24 March 2009

Duplication123..You DO NOT Need This....

You do not need this if you already have a foolproof system in place for generating unlimited leads, managing your contacts and prospects, supporting and training your team in your primary business and creating an additional stream of income that can act as a funded proposal. Even if you have all that already in place..Duplication123 also offers a state-of-art webinar platform as part of their $35 package. Most webinar platforms are substantially more money than that, without the latest technology.

Basically you can use Duplication 123 in 3 ways:

1. As a marketing and training system for your primary business(es), utilizing the customizable/generic lead capture pages and all the back office marketing tools and training modules. This includes the most amazingly advanced live webinar tool that I have seen to date. I know others who pay $100 per month for a tool like this, or even $4 per person per webinar, but with D123, it is part of your $35 package..along with everything else.

2. You can use it as a funded proposal system, generating contacts and leads that will monetize and also become part of your ongoing lead list for your primary biz.

3. Use D123 as a means for generating an additional income stream through the unique 3-tier affiliate matrix. This matrix is a hybrid 3x3 that loads and pays in a manner that is fair and powerful.

Duplication123 is run by a company that has been providing lead capture pages and lead/prospect management systems for almost 10 years. D123 is their latest venture and combines all their past experience experience with cutting edge technology. This is the most comprehensive system and product of it's kind in the industry.

Given the lack of good internet marketing resources in many MLM's, we expect many top network marketers to jump on the system to use with their people. Our training modules cover all aspects of network marketing, which enables anyone you offer D123 as a Duplicatible System for their entire downline.

Duplication IS the POWER behind network marketing.
Duplication123 is the engine.

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