08 October 2008

What Happened to the Zrii Hawaii Trip?

The world of network marketing can be an interesting place. On their monthly Founder's Conference Call two days ago with Bill Farley and the Co-Founder's, Zrii made an announcement regarding their incentive trip to Hawaii. The announcement was couched as a positive and exciting turn of events, yet the words gave a different message.

Yes, those who qualify for the trip will be going sooner...January 2009 instead of September 2009. Yet the means to qualify have been changed so drastically, that essentially anyone who has not already qualified is going to have a very hard time doing so. Whereas previously you needed to reach certain ranks and maintain them for a certain amount of time to qualify, now if you reach those ranks, they are only taking the top 30 enrollers in each pin level. Previously, you also had the options to buy in to the trip if you did not achieve the 100% paid qualifying level. The new program has taken that away.

I'm wondering what happened? Why it changed and is anyone else wondering about this?

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