26 November 2008

The Law of Attraction IN ACTION !!!

I finally watched the THE SECRET last night. (No, I'm not lost in space...I read the book years ago and then studied more in depth Law of Attraction information such as Jerry and Esther Hicks.) Anyway, I finally watched the movie and it was a bit cheesy, as I expected, yet also an excellent presentation of the message. One point that really got me thinking wa the idea of truly FEELING that which you truly desire.

Think about this for a minute. TRULY FEELING. Not just thinking about it or making a plna or staying positively focused--but FEELING the feeling of already having that which you desire. If it's a new bicycle then create a vision--or a vision board--of your new bike. Picture your hands on the handle bars and the feel of flying down your street pedaling fast past the blur of trees.

If you're searching for the love of your life then draw him/her in words or pictures. Make the description really clear--physical attributes, emotional, spiritual. Get to know him or her in your mind and imagine talking, walking, playing together. FEEL how that will be. FEEL it every day in your mind.

Financial success is the focus on this website. Make it concrete in your FEELIINGS. Do not just think "more money" or "success in my mlm", but picture a $10,000 check arriving in your mailbox. FEEL yourself opening the envelope and pulling out the check. See the check with your name on it. See that number written on line. Look at it. Hold it in your hands. Imagine talking to others about your great month. Imagine spending some of it on debt, on fun, on charity. FEEL what that IS like for you. FEEL $1000 or $1,000,000. Paste it on your vision board or on your ceiling.

Do you want to have a downline of 20,000 people? Be there now. Think abou the people. What countries are they from? Plan your conference calls and your team emails. Draw on outline of your geneology. Use some concrete tools to truly get a feeling of how big 20,000 really is. Do you know a town near you that has 20,000 people in it? Go there. Imagine every one of them being in your downline. How does that FEEL? Feel those feelings of leadership, success, responsibility, leadership.

Now you will begin to see the Law Of Attraction at work. The recent unfolding in my own business life can have no other explanation except for the Law Of Attraction manifesting as it has since the dawn of time. Amazing!!

(End note: As a psychotherapist I often take clients on "imaginary journeys", using guided imagery. I also use this technique in my mentoring and coaching when appropriate. Visit Success Mentoring System information)

23 November 2008

It's About the DUPLICATION--Duh!!

OK All you super recruiters/sponsorers out there...here is the $10,000 question: Is it better to recruit 100 personals in to your business or to sponsor ten and teach them to sponsor ten? It's not a trick question, it is the essence of network marketing.

There are a lot of articles, blog posts, websites, etc... all aimed at generating leads and ultimately bringing people into your business. Awesome information. But here's the thing. In reality you can only effectively teach and mentor 5-6 people at a time if you want to do it right and truly watch the power of duplication take off in your own organization.

Here is what I do

This may help you move your business to the next level. My focus is on 5-6 business builders at a time. According to Don Faille, who wrote one of the Best Little Books on Network Marketing,
no one can seriously devote themselves to more than that and be effective. Now it may require that you bring 10-20 new people into your business in order to find the 5-6 who are seriously committed to working hard and learning, but that's OK. You know from spending time on Better Networker, that there are many means and tools for doing that.

So What Do I Do With Those 5-6 Business Builders?

I work with them. I connect with them everyday if they want. I TEACH them how to replicate what I do. I help them sort through different networking techniques and find the first few that they want to become experts in. I coach them on how to organize their time and stay focused on their why. I suggest books to read and websites to visit. I'm available for three-way calls and hand-holding on tough days. I become the person who supports them while they launch their business.

What Else Do I Do?

I TEACH them how to REPLICATE what I am doing with them, with their own personals. That is why I have a step-by-step system that I can plug them in to. That way they do not have to reinvent the wheel. I stay on this path with each of my personal sponorees until they have brought on their first 5-6 people and have TAUGHT those people how to begin creating their group of 5-6.

If you diagram it out, that means I stay very focused on each person in my 5-6 person pod until they have two levels going underneath them. That means the third level below me is going strong. Don Faille says that by the fourth level down, your organization has a momentum of it's own. I stay in the loop beyond the third and I'm available no matter how deep in my organization someone is, but...once someone has their second level going, I back off a bit and let them fly...meanwhile...

What I DO I Then?

I fill the space in a the 5-6 person pod with a new business builder and the process begins again.

Do The Math...Leverage is the Key

Each time I assist a business builder to sponsor 5 and then teach and assist them in sponsoring 5, that creates 30 new people in my organization in addition to my personal sponsoree. So if I do that in groups of 5-6...well you do the math...it will be fun to see the numbers for yourself.

Oh, by the way, with all the "Systems" out there you may want to know which one I use. Being a bit old fashioned I prefer to share the details in a real live conversation. The link for connecting with me can be found here....and one more thing....beginning in January 2009 I am going to be starting this process again, from scratch. Interested in knowing more.....it's just a simple capture page teaser.

The 45 Second Presentation That Will Change Your Life

Buy This Book...If you are really serious about being successful in your MLM business, you must read this book. When you are finished you will have conceptual grasp of this industry and profession that will set the stage for all that you do...and it will only take you an hour to read.

21 November 2008

Learning To Twitter

I haven't had this much fun online in a while...I post and write all over the place...but Twitter is so much fun!! I guess it is the REAL TIME thing. It's like being at a live networking..or maybe more like a cocktail party. I can see how one could use up a lot of their work time, interacting on Twitter.

More seriously, I know many who have made some wonderful business contacts on Twitter. For me, it always goes back to attraction marketing and offering real value. So as I explore what goes on in this Twitter community, my focus is on how I can give benefit to those I meet. It is no different than what I already do on other sites (primarily Better Networker), but it's in real time so you have to think on your feet...and be brief and to the point.

I read a blog yesterday that said that communication on Twitter goes right into the brain and people react more positively and quickly because the pieces of information are smaller and more easily digested than long articles and forums. It will be interesting to see how that evolves...

14 November 2008

Turning Straw Into Gold--Business Tips For Troubled Times

It is official. We are in a recession, as is the rest of the world. Stocks are down, jobs are disappearing, food is expensive. After a long time filled with prosperity and growth, the economic engine has changed direction. Are you noticing a reduction in your product sales? Has your downline been shrinking rather than growing? Are you hanging on every word of the Nightly Business Report? Are you concerned?

We, in the network marketing industry, are in a unique position during this economic downturn. We have made a decision to be part of a profession that historically thrives during times of recession. You have a choice as to whether you are going to become part of the culture of FEAR, or whether you are going to be part of the solution. Here are some tips for turning Straw into Gold.

1. Do not allow FEAR to invade your life. You do not need to watch the news every day, nor read the papers, nor check your portfolio. Though it is hard to not be concerned when the hard-working family down the street loses their jobs, remember that you always have choices and that your mind is your most valuable asset.

2. Take an honest look at your current MLM Business. Are you offering a luxury product or one that people need and use on a day-to-day basis? What about the price-point? If you can offer people your product with integrity, even thought times are tough, then do not be afraid to do so. People make financial decisions based on percieved value, not on "Price". So be prepared to show value.

3. Now is when people are looking for alternatives. You potentially are sitting on a viable solution to someone's problem. You have the means and the structure to help someone garner an extra $500 (or more) per month. That might not seem like a lot to you, but it could be a month's worth of groceries for them. Approach people with a servant's heart, not a sales pitch. Let then know that you might be able to help (if you honestly can).

4. Remember that more millionaires are made during times of recession than during times of prosperity. Why? Because that is when there is an opportunity to rise above the crowd and to shine. Of course it could be about making good investments on discounted stocks or property, but it can also be about continuing on your path without wavering or faltering. If you are already growing a business, then continue. Do not be afraid to approach others. Do not sink into the mind-set of "Why would anyone want to invest in a new business now, with times being so bad?" Do not go down that slippery slope.

5. Speaking of mind-set. You are in control of yours regardless of what friends, family and the media say or do. Take time every day to remember that. Breathe. Meditate. Find the strong center inside of you that knows you have control over your own destiny. Make smart, thoughtful business decisions instead of being reactive (which comes from FEAR).

You can turn Straw into Gold as long as you are looking at the straw from the correct perspective.

It's All Success Network Marketing

Perfect MLM By Design

10 November 2008

Coffee, Tea or Special Offer for Me?

If you could imagine the PERFECT network marketing company, what would it look like? Here is my list:
1. An everyday, non-luxury product that people are familiar with...yet still unique
2. Must be a consumable product
3. A compensation plan that focuses on retention and rewards people at all levels of interest and ability.
4. Less than 10 people in one's business downline will cover monthly autoship costs
5. Company is developed and run by EXPERIENCED network marketing professionals who have spend years in the field and know what is truly important for distributor's success.
6. Not a lot of hype..just a solid, well funded, well run company with a good, unique, consumable product. A company that you can hang your hat with for many years.

A company that focuses on customers and on business builders, both. Not just on recruiting "new blood".

So you wonder if a company like this exists. I have been wondering the same thing. What would the product be...water, crackers, tea, coffee, toiletries? Those are all everyday products, yet not unique enough..though there is designer water. What if there were a company that nailed this one on the head? What if it didn't conflict with the company you are with now and yet gave you more oppportunity than you have presently? What if a group of MLM pros, totalling 70 years experience, IN THE FIELD came together and created a company that rewards you for keeping your enrollees, and does not want you to go out and become a recruiting machine? What if the product was something you already use...and so does EVERYONE you know? Would you be interested in learning more if this fantasy were true?

Click Here NOW and we'll get back to you with details. We not only provide Success Mentoring and coaching...we now have the PERFECT situation for you to use what you learn.

No Hype. No extreme recruiting needed. Enroll just 21 Personal's and you'll be at the top of the payplan. No need to recruite your customers...this company is set up for people to JUST BE CUSTOMERS and use this unique, yet everyday product...and you can grow your business just from that. Or become a business builder sharing a very special version of something I'm sure you or your family have used already this week. Click onto our mentoring site and we'll be in touch shortly. We believe in what we say..that people join people. That is why we mentor and coach every network marketing professional who desires our services. Only if they ask do we share information about the upcoming Secret Pre-Launch of our company.

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