14 November 2008

Turning Straw Into Gold--Business Tips For Troubled Times

It is official. We are in a recession, as is the rest of the world. Stocks are down, jobs are disappearing, food is expensive. After a long time filled with prosperity and growth, the economic engine has changed direction. Are you noticing a reduction in your product sales? Has your downline been shrinking rather than growing? Are you hanging on every word of the Nightly Business Report? Are you concerned?

We, in the network marketing industry, are in a unique position during this economic downturn. We have made a decision to be part of a profession that historically thrives during times of recession. You have a choice as to whether you are going to become part of the culture of FEAR, or whether you are going to be part of the solution. Here are some tips for turning Straw into Gold.

1. Do not allow FEAR to invade your life. You do not need to watch the news every day, nor read the papers, nor check your portfolio. Though it is hard to not be concerned when the hard-working family down the street loses their jobs, remember that you always have choices and that your mind is your most valuable asset.

2. Take an honest look at your current MLM Business. Are you offering a luxury product or one that people need and use on a day-to-day basis? What about the price-point? If you can offer people your product with integrity, even thought times are tough, then do not be afraid to do so. People make financial decisions based on percieved value, not on "Price". So be prepared to show value.

3. Now is when people are looking for alternatives. You potentially are sitting on a viable solution to someone's problem. You have the means and the structure to help someone garner an extra $500 (or more) per month. That might not seem like a lot to you, but it could be a month's worth of groceries for them. Approach people with a servant's heart, not a sales pitch. Let then know that you might be able to help (if you honestly can).

4. Remember that more millionaires are made during times of recession than during times of prosperity. Why? Because that is when there is an opportunity to rise above the crowd and to shine. Of course it could be about making good investments on discounted stocks or property, but it can also be about continuing on your path without wavering or faltering. If you are already growing a business, then continue. Do not be afraid to approach others. Do not sink into the mind-set of "Why would anyone want to invest in a new business now, with times being so bad?" Do not go down that slippery slope.

5. Speaking of mind-set. You are in control of yours regardless of what friends, family and the media say or do. Take time every day to remember that. Breathe. Meditate. Find the strong center inside of you that knows you have control over your own destiny. Make smart, thoughtful business decisions instead of being reactive (which comes from FEAR).

You can turn Straw into Gold as long as you are looking at the straw from the correct perspective.

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funfelt said...

This is some great advice. I also have found that excellent customer service makes you stand out from the crowd - build a personal relationship with customers and prospects and they appreciate the attention. If nothing else, when the hard times are over, they will remember you!

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