30 May 2009

90 Days to Success

A good friend and business associate of mine recently wrote an article about goal setting and moving towards the green grass on the other side of the proverbial septic. I was inspired by the steps he outlined and decided to try it...especially since it's much more organized and very different than how I've been going about my business for the past two years. Even though I've been doing quite well, the more involved and complex my businesses become the more I've been feeling like I need more organization and a more structured plan. Here is my 90 day plan.

Five top goals for the next 90 days
1. Increase my visibility and productivity with Renegade Super Guides, through high value content in written and video form, as well as involvement with the Super Guides processes.

2. Sponsor 21 strong business builders for my new network marketing company that launches in mid-July. As a front line leader in the company I want to have this "mastermind" team of 21, prepared and ready to blast off on the day the company opens. This group will be the first group of distributors in the entire company.

3. Continue communicating the power of the Duplication 123 tool as a effective and efficient team building and duplication system for any network marketing business. Also utilize the D123 Simply Webinar platform to show people in all types of business, the usefulness of an easy-to-use and inexpensive webinar system for all kinds of teaching/sharing scenerios.

4. Develop at least 50 high quality incoming links to my existing content pages, from related articles and blog posts with high Google page ranks.

5. Go back through every website/blog/capture page/hub page, etc... that I own to update and re-optimize.

Wow!! That is quite a list. I have to share with you that I thought it would be easy to create and yet it turned out to be very challenging. I have 4 different yet interrelated income streams that each grow through a larger number of methods and avenues. Boiling that all down to just 5 goals was really hard. Yet I think it was an excellent exercise and in the process will allow me to become more efficient rather than somewhat scattered. There are many things that I do that are not included in this list of 5. I've decided that the items not listed will be put on another list that I will then refer to when each day's movement towards the top 5 goals has been completed.

Given my background in the social sciences, I know that goal setting is just the beginning. Developing the short term objectives and methods that lead to the goal is crucial. In my friend Eric's article, he recommends next developing a "to do" list of 3 main items to accomplish each day. My next step will be to set this up using a type of flow chart, breaking each major goal into smaller objectives and then breaking the objectives down into even smaller steps.

Those steps then become the actual answers to the question "what do I work on today?" Let me show you an example.

I will take goal number 5--
Go back through every website/blog/capture page/hub page, etc...
that I own to update and re-optimize.

1. List every item that I have on the internet. ( this may require "googling" myself to find things I've forgotten about).
2. Read through each item, and update links and content.
3. Use my SEO skills to add good keywords and linked-anchor text to older items that are lacking these.
4. Delete those pages that are no longer relevant to my overall business process

From this list I can then make a specific plan such as:
Monday, June 1st I will spend 2 hours locating and listing all of my online content.
Tuesday, June 2nd, I will continue this process until completed.

Since I have a few different areas that I am focusing on in my 5 main 90 day goals, I can switch things around throughout the week, so that each goal gets addressed a little. On the other hand, some of the goals might warrant being worked on first, with others being put aside until a few weeks from now.

This outline of a "90 Days to Success" system is one that you can use and then tailor to your own needs. Please feel free to contact me with any questions, either through the contact link in the sidebar or through my Success Coaching Information Page.

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