30 November 2009

Is December Really That Bad (For Network Marketing)?

(This timely article was originally posted at DeborahTutnauer.com)

I’m sure you’ve been told that December is worst month of the year for network marketing. Is it an old wives tale meant to make everyone feel better about taking the month off and pushing hard with your business, or is it true?

The time between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day is traditionally a time in our US culture with a focus on the holidays and on retail sales and marketing. No one could possibly make you believe that business is not happening. You just have to open a newspaper flyer or enter into any retail store to see that business is in full swing. In fact, this time period may well be the best time of year for many types of businesses.

So why not network marketing? Part of the reason is related to solely to human nature. A network marketing business requires that individuals need to focus and take action. During the holiday period, many home business people experience a change in mind-set, choosing to relax and focus on family and festivities instead of on business. This is certainly their choice and in fact is one of the benefits of being self-employed. But when hundreds of thousands of people make this same choice at the same time, it effects the entire industry.

Another reason for the perpetuation of the idea that the network marketing industry struggles in December, is that people are hesitant to focus on recruiting members and prospects feel no pressure to start a new endeavor when the new year is looming just over the horizon. Unfortunately, this is short sighted on both parties parts. Given that January is a huge month for new business, setting everything up in December assures that January begins with a bang instead of a whimper.

Thirdly, many network marketing products are not focused on retail sales, and this is clearly a retailing/gift giving period of time. Those companies that have a product line that is geared to customers and retail purchases can take huge advantage of this holiday season by helping the people in the field see the opportunity and go for it.

As a network marketing professional, you do not have to succumb to the dreaded December doldrums. You can choose instead to stand outside the crowd and make this a great business month. Wherever possible, make use of your product line as gifts and make sure your team does the same. There is no reason to not shop in your own store, so to speak. As for business, there are people already open minded and preparing for the new year. Be the person who connects with them. While others sit back and relax, you have the opportunity to make an impact and a difference. This is just one more way that you can take effective action and grow your downline easily.

December is only really that bad for your network marketing business if you believe it to be. Just like so much in this industry, your mind-set and focus will determine the outcome. You truly have a choice to make. I know what I choose.

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