31 August 2008

MLM is REALLY Simple

Here's a question: "If you could be making $2000 to $6000 per month in just six months on top of what you are currently earning, could you see yourself going back to school for 5-10 hours per week for the next six months to learn how to do it?"
What would you answer? What would some of your friends or acquaintances answer? Do you think in your circle of contacts you would be able to find just FIVE people who would answer "YES" to that question. Now, if you could find FIVE people who would answer affirmatively to that question, so you think those FIVE people could also find FIVE people who would answer "YES" to the same question? Now Watch This:

2x2=4; 4x2=8; 8x2=16; 16x2=32
Add 1
3x3=9; 9x3=27; 27x3=81; 81x3=243
Add 1
4x4=16; 16x4=64; 64x4=256; 256x4=1024
Add 1
5x5=25; 25x5=125; 125x5=625; 325x5=3152

The green number represent your first level, purple your second level, blue the 3rd and red your fourth level down.

This is an example of Metcalf's Law of Exponentials. Anybody who can share the wonderful experience of network marketing with just two people, could easily find two or three more with which to do the same. Your job/your commitment in network marketing is to teach the five first serious people that you bring in to your organization, how to do the exact same thing that you just did. And then guess what? You also teach them how to teach their five people the EXACT same thing and watch what happens. Even if you ONLY went down three levels, if you add up the Green, Purple and Blue numbers in the last row (The FIVE row), you will see that you'll have over 700 people in your organization. (And then look what happens at the fourth level!!)

If their is any question about who is actually buying your product, there is your answer. Anyone who is doing the business is also using the product. Commissions are paid on product. You have 775 PRODUCT CONSUMERS in your organization (and probably more), just by going deep and duplicating for 3-levels with a duplication system of FIVE.

I can hear some of you now...."I've tried it...no one wants to join...it's too hard...people think it's a pyramid scheme...people think its a mickey mouse business...." Well I have news for you. If it hasn't worked for you in the past it is time to do something different. If you keep doing what you've done, you'll keep getting what you've got. That is definition of insanity. So I want you to go out and read this book. It will take you less than an hour. The book is called The 45-Second Presentation That Will Change Your Life. It was written by Don Failla. When you finish this book you will know exactly how to approach your next prospect and how to quickly bring FIVE new serious people into your business.

What if you’ve never had a Network Marketing Business Before? Of what if you have, but were not successful. Take advantage of this offering for a Free Consultation by a professional skilled in the system described above. For no charge you can speak with a live Network Marketing Professional. You will experience a unique question and answer process related to the information on this blog post. Just fill out your information below. As a special offer, you will instantly receive the ebook: Notes From A Work At Home Mom. Go Ahead. Put in your info now.

One last question you may be asking. "Where do I find these people?" The answer of course is "anywhere". But for those of you who feel like you've already exhausted your warm market (thought this is never true...it just sometimes feels that way), watch this series of free videos and learn how to connect with people outside of your circle without buying leads or cold calling. These videos are free and they are a great introduction to attraction-based marketing...how to bring prospects into your sphere naturally. Just click here and you'll be redirected.

24 August 2008

Best Recruiting Tip for Monavie, Xango, Goji Reps

Are you with a juice MLM? There are a lot of us out there, aren't there? I'm sure your product is great. So is mine. But that in and of itself does not bring business builders running to our doors, asking to join our organization. Network Marketing Recruiting is an art. There are many books you can read and one particular CD series which is phenomenal, but ultimately, you learn the skill and incorporate them into your personality. MLM recruiting is an art. Luckily, you will get better at it as you practice. You get better at anything when you practice.

On your way, here is a the best tip to keep you from getting discouraged. It is a story told to me by a man who has been very successful in this industry for the past 15 years. "Once there was a man who wanted to mow his lawn. But when he went to the shed, he realized that his lawn mower was broken. He walked over to his neighbors house and asked to borrow the neighbor's mower. The neighbor said, "no". The man asked why, since it was obvious that the neighbor was not using the mower. The neighbor said, "Because my wife in the kitchen making stroganoff". The man was confused. He asked his neighbor how his wife cooking stroganoff had anything to do with borrowing the lawn mower. The neighbor said, "It doesn't. I just don't want to loan you my mower and I had to come up with some reason."

So next time a prospect stands you up, or does not return a call or says that the babysitter was sick or the tire was flat or their back went out...understand that you were just "Stroganoffed" . Have a good laugh and move on. The best MLM Recruiters get Stroganoffed at least 5-10 times per day.

Give Without Want and You'll Get What You Need

Have you noticed that when you begin with a new network marketing company there is such a focus on communicating the story of your company and your product. You receive marketing literature, CD's, DVD's all talking about the wonders of your juice/pill/carwash/travel company. I all honesty, a lot of this material is extremely well put together and gives the potential customer or business partner a lot of good information to help them make a decision.

But is that really what people need and look for when deciding to join a network marketing company? According to Mike Dillard in his book Magnetic Sponsoring, it is not. People will not join you as a business partner because you have the latest/greatest/best/most lucrative/ground floor opportunity. People will join you in your business because of you. Who are you? Are you someone who can help them reach for their dreams and goals?

This idea might seem discouraging at first. "Who am I?", you might be asking. "Why would someone want to work with me?" Once you read more about Attraction-Based Marketing, your questions will be answered. Everyone in your company is offering the exact same product and the exact same compensation plan as you. Everyone in the network marketing industry is offering the best compensation plan and the quickest route to riches beyond your wildest dreams. But you---you are unique. No one can offer what you can. You have experiences that no one has had. You have ideas that are derived from your own imagination and creativity. Start by thinking about your special attributes.

Then give to others. Share what you know. Write articles that help others with a problem. Assist people in your company, even if they're not in your direct line. In fact, offer value wherever you go. You will be creating an expansive, abundant vibration and through that, abundance will find its way back to you. Try it.

19 August 2008

401K On Steroids

If you know what you're doing in this industry, you might want to take a good look at this.

401K On Steroids

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18 August 2008

70% of Network Marketers Are Women

Most Network Marketers Are Women

According to the industry statistics, even after you remove the "women oriented" companies, like Mary Kay and Arbonne, women are still the majority in the network marketing industry. In fact, 70% of network marketers are women. So one of the most innovative companies in network marketing is tailoring some of their presentations and training specifically to women, and the response is fabulous.

At the recent Zrii Rising Star Academy in Salt Lake City, over 800 people spent two full days learning in depth information as to how to market their business and improve their results and the lives of others. In that context, there was a presentation which focused entirely on women. Four strong women Independent Executives from the field talked not only about their philosophy and success techniques, but also about validity of women doing this business differently than men. I know, from the response of the audience, that there was collective female sigh of relief when this was spoken.

Unfortunately, like most businesses in this country, the top IE's in this new company are primarily men. But the powerful women in Zrii are rising to the top and have made it clear that women can use their inherent passion and excellent communication skills to succeed in this business, even if they approach it differently than the men. Women have the flexibility to use techniques that work for the men---when they want to---but also to use their amazing right-brained female skills to relate to people in a unique manner as well. What that does is to level the playing field, so to speak.

In Zrii, women are respected for what they bring to the organization. From training presentations to women specific conference calls, Zrii is making sure that women in this company know how much they are appreciated. If you'd like to know more about this, please feel free to contact me

13 August 2008

What To Do When Life Gets In The Way

Below is a copy of an email I just received from Mark Wieser. If you don't know Mark Wieser you can meet him in this video. Here he is being interviewed by Mike Dillard. Mark is a guru in the network marketing industry. I 'm think you'll find what he writes below to be useful in your own business.

"You have a network marketing business.
You have a plan, and you KNOW where
you're headed.

But let me ask you:

Does it ever seem like just when you start to
get somewhere (and make some real progress)...

LIFE gets in the way?

Something comes up... a problem at work.
Trouble at home. A family challenge.

If so, you're not alone.
It happens to all of us.

Often, there's no way to avoid it.
After all, there are many things in
life we just can't control.

So what's a networker to do?

While it's true we can't control all
life throws at us, we CAN control our
response to it.

Instead of coming unglued, get creative.
Ask yourself questions like: "what can
I do to turn this into an advantage?"
"How can I modify my approach to keep
things moving forward (or at least,
to keep things from moving backwards).

It pays to be flexible. To roll with
the punch, and spring back with a fresh
approach to the challenge that's been
thrown at you.

When you make plans for your business,
make contingency plans as well. Don't
plan as if nothing will go wrong (something
always goes wrong, doesn't it? Instead,
have a plan "b" and "c" in place so when
life takes a turn, you've got options.

Let me share a personal example.

Last year, we flew across country
to spend Thanksgiving with family.

We'd planned a simple 6 day trip,
and since we were going to be spending
90% of the time at a resort, I was
looking forward to a relaxing time.

I knew I PROBABLY didn't need to drag
a laptop with me, but I did anyway,
"just in case."

The day before Thanksgiving, my dad
had a heart attack. We were blessed with
very good doctors, and my dad made it
through, but it was a difficult time for
all of us. What's more, our 6 day family
trip turned into well over a month long
stay for me. Thanks to my Macbook,
I was able to stay "plugged in" even
being so far from my home office.

Moral of the story: sometimes a little
PLANNING can help keep things on track.

Now you don't have to be traveling anywhere
to exercise some good planning.

The fact is, you should always have an
up to date WRITTEN plan for your business.

I have a friend in this business who
suffers from depression. Whenever it
hits her, she gets knocked down for
weeks at a time, sometimes longer.

Now depression is a serious battle
and there's no easy answers BUT once
again, a little planning can sometimes help
minimize the impact on one's business.

With a written plan, you've got a roadmap
you can always refer to (no matter what
life's thrown you) to help get you back
on track (or stay on track). At a glance,
your plan helps ground you, center you,
and shows you what needs to be done.

If you're unable to do it, at least you can
ask upline or a friend for help, and thanks
to your plan, you know what to ask them
to help you with.

You've probably been told to put your
goals in writing (and that's important)
but it's not enough. Have a written
action plan
too. A daily, weekly,
monthly action plan.

Highlight the key elements in your action
plan (the most important stuff) that keeps
your business on track and make sure that
gets done, even if you can't do all the
other stuff.

PRIORITIZE and work your high-priority
(critical care) line items first.

There are times that may be all you
can do... that's OK. Do what you can.

If you can't even do those because of
a severe life challenge, then reach out.
Ask upline for help.

Most importantly, be patient (and
forgiving) of yourself. Don't beat
yourself up for what you're not doing.
Congratulate yourself on what you
ARE doing. Even if it's just picking
up a phone and asking for help.

We live in an imperfect world. Do
your best to prepare and when life
takes an unexpected turn - refer
to your written plan to help keep
things moving forward.

Until Next Time,

Mark Wieser"

To See and Hear Mark Wieser speak, watch this free video.

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08 August 2008

Building a Business, Building a Balance

Building a business requires time, energy, commitment and perseverance. Add to that the (loving) demands of family and often a 9-5 job that you're keeping until your entrepreneurial business is underway, and you are a very busy person. As my business grows I find that the excitement and the exposure to new ideas, new people, new techniques keeps me working long hours and late into the night. Does that sound familiar?

Months of hard work setting up an interlocking web of websites, blogs, articles, etc...is paying off. Traffic is coming. Leads are being generated. It works!! Yet for me, success only creates a need to know more/do more/learn more. And so I spend a lot of time learning about new ways to generate traffic to my websites and new techniques to teach to my team. This is all GOOD. There are no complaints here, only some philosophical musings regarding balance.

In Think and Grow Rich, that bible for entrepreneurs, Napolean Hill has you develop an outline and a daily mantra to go with it. When you develop your outline you are asked to state what it is that you will give up in order to achieve the goal that you fervently desire. I was very clear that I would give up my free time and my recreation time in order to build my business to the level of my dreams. As I was I taking a much needed walk tonight I realized that giving up those things did not mean forgoing basic exercise or time to take a breather from work. In fact, the point that came to me was that as I ardently pursue my goal, I need to be that much more focused on every moment of my life, even the non-work related ones.

That means being 100% in the moment with my daughter when I'm playing with her, rather than thinking about the next phone call or email. It means paying attention to the beauty of my mountain home when I'm out walking, rather than planning the details of my next blog post. You get the picture. By being conscious of each moment, it will in fact keep my mind more clear and better able to work harder and more efficiently during the times that I am focused on my business.

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