16 April 2009

MLM Duplication, Webinar Room, Lead Capture, Downline Training Modules

Top network marketing professionals are turning to this system for the training their existing downlines and recruiting new leaders. Here is a simple flow chart outlining how it is done.

1. Enroll in the Duplication 123 System at the low price of $34.95 per month. (No worries about another "subscription". You will easily be recouping this in a very brief time.)

2. Set up your customizable Lead Capture page through DiscoverTheLifestyle.com. You do NOT pay extra for this page, nor for the back office system that goes with it, nor for the autoresponders for leads, contacts and friends.

3. Use the training given in the Duplication 123 back office to drive targeted traffic to your DiscoverTheLifestyle.com page. Remember..you have customized this generic business opportunity page to suit your needs..including links to your company website if you desire.

4. As people fill out your DiscoverTheLifestyle.com contact form, get in touch with them. Use the phone and the pre-loaded autoresponder letters to build a positive relationship. Bring those who are interested into your primary business opportunity.

5. Now here is where it really gets fun! Once a person joins your downline, set them up with their own Duplication 123 system. They can even enroll for free initially. The important part is that they work through the SIX generic network marketing training modules in the the D123 back office as soon they join with you.

6 You will also help them set up their DiscoverTheLifestyle.com Lead Capture page to bring in new business and start to grow their downline. Many MLM's don't allow you to market using the company name, unless you use a company page. With DiscoverTheLifestyle.com, you can market yourself and your opportunity without every breaching your company's rules for advertising..and it is simple.

7. Remember, everyone who joins Duplication 123 for $34.95 receives the DiscoverTheLifestyle.com page for FREE, in addition to the other Lead Capture pages and the entire D123 system.

8. As your team grows, use your personal Duplication 123 Webinar Room to host meetings and trainings online. This is just another part of your system. There is no additional fee no matter how often you use it.

9. Create Duplication in your downline by teaching and then repeating this process.

10. Recruit For your Primary Business (DiscoverTheLifestyle)
Train Duplication 123 Training modules and webinar room
Duplicate Plug your team into the same system
Generate additional Prospects by also marketing the D123 system. Your prospects will be very highly targeted. Develop the relationship

Whole downlines in some MLM's are using Duplication 123 as their primary marketing, training and duplication system. The additional income stream is also helpful, creating available money for more advertising. This is called a funded proposal. There is no conflict with any MLM, as D123 is NOT a network marketing company, but an affiliate product.

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