18 June 2009

What Is Network Marketing?


The information below was written by Tim Sales.

"In a traditional company you have a building - same with a network marketing company." I do this while sketching a building.
"You also have a president, vice presidents, middle managers and staff to run the company - same with network marketing." I do this while sketching an organizational chart.
"But here's where it's different, in a traditional company if you have 50 million dollars to advertise and promote your product - who do you give that money to? You spend it on TV, radio, and print ads, often with celebrity endorsements." Then I wrote a couple of celebrity endorsement fees. Then I explained, "In Network marketing we spend that same 50 million dollars but on ordinary people who master the product and master how to sell it. A celebrity never masters the product - they just shoot a couple of ads."

From there you can then explain how those ordinary people become part of a network marketing organization, and how that benefits the them and the company. Simple. No sales pitch.

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