03 November 2009

RV Income : Making Money From Anywhere

The idea of RV income is about learning how to make money from anywhere. Think about the power in that statement...Making money from anywhere. So many people would love to have the skills to do that. You would not be tied to a specific location or home. You could follow the seasons if you'd like and still have a check coming in, waiting for you at the next post office.

How can this be done? In fact it's being done in a multitude of ways, from internet marketing, to affiliate marketing to online niche marketing..just to name a few. People living in their RV's these days are a very diverse group as well. Of course there are those who are retired and travel year round from one location to the next. But it goes way beyond that. Families with children will often live in their RV's and travel while schooling their kids. It would be wonderful for them to be able to create an RV income. People who are just plain tired of the rat race are investigating RV living as an alternative lifestyle. They too would benefit from developing and ongoing RV income from anywhere.

But being a full time RVer has expenses associated with it, and clearly you cannot hold a regular 9-5 job if you are traveling in your RV. According to a number of RV lifestyle websites, the average yearly cost of RV living is about $25, 000 per year. I'd tend to round up and plan on $30,000. So the question becomes, how can you create an income of $2500 per month, from anywhere. And of course, the answer is: On the internet! RV income is not just a pipe dream, it is entirely possible, probable and feasable with some information, education and fortitude!

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