10 January 2008

Earn $1000 Bonus This Month

OK, As those of you who have been reading my posts for the past few months know, I don’t usually pitch a specific company or business opportunity. I believe I did it only once before. But I just received a phone call and I was so stunned by the information that I have to share. I hoping by putting this information out there, we can all benefit.

Some of you may have realized that I am an Independent Executive with a new network marketing company called Zrii. Zrii is a health drink endorsed by doctors at the Chopra Center for Wellbeing. Dr. David Simon, who is the head physician at the Chopra Center (which he runs, along with Deepak Chopra), helped in the formulation of Zrii. The ayurvedic ingredients in Zrii…both the Amalaki Berry and 6 highly regarded herbs, has caught the interest of many alternative and mainstream physician.

On the business side, Zrii will be officially launched in May of 2008. Presently the company is in pre-launch, setting up their structure of Independent Executives and working out any kinks on the corporate end.

I learned tonight about a special compensation bonus that just floored me. I’ve been in network marketing for a number years and I have never heard of anything like this before. The company will give “one share” of their profits to each eligible distributor each month. All it takes to become eligible is to find 5 people who want to become involved with Zrii. In November every distributor who had enrolled 5 people that month received a check for $1400…in addition to their regular commission checks. A “share” is a percentage of the company’s profits for that month. It is divided between any people who have enrolled 5…just 5.

You can do it for one month, or two or three or more. You can even enroll, sign up five people and never do another thing with the company. I doubt you’d do that since this is a really amazing business opp, but you could. I had no idea that this bonus pool was open to everyone. I’ve been working this business for 3 months so far, and all my energy has been spent setting up my personal marketing campaigns for the future. I know that the long-term residual income will come over time. Now though, I’m going to focus a little more on the present and benefit from part of that bonus pool. I hope you will too.

You can link to my Zrii Web Page at http://goamalaki.com/healthfreedom. Most of us work at home and all of us could benefit from a bonus…especially when it’s comes from such a unique and nutritionally advantageous product… What a great way to begin 2008!!

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