14 October 2008

Mentoring For Free Attraction Marketing Lead Generation

As you grow your network marketing business you may be like many I've spoken to. You may not like working your warm market. You may find that cold calling leaves you cold. It could be that you begin getting the idea that your time could be best spent talking to people who are actively looking for YOU. Did you know that if you truly examine the statistics, people don't join opportunities? People join people.

What Your Upline May Not Be Telling You/Attraction-Based Marketing

So whether you're already growing a business or you are exploring options in your journey to financial freedom, wouldn't you enjoy talking to people who want to do the same thing? Attraction-based marketing will bring you in contact with exactly those people. You will need to take the time to educate yourself in this type of marketing. It may be the opposite of what your upline has been teaching you. Don't worry. You can still do those things too. But you may not have to once you have new leads seeking you out on a daily basis.

Magnetic Sponsoring

In my business I use a number of methods to meet new people who are interested in the network marketing profession. The bottom line is to get yourself in front of as many people as possible and OFFER your assistance. Be real. Share what you know and any expertise that you have. Remember...people join people. If you have not yet read Magnetic Sponsoring, by Mike Dillard and at least watched his free videos, you really need to do that today. His material is some of the best there is in the Attraction Marketing arena.

Mentoring For Free

You also have the option of taking advantage of the Mentoring For Free program. This is truly what it says. People in this industry who mentor others for no charge. There is a large body of free materials associated with this program--ebooks, audios and live calls. Whether you are already involved with an MLM, or are actively exploring different companies, this program will be very helpful. There is a wealth of information regarding understanding compensation plans, company structure and then the range of personalities that your prospects have. Mentoring For Free.

10 October 2008

Kiyosaki Interview: Financial Smarts in a Bad Economy

Mike Dillard interviewed Robert Kiyosaki this past Thursday (October 9, 2008). The focus of the interview was on the present state of the economy and what people could do to thrive rather than struggle. Robert Kiyosaki is presenting a three day workshop at the end of October and this call was a precursor to the course. The information given was worthwhile for anyone wanting to better understand their present financial situation and what it takes to thrive in difficult times like these. Kiyosaki is all about franchises, real estate and network marketing. He believes that if you truly are looking for wealth than you better be a business owner and not count on most of the advice given to people regarding how to earn and save money. I would strongly suggest reading a few of his books.

09 October 2008

Why Kiyosaki (Rich Dad) Endorsed Network Marketing

Robert Kiyosaki, Author of the Rich Dad, Poor Dad Books spoke on a private invitation only conference call today. As most know, the economy has taken its worst hit this week since 1929. People have lost money, world economies are struggling. The media is focusing on all the gloom and doom and people are panicking.

What Did Robert Say?

On the call tonight, Kiyosaki was interviewed by Mike Dillard (Magnetic Sponsoring Guru). Kiyosaki's main point on the call was that NOW is the time to take action. He said, "If you are not in a network marketing or other home base business today, then you are out of business." Four years ago Kiyosaki came out in strong favor of the network marketing industry as the best place for the average person to begin growing their own business. He reiterated that recommendation again tonight.


Kiyosaki said that if you are not rich today--if you are one of the people who had lost a lot of money in the past two weeks--then somewhere in the past you were given BAD ADVICE. In today's economy, job security is a myth. No politician from either party can bring high paying jobs back. Jobs migrate to the location where workers will work for the lowest wage. If you still believe that you can go to school and get out with a degree and get a good, secure job then you are still living in the last century. You must wake up and smell the coffee.

What Should I Do?

Inflation is coming. Depression may be coming. Social Security and Medicare are in grim shape. What are YOU going to do to take control of your financial life? Now is a big opportunity period. You can take action--make a commitment--create income that is totally in your control from network marketing, franchising or other independent business owner situations. Or you can commit to being a coward and join that crowd that is panicking, hiding and praying the they (the government; the company; my parents) take care of me.

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08 October 2008

What Happened to the Zrii Hawaii Trip?

The world of network marketing can be an interesting place. On their monthly Founder's Conference Call two days ago with Bill Farley and the Co-Founder's, Zrii made an announcement regarding their incentive trip to Hawaii. The announcement was couched as a positive and exciting turn of events, yet the words gave a different message.

Yes, those who qualify for the trip will be going sooner...January 2009 instead of September 2009. Yet the means to qualify have been changed so drastically, that essentially anyone who has not already qualified is going to have a very hard time doing so. Whereas previously you needed to reach certain ranks and maintain them for a certain amount of time to qualify, now if you reach those ranks, they are only taking the top 30 enrollers in each pin level. Previously, you also had the options to buy in to the trip if you did not achieve the 100% paid qualifying level. The new program has taken that away.

I'm wondering what happened? Why it changed and is anyone else wondering about this?

07 October 2008

Email Marketing

Learning how to use email for your internet and network marketing efforts is crucial. It is so much harder now than it used to be. Spam filters are intense and people are more savvy. Yet those who know what they are doing are still able to contact myriads of potential customers using email marketing. I am not an email marketing pro by any stretch of the imagination. I often rely on information that I gather from people who are very skilled in this area. The key to success is not knowing everything you need to know, but rather knowing where to find experts in all the different areas you need to access. This book is one of those "experts".

03 October 2008

Best Profile at Better Networker. Com

If you haven't discovered it on your own, BetterNetworker.com is a social networking site specifically for network marketers. There was a contest this past week for the best five profiles on the site. I humbly am here to tell you that I was one of the winners. Below is the video that talks about the winning profiles and why. It is a great instructional video for anyone who is working to develop an online presence.

01 October 2008

Big MLM Lies

Did you know that network marketing is not a sales business? What?!! You've just spent the last 6 months trying to sell people your product and your opportunity? How is that going for you?

One of the Big MLM Lies is that success in network marketing is all about selling. And that is the number one big reason why so many people feel that they are failures in this industry. I am hear to tell you today that YOU ARE NOT A FAILURE. In fact, IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT, that you have been struggling. You have probably been told some lies that are getting in the way of your success.

Would you like to know the truth? Click here for free access to information that will turn your experience and your perception of network marketing, upside down.

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