10 April 2009

Google Adsense

Since I already have way too many balls that I'm juggling, I decided to learn something new. ADSENSE. If you are not familiar with Google's Adsense, it is a way of monetizing your blogs, websites, hubpages by allowing Google to place ads on it. When the ads get clicked you make money. It's simple in concept..a bit more complicated in reality.

I came across a product last week that was a large 1000 page website all set up for Adsense ads on every page. The idea that creator had was that if you can make X dollars with one or two page websites, then you can multiply that by infinity and make a lot more money if you have sites with many, many pages all containing useful content. He created this site and apparently makes a lot of money from it. So I purchase it...$20 hopefully well spent.

The set-up instructions were interesting. The were written in english, but by someone who is clearly very good and computers and not as good at written instructions. I am fairly good with downloads, uploads, zip files, ftp..and even so this took me awhile to have up and running. Over the week there have been some glitches that are still being worked on. But I have to say that overall this is a pretty phenomenal website for my $20 plus a few hours of being sucked into the computer techie vortex.

I'll get the kinks worked out and start promoting the pages. Since there is nothing to sell and just good information to share with people, the site is fun to promote. I'm looking forward to seeing adsense dollars piling up in my account.

Oh..here's the site...take a look
You can get one too and also bypass all the techie challenges I had this week by paying an extra $35 and have them set it up for you.

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