21 November 2008

Learning To Twitter

I haven't had this much fun online in a while...I post and write all over the place...but Twitter is so much fun!! I guess it is the REAL TIME thing. It's like being at a live networking..or maybe more like a cocktail party. I can see how one could use up a lot of their work time, interacting on Twitter.

More seriously, I know many who have made some wonderful business contacts on Twitter. For me, it always goes back to attraction marketing and offering real value. So as I explore what goes on in this Twitter community, my focus is on how I can give benefit to those I meet. It is no different than what I already do on other sites (primarily Better Networker), but it's in real time so you have to think on your feet...and be brief and to the point.

I read a blog yesterday that said that communication on Twitter goes right into the brain and people react more positively and quickly because the pieces of information are smaller and more easily digested than long articles and forums. It will be interesting to see how that evolves...

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