18 August 2009

Is Attraction Marketing A Waste of Time?

I call myself an attraction marketer. In my mind that means that I prefer to present myself as a giver of value to other like-minded people and allow a business relationship to develop from that position rather then operate as someone who pitches and sells.

Those who follow me may then say, "But I've seen you advertise a product or a service or an opportunity." And the answer is, "yes". The difference is that I share what I have with those who have ALREADY ASKED to receive information from me. There is a very fundamental difference between that and soliciting people who have never before met or heard of Deborah Tutnauer.

The effort required to be a successful attraction marketer is one comprised of time and thoughtfulness. I truly value the people who I meet online in various ways. I want to witness their success and be part of helping them in their journey. Sometimes their journey will never result in a financial reward for me, and I am truly find with that. In the world of karma and law of attraction mentality, what goes around comes around.

My online business association with Fred may be just what Fred needs to jump start his plan and move to the next level. Fred becomes an online friend and goes forward to succeed in his business. I am thrilled for him. Later on, Fred might recommend me to Mary who is in a different position and ultimately joins my primary business. Now I've helped Fred and Mary and also created good karma in the world and developed a new business associate. It works quite well this way.

Attraction Marketing takes time, but pays it back in spades. By the time someone joins my network marketing organization they have become far more connected to me than just a lead or a prospect. What comes from that is a very solid and committed organization of people who are serious of this particular business and invested on many levels in their own success and the success of the team. I'd rather have 10 people like this than 100 people who join me because of hype, pressure or sales manipulation. What about you?

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