13 December 2009

MLM Lead Generating Program

If you’ve been struggling in MLM, or stressing out about getting enough leads and yet not knowing what else to do, this will be your solution. This is THE system that I personally plug my downline into. If it’s good enough for me to share with them, you know it will work for you as well.

We know for a fact that the best prospects for your network marketing business are those who already understand and embrace the industry. It is also known that many are struggling in their MLM business because they do not know how to reach that specific target market. By developing a system that is "plug and play", you give every networker the means to access targeted leads just like long term professionals do. From there it is a matter of taking the time to Brand yourself using the options in the system and then get online and start driving traffic.

It's easy to see how offering a simple to use online marketing system to your team, is a great thing. But you may also be wondering how this system helps you bring new people into your organization. It's a wonderful question. The answer is, many struggling network marketers are looking for a lead generating program. They are also looking for a leader. If you can be the one to offer them both a program for generating free leads for their MLM business, and also be a leader who teaches and support them in their efforts, they are very likely to want to work with you. Initially the program allows you to make contact, then you provide assistance and leadership. From their you will develop relationships that turn into prospects that turn into new distributors in your primary business.

06 December 2009

Why All The Fanfare About Keurig Single Cup Coffee Makers?

Just remember the power of marketing!! Keurig makes a nice product. It is convenient. In comparison to other single cup coffee makers, it's a mediocre cup of coffee and adds lots of little plastic cups to the landfill. But they are all over the stores and internet. Because of great marketing and great advertising, consumers are almost associating "keurig" with "single cup coffee brewer".

It's great for them and not so great for the consumers. Many people will base their decisions on advertising rather than doing their own research and taste testing. Then then end up with something that they live with, because they spent the money.

Personally, I'd rather use a single cup coffee maker that makes an out-of-this-world FANTASTIC cup of coffee. My favorite single cup coffee maker also uses biodegradable coffee pods filled some of the highest quality coffee found in the world today. It still costs less than a trip to Starbucks and there is no beating the taste or the convenience.

Best of all, with the holiday special they are running you can own one for the same price as a coffee brewer of much lesser quality. Just $198  (Regularly $299!!) gets you this amazing Gourmet Single Cup Coffee Brewer AND 2 boxes of Premium Coffee Pods. But you have to act quickly. This offer expires as 2009 fades into history--December 31, 2009.

Better Single Cup Coffee Maker Than The Plastic One

I am just enthralled by this single cup coffee maker and have to share with you what I learned. The top selling single cup coffee brewer uses little plastic cups which hold the coffee grounds for each one cup serving of coffee. My first thought months ago was, "What happens with all those little plastic cups?" and "The really hot water goes through plastic as it's making a cup of coffee?"

Maybe I'm being overly sensitive to the environment and to what I put into my own body, but I was not going to be part of adding more plastic to the landfill or knowingly put chemicals into my body. So I was so excited when I came across this machine that uses biodegradable coffee pods!!

It's a new company and their products are wonderful. Even better, they are a company that sells through consumer direct marketing, so even though the single cup coffee brewer is commercial grade and a bit higher priced than the toy-like coffee brewers sold at Walmart, it is not overly priced because there is less company overhead.

But you probably are not interested in all that. You want to know about the TASTE of the coffee. I so wish there was a way to link to a taste on the internet. How fun would that be?!! I love coffee and this coffee is the best I've ever had outside of Italy. Every cup is brewed fresh in under a minute. It's robust and smooth and comes in six premium blends. No one who has tried it can believe that such a great cup of coffee can come from such a sleek, easy to use machine.

So if you are looking for a single cup coffee maker (some call it a single cup coffee brewer), and you want be smart and do your research, you need to look at the Tikanii Gourmet Pod Brewer. You'll be so glad you spent you money on it, rather than drinking plastic.

I just heard about this---Holiday Special!! Until December 31, 2009 you can own the Tikanii Gourmet Pod Brewer for only $198. That's almost a 30% savings!! AND 2 boxes of Premium Tikanii Coffee Pods come with it!

05 December 2009

ITS ALL SUCCESS TV: Premier of the Home Business Training TV Channel

ITS ALL SUCCESS TV is THE place to be if you have a home based business. Deborah Tutnauer, uber mom/social worker turned network marketing and home business training guru (or maybe un-guru--watch the show to get the joke) is the host of ITS ALL SUCCESS TV. Deborah is informative, enlightening, knowledgeable, funny, entertaining and very skilled in presenting what you need to know to grow your downline more easily and make real money in network marketing.

This is the Premier Episode of ITS ALL SUCCESS TV. The ongoing show can be found by going directly to Deborah Tutnauer 's Professional Blog.

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