24 February 2009

Where Are The Jobs For Retired and Laid Off Workers?

With massive layoffs and cutbacks occurring across the US, many are looking for a way to get back into the work force or to increase their reduced income.

According to AARP Magazine, March/April 2009 issue, direct sales through home parties and home business is a growing area.
Direct Sales Businesses Boom As Economy Tightens

AARP also sees Internet Marketing as a place to make money right now, for women specifically, but men as well.
Sweet Times For a Web Based Business

AARP, the American Association of Retired People is at the forefront of what going on in the job market because of how much retirees and those nearing retirement age have been effected by our economic down turn. There are people in the manufacturing industry who have been at the same job for over 30 years, nearing retirement, used to a very good salary and now they are jobless without the skills for something new.

Direct Selling through the network marketing model (done correctly) could put money back into the pockets of people like this. The idea of getting involved with a reasonable product that can be shared with friends through home parties or social gatherings, is a concept that can appear user-friendly to those needing to earn money in a new manner. Many people in the over 45 generation are now more open to learning to use a computer as well..opening other doors in the marketing arena.

People already involved with network marketing / MLM, particularly those with easy products, everyday items or those that do not need a lot of explaination would be wise to open their hearts and minds to potential prospect in the older generation. Even those already retired are presently feeling the pinch of reduced pensions or 401K's that have taken a big hit. These people might welcome an offering of a fun way to bring extra cash and also social engagement into their lives.

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