28 December 2007

An Urgent Opportunity That Expires in 3 Days

This is not a pitch. As someone who you look to for information I wanted to make sure that you heard of this opportunity before it expires. I've mentioned Magnetic Sponsoring and the MLM Traffic Formula in other posts on this site. I have learned an amazing amount from these programs about the true nature of marketing online. I have to say that when I came across Magnetic Sponsoring et al...a few months ago, it completely changed the way I ran my business and where and how I focused my energy.

Anyway, the point here is to let you know that the MLM Traffic Formula has been selling for a limited time price of $497. That's about to change forever on January 1st, when the price will go up to $997. Many of you may have read blogs and posts by Ty Tribble (one of the web/blog gurus on the internet). Ty says this about the MLM Traffic Formula, "{MLM Traffic Formula has had the most impact (of any training materials) on my business in my 15 years of Network Marketing....I made tens of thousands of dollars over the last six months using the techniques taught in the MLM Traffic Formula."

To allow people one last opportunity go purchase the Formula before the price goes up, Mike Dillard is offering the entire MLM Traffic Formula Program for just $397, for just 3 MORE DAYS. Here is the link: MLM Traffic Formula

Happy New Year to Your Web Business

It's official...working your network marketing business the old way is...well...old. If you are not marketing on the internet you are missing a very important aspect of business today. For those of you who are dabbling on the internet, but not yet comfortable, do not fear. There are many websites that give you free information and many people who are just an email away who can also help. On this post I'm going to focus on giving you some links that can help get you started. Most contain free information...nothing better than free information. You will begin to form a picture in your mind of how things work our here in cyberland. Once you do, you will be better able to decide if you need to purchase books, ebooks or some consultation services.

Feel free to post questions in the comments section. I'll do my best to answer. As someone who has gone from a "net" neophyte to a full-fledged internet marketer just in 2007, I understand the angst and confusion associated with this new world and new language. Please ask....

Learn about marketing on the internet by taking advantage of this 30 day trial to the Internet Entrepreneurs Club. It's only $2.95 for 30 days.

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Membership also includes:

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6. My monthly "Industry Update" newsletter, containing all the latest Internet marketing news savvy entrepreneurs need to know in order to stay ahead of the competition.

7. Free book giveaways -- we're talking bestsellers written by your favourite industry giants!

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... plus tons more!

Sign up here...and don't forget to cancel your membership after 30 days is you don't want to continue. The club normally costs $97 per month, a cost that many feel is well worth the benefit. But if you don't want to spend that much, just take advantage of the 30 days for only $2.95 and gather as much information as you can!!

Just enrolling in Derek Gehl's club will be a great beginning. If you'd like to understand the basics of organizing your business and your thoughts, you may want to subscribe to a FREE newsletter called Healthy Freedom Secrets. Here you will find more of a focus on the basics of beginning in network marketing. It's a good resource.

You will also want to understand how to find leads for your business on the computer. A program called Magnetic Sponsoring is really helpful for understanding how to do this. Start with this information and a link to a FREE video. You may end up purchasing the Magnetic Sponsoring Book, but even if you don't the FREE information is invaluable. Click Here to visit Magnetic Sponsoring and learn some important information about finding prospects for your business

I hope all this information gets you going on the right foot, and easing some the confusion. Marketing online is like learning a new language. Over time it all starts to become clear.

Until next time.....

12 December 2007

Information or Recommendation

If you're anything like me you spend a substantial percentage of your internet time surfing for new ideas or information. Because marketing on the internet is becoming more popular by the minute, you will never be disappointed in your search. The real question becomes how to discern the useful from the interesting from the waste of time? A corollary question is "how many of those free information or free newsletter forms should you fill out?". Eventually most people would prefer a few good recommendations over a vast quantity of random information.

I used to be concerned about filling out those free information forms. Then I learned how to generate a form like that myself and I also learned how to disguise my true identity on the internet, so that I could gather information without someone gathering too much information on me. My recommendation is that if you come across a site that interest or intrigues you, then fill out the form. But before you do, set up an email address that is separate from your regular personal and business email. In addition, you can also use a variation of your name on that email. By doing that you know that information you request will come to that email and your true name won't be given out until you are comfortable with the incoming information.

Once you fill out one of those forms, be prepared for many emails unless you unsubscribe. In general, most of what I've received has been useful. Occasionally I might even purchase a product (which of course is the ultimate intent of the incoming emails). The beauty though is that I've often been reading newsletters or sales letter from the solicitor for months prior to purchasing and by then I have a pretty good idea if what I'm getting is useful to me.

The way to keep from drowning in a sea of information is to be not only selective but organized. Once you have a sense of your needs try and keep your net surfing focused on those areas. Read the capture pages carefully. You can always bookmark the ones that are intriguing but not exactly what you need at the moment. After a time you will notice that some authors and sites pop up often. That's a sign that those people either really know what they're talking about OR they really know how to market on the internet and drive traffic to their sites. This in and of itself is a skill you want and need to learn in the 21st century. Even if their products do not interest you, it's good to pay attention to their methods. It's a great way to learn about the internet marketing world.

There are people out there, particularly on ezine.com, who offer recommendation. That's often a good starting place if you are feeling overwhelmed. Please beware that anyone can be an expert on ezine.com, so siphon through judiciously. At the same time, there is good direction to be found.

When organizing your new network marketing business or making 2008 plans for your existing one, visit healthyfreedomsecrets.com and subscribe to the FREE newsletter. You'll get to see an outline of the issues prior, so you'll know exactly what you're signing up for.

Until next time.....


06 December 2007

Support From Professionals

Being a network marketer means that oftentimes you are working on your own. You need to stay motivate and focused on the job at hand, even on the days that it feels like you're swimming upstream. Often your family and friends don't truly understand what it is that you do and how hard you need to work. Many people drop out of the network marketing profession due to frustration and lack of support.

I read somewhere that the people who ultimately succeed in the MLM/Network Marketing world, are those who stick with it. They pick a good company based on doing their research and due diligence. Then they make a commitment to learn the business and keep working. The successful people in this field are not the one's who go into it expecting to be earning 10K a month after six months. Some people do hit the jackpot and experience that velocity of success. Most however work steadily over a period of a few years to build their downlines and their knowledge base. Most people who stay in it and work consistently, will be successful.

There is a great free newsletter called Healthy Freedom Secrets that provides an outline for everything from choosing your network marketing company to understanding the type of prospecting that fits best with your personality, to how to get organized and get support. You can find it at healthyfreedomsecrets.com.

Until next time......


03 December 2007

Support From Those You Love

Isn't it funny in a strange sort of way, that often the people you most expect to support your endeavors, are the ones who have the negative response. This happens really frequently in this field of Network Marketing and MLM. If you ever get a chance to read Mark Yarnell's book Your First Year in Network Marketing, he covers this topic in a humorous yet honest manner. On page 2, he talks about how easy it is for an excited potential network marketer to never even begin because of the reaction from his spouse, family and friends. Luckily, Mr. Yarnell also spends time later in the book teaching us all how to introduce prospects to the company in a way that allows them to bring the idea home and have it be accepted.

Meanwhile, if you are already working this business and you're not getting the support you need from those around you, how do you deal with that? It's important in all aspects of your life to be very clear that you can never make anyone do or thing or believe something that they don't want to do or think or believe. Trying to convince your spouse or your parents or you best friend of something by constantly talking about it, is probably going to result in frustration and hard feelings all around. So take a step back.

First look at what you're doing and re-examine your why. Then take an honest look at the time and money commitment you'll need to be successful in this business. Is it something you can swing in your present situation? My feeling is that all worthwhile goals require sacrifice and if you truly believe in your product, company and the potential, then find a way to make it happen. Just be careful that you don't shirk other commitments, such as family and finances it you don't have a supportive spouse. Once you are making money and becoming successful in your network marketing business, your spouse and others will begin to see the light. It makes more sense to show than to tell.

I know a woman who began in a network marketing company 1 1/2 years ago. Her husband was not happy when she started. He thought it was a scam, he thought it would take time away from the family, he couldn't believe that she would spend her time selling juice. After 8 months this woman was bringing home a substantial paycheck. She was on her way to qualifying for a company trip and now her husband was excited. After they went on that trip he joined her in her business and eventually left his own employment to work as a team full time. It makes more sense to show than to tell.

Until next time....

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