tweets are always witty, thought provoking and informative.

This is how Twitter has helped create a large amount of business for many people over the time it has been in existence. It is not about pitching and selling. Nor is it about how many followers you can collect in a given time period. It is about quality and true connection. By being a good Tweeple you will find that Twitter will be a wonderful tool, connnecting you to leaders, friends, partners and business associates all over the world

04 June 2009

MLM Training For Free

It's surprising how much information and training you can access for free and how valuable some of it is. Many people don't realize that you can watch a free online DVD and start putting into action all that you learn.

In a Free 40 minute online DVD, Mike Dillard is giving away the information that he has used to build a $7 MILLION Dollar a year business from home. In this DVD he shares how he generates 600 leads per day at no cost, and how he sponsors dozens of people into his network marketing organization every month using technology and his magnetic sponsoring system. There is no reason why you can't start using all of this free information right away.

In fact, this is the Traffic Formula that has created six figure incomes for many network marketers. Mike has created Traffic Formula 2.0 and is offering it for purchase if you'd like. But even if you buy nothing, you will walk away from this Free DVD with a wealth of knowledge that you can start applying to your network marketing business today.

Before you visit the page to access your FREE DVD, clear you cookies.

Why? Because if you decide to ultimately purchase Mike's Traffic Formula 2.0, I will give you a bonus of One Free Coaching Hour. My coaching/consultation time can cost $120 per hour. It will be yours for FREE. So clear your cookies (use the link to learn how), and then visit the page below to watch Mike Dillard's FREE DVD.

There's no reason to miss out on this FREE DVD. I am strong believer in accessing any free trainings that you can and then only purchasing those items that make the most sense.
Mike Dillard's Free DVD Can Be Found Here

Peace and Abundance,

PS. Remember...A private coaching hour if you decide to purchase Mike's Traffic Formula in time. I will also include a FREE 30 minute Audio Ebook Entitled:
Home Business Options, Using the Internet to
Create Income Online From Anywhere

03 June 2009

MLM Traffic Formula 2.0 -- Is it Worth It?

Mike Dillard's traffic formula becomes available today. For those who have accessed the information through my affiliate link, I am offering a special bonus of a free coaching hour to anyone who purchases the training before Dillard closes the intro sales in 7 days at the lower price. (He will then reopen the program and bring it back at almost $1000, more than 3 times what he charging right now). Something I really value about all of Mike Dillard's materials is that they offer a wonderful money back guarantee and they make good on it with no questions asked. That makes buying and trying his courses totally risk free.

So is it worth it? I say definitely yes. You may learn something. You may learn a lot!! You can get a full refund up to 60 days if you think you've learned nothing, or for any other reason for that matter. Dillard's knowledge and expertise in the online network marketing business cannot be beat. He has experts from all over the industry working with him in the Traffic Formula series. You really have nothing to lose except some time spent opening your mind and learning. So yes, MLM Traffic Formula 2.0 is absolutely worth it. And with the free hour of coaching/consultation that I am offering, you come out way ahead!!

MLM Traffic Formula 2.0

Feel free to Google me and see my experience and knowledge in the industry. My normal coaching charge can be up to $120 per hour. I so strongly believe that this system will help online network marketers achieve the results that they are looking for, that I want to sweeten the pot with an hour of my time. Feel free to contact me with any questions.

Here is the link to a 40 minute video, detailing what will be contained in Traffic Formula 2.0.

MLM Traffic Formula 2.0

Peace and Abundance,
Deborah Tutnauer, LCSW

01 June 2009

90 Days to Success - Internet Business Training

As you read in the last post, I am embarking on a more orderly and structured method to my madness. A plan is in place to make the most of my time, thus becoming more efficient and effective in all that I do. Already I have encountered the demons of an internet business. Everything that you do online (especially when a lot of time is spent using social media) exposes you to other things to do online. Thus there are constant distractions. I'm not talking about silly things like playing solitaire or chess against against the computer. I'm talking about real ideas, articles, thoughts, blog posts, twitter replies, blog comments that are interesting and yet take your focus away from your goals for the day.

Thus I have decided to build into my daily list, time for the distractions. If they are to be expected and even enjoyed and benefited from, then there needs to be a time dedicated to them. Today my plan is to finalize three articles for the Renegade Super Guides and revamp my Perfect MLM web page in anticipation of our Private Invitational Launch on June 15th.

I have done the articles and can clearly check them off the list. But I have yet to even look at the web page because of a very exiting and interesting distraction. There it is. Thank goodness my list has an item called "relevant distractions". This one is a new Internet Business Training tool from the illustrious Mike Dillard. I receive a lot of information from Dillard and tend to read most of it (I read very little of the majority of newsletters that flow through my inbox). Two years ago, Dillard's ground breaking book "Magnetic Sponsoring" totally changed the way I approach my network marketing business. I credit him for opening my mind to the new way of network marketing, using the internet business model that he is most famous for---Attraction Marketing.

Dillard has a new video and a new product out. It is the first in awhile and well worth my attention. In 2006 when Mike Dillard developed the MLM Traffic Formula, it was a pinnacle moment in the network marketing industry. That training series alone change the lives of thousands. He now has come out with the Traffic Formula 2.0, which takes all the great information from the original and combines it with the cutting edge internet business techniques that have developed over the past few years. Looking at what he's put together seemed like a "relevant distraction" to me and thus here I am...reading about it/ listening to the intro free video and sharing a bit about it with you as well.

Am I off track in my day? No. After this blog post is completed and posted I will move on to my next task for today which is revamping a web page. Have a wasted time looking at Dillard's new product? No. It is relevant to all that I do in my own business as well as the coaching that I provide for others. Relevant Distractions are OK, as long as they don't prevent you from accomplishing the other more defined tasks on your list. Ciao!

30 May 2009

90 Days to Success

A good friend and business associate of mine recently wrote an article about goal setting and moving towards the green grass on the other side of the proverbial septic. I was inspired by the steps he outlined and decided to try it...especially since it's much more organized and very different than how I've been going about my business for the past two years. Even though I've been doing quite well, the more involved and complex my businesses become the more I've been feeling like I need more organization and a more structured plan. Here is my 90 day plan.

Five top goals for the next 90 days
1. Increase my visibility and productivity with Renegade Super Guides, through high value content in written and video form, as well as involvement with the Super Guides processes.

2. Sponsor 21 strong business builders for my new network marketing company that launches in mid-July. As a front line leader in the company I want to have this "mastermind" team of 21, prepared and ready to blast off on the day the company opens. This group will be the first group of distributors in the entire company.

3. Continue communicating the power of the Duplication 123 tool as a effective and efficient team building and duplication system for any network marketing business. Also utilize the D123 Simply Webinar platform to show people in all types of business, the usefulness of an easy-to-use and inexpensive webinar system for all kinds of teaching/sharing scenerios.

4. Develop at least 50 high quality incoming links to my existing content pages, from related articles and blog posts with high Google page ranks.

5. Go back through every website/blog/capture page/hub page, etc... that I own to update and re-optimize.

Wow!! That is quite a list. I have to share with you that I thought it would be easy to create and yet it turned out to be very challenging. I have 4 different yet interrelated income streams that each grow through a larger number of methods and avenues. Boiling that all down to just 5 goals was really hard. Yet I think it was an excellent exercise and in the process will allow me to become more efficient rather than somewhat scattered. There are many things that I do that are not included in this list of 5. I've decided that the items not listed will be put on another list that I will then refer to when each day's movement towards the top 5 goals has been completed.

Given my background in the social sciences, I know that goal setting is just the beginning. Developing the short term objectives and methods that lead to the goal is crucial. In my friend Eric's article, he recommends next developing a "to do" list of 3 main items to accomplish each day. My next step will be to set this up using a type of flow chart, breaking each major goal into smaller objectives and then breaking the objectives down into even smaller steps.

Those steps then become the actual answers to the question "what do I work on today?" Let me show you an example.

I will take goal number 5--
Go back through every website/blog/capture page/hub page, etc...
that I own to update and re-optimize.

1. List every item that I have on the internet. ( this may require "googling" myself to find things I've forgotten about).
2. Read through each item, and update links and content.
3. Use my SEO skills to add good keywords and linked-anchor text to older items that are lacking these.
4. Delete those pages that are no longer relevant to my overall business process

From this list I can then make a specific plan such as:
Monday, June 1st I will spend 2 hours locating and listing all of my online content.
Tuesday, June 2nd, I will continue this process until completed.

Since I have a few different areas that I am focusing on in my 5 main 90 day goals, I can switch things around throughout the week, so that each goal gets addressed a little. On the other hand, some of the goals might warrant being worked on first, with others being put aside until a few weeks from now.

This outline of a "90 Days to Success" system is one that you can use and then tailor to your own needs. Please feel free to contact me with any questions, either through the contact link in the sidebar or through my Success Coaching Information Page.

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