05 January 2009

The Gift of Patience in Business and Life

It is so hard to wait. Do you remember as a kid how hard it was to wait for Christmas or you birthday or for dinner? Even though patience is a virtue I do not believe it is a trait that is innate. I believe we need to cultivate patience and that often life gives us the perfect opportunities to do so.

Presently I am involved with a start-up network marketing company that is scheduled to begin operations in March. I have been involved since September (at which point we were hoping to have the products ready by the holidays). Patience. Take a deep a breathe. Now as March is getting closer we are on track for that date, though anything could happen between now and then. Patience. Lonnnggg Sllloooowwww Breeeaaatttgh.

I am excited and anxious to get moving. To introduce our product and unique compensation plan to the world. I can barely wait to hear people respond as I did with exclamation such as, "that's brilliant, why didn't anyone think of this before" or "how refreshing to get away from all the hype and see something that just makes sense". It's hard to be patient when I know that we may possibly change the face of the MLM industry with what we are going to present.

So where is the gift part, you may be asking? I titled this The Gift of Patience. Well here it is. The gift is that there is no frenzy to be caught up in. The gift is that I have time to speak personally with every single person who is interested in what we are doing. The gift is that I have time to develop real relationships with my potential front-line team rather than becoming a recruiting machine. By the time our company is ready to go, I will have had months of front-end work talking to people without any pressure. Being a maven of attraction marketing, for me building a strong network marketing organization is all about the foundation which is built on good relationships. I have been given the amazing gift of time and I am using it to get acquainted with many interesting and qualified people who may want to work with me.

Usually when you get involved in a new MLM (whether completely new or just new for you), there is a compulsion to "get going" and to talk to everyone and grow your team. That motivation and enthusiasm is awesome, but does not always result in the most prudent team building or in taking the necessary time to really know someone before inviting them into your organization. Here again is where the gift comes in. I have been given the gift of time which is requiring me to be patient, thoughtful, prudent and in many ways more human in the way I am approaching this new business.

How have you experienced the gift of patience in your life?

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Interesting New Web Marketing System Goes Viral in Record Time

If you have not yet heard about Web Prosperity, you may not be on the internet enough. This company had created one of the most intensive viral marketing campaigns I have ever seen. Web Prosperity is new company founded by David D'Archangelo. It is a package of marketing tools that most online marketers use and need, including an autoresponder, webinar system, video/podcast system and others.

There has been a lot of controversy about the company and I felt a responsibility to share with you what I know. Many people are signing up and holding a slot. There is no cost so far to do so. I held one mostly to receive the emails and get a feeling for the reality of what they have to offer. For many it appears from the marketing video to be a no brainer with regards to "why not sign up?". And many have done so for that very reason.

David D. has a checkered reputaion and that concerns me. The company that is providing some of the services is called Implix. They appear to have a very good reputation. There are concerns about the trusting one's generated lead list to a network marketing company with no proven track record. Though others do not seem to be concerned about this.

My recommendation is to check it out. Google David D'Archangelo. Watch the marketing video. Sign up so you can get on a conference call and listen to what they have to say. It may be a great opportunity. Many seem to think so. It may turn out to be a lot of hype without a lot of return. There are those who think that as well. The monthly fee if you use the tools is actually very reasonable. You would pay the same or more to use them separately.

If someone sent you a link already, put in your name if you want and watch it unfold. If you have not yet received a link you can get there through this one.
Please remember that I am not endorsing nor recommending this company. It has created such a buzz that I felt obligated to share what I know with my friends and associates to help in your own decision making.

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