29 August 2009

Cash For Clunkers Program Still Lives

The Cash For Clunkers Program was a great success from the car dealership perspective and from the customer perspective as well. It was a win-win, giving people something they needed and giving the auto business an infusion of activity and income.

Now the official government cash for clunkers program is over. But the idea and the value still lives. Cash for clunkers allowed people to trade in something that no longer worked in their lives, add a financial investment to that trade and walk away with what they wanted and needed.

What if you could perform that same operation in other areas of your life?

Would it interest you to give up some things that are no longer working for you, and trade them for something that is more useful and beneficial?

I certainly would and I can't imagine that anyone would say no to question like that!

What would you trade in?

A job that takes too much energy away from your family in exchange for a career that offers money and time?

Unemployment income that barely covers the bills in exchange for a good paycheck?

A home business that is barely breaking even for one that makes it easy to cover your overhead and make a good living wage or even part time income?

If any of these rings a bell for you, you may find what you are looking for in this invitation.

Your Invitation

This is an exclusive opportunity to be on the front
lines with a most amazing company,
(Coffee and Tea are just the beginning)

I am so excited to share this opportunity with you! I do appreciate
you are taking the time to learn more about Tikanii.

We are a new company, (you probably will only find a few of our
founding members pages on google), we are setting high standards
and solving the biggest issues that plague the network marketing
and home based business industry today.

My guess is that you know what I am talking about. Most home
businesses fail do to lack of revenues and expensive marketing.
You never make any money. Along with several other factors;
the market is not responsive, or poor leadership and training may
have been the issue.

Maybe it was that no one really took action and developed the
right mind set. Mostly it was because you never made the income
you expected, and most likely deserved.

Believe me its all going to change. It already has.

Everything Good Begins With a Story

Tikanii began as a question. We knew, from over 70 years of combined
experience in the industry, that the same problems were occurring over
and over again in most network marketing companies, even with the
seemingly most successful.

These problems were preventing distributors and team leaders from
achieving success. Our goal was to solve the problems and create an
opportunity where everyone wins. A network marketing company
developed by distributors and for distributors.

We started with a mission and then carefully selected the right product
with extensive research and discovery. We know we have created
something very unique, an business that is systematically proven to achieve
positive results. And with positive results comes certainty.

And with certainty there is more belief, more potential, more action
and thus more results.

We are offering you an opportunity to be paid fairly and treated as the valued participant that you are. The product line we offer just makes sense for everyone, especially in our present economic climate. Do you know anyone who is not familiar with Coffee and Tea?

We thoroughly researched the market prior to choosing our product line. Our quality and delivery system is high end and unique. In fact, we have an exclusive in the network marketing industry for our products...coffee, tea and brewing system.

Sound good to you?

The Tikanii Cash for Clunkers Program will give you the tools and engine you need to trade in what's not working in your life for more income, more time and more flexibility.

Click this link immediately, fill out you contact info and a leader from the the
Top Tikanii Team
will contact you shortly.

If you're just too excited to wait for more details, call 970-209-7473 right now and ask for Deborah.

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