12 December 2007

Information or Recommendation

If you're anything like me you spend a substantial percentage of your internet time surfing for new ideas or information. Because marketing on the internet is becoming more popular by the minute, you will never be disappointed in your search. The real question becomes how to discern the useful from the interesting from the waste of time? A corollary question is "how many of those free information or free newsletter forms should you fill out?". Eventually most people would prefer a few good recommendations over a vast quantity of random information.

I used to be concerned about filling out those free information forms. Then I learned how to generate a form like that myself and I also learned how to disguise my true identity on the internet, so that I could gather information without someone gathering too much information on me. My recommendation is that if you come across a site that interest or intrigues you, then fill out the form. But before you do, set up an email address that is separate from your regular personal and business email. In addition, you can also use a variation of your name on that email. By doing that you know that information you request will come to that email and your true name won't be given out until you are comfortable with the incoming information.

Once you fill out one of those forms, be prepared for many emails unless you unsubscribe. In general, most of what I've received has been useful. Occasionally I might even purchase a product (which of course is the ultimate intent of the incoming emails). The beauty though is that I've often been reading newsletters or sales letter from the solicitor for months prior to purchasing and by then I have a pretty good idea if what I'm getting is useful to me.

The way to keep from drowning in a sea of information is to be not only selective but organized. Once you have a sense of your needs try and keep your net surfing focused on those areas. Read the capture pages carefully. You can always bookmark the ones that are intriguing but not exactly what you need at the moment. After a time you will notice that some authors and sites pop up often. That's a sign that those people either really know what they're talking about OR they really know how to market on the internet and drive traffic to their sites. This in and of itself is a skill you want and need to learn in the 21st century. Even if their products do not interest you, it's good to pay attention to their methods. It's a great way to learn about the internet marketing world.

There are people out there, particularly on ezine.com, who offer recommendation. That's often a good starting place if you are feeling overwhelmed. Please beware that anyone can be an expert on ezine.com, so siphon through judiciously. At the same time, there is good direction to be found.

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