31 August 2008

MLM is REALLY Simple

Here's a question: "If you could be making $2000 to $6000 per month in just six months on top of what you are currently earning, could you see yourself going back to school for 5-10 hours per week for the next six months to learn how to do it?"
What would you answer? What would some of your friends or acquaintances answer? Do you think in your circle of contacts you would be able to find just FIVE people who would answer "YES" to that question. Now, if you could find FIVE people who would answer affirmatively to that question, so you think those FIVE people could also find FIVE people who would answer "YES" to the same question? Now Watch This:

2x2=4; 4x2=8; 8x2=16; 16x2=32
Add 1
3x3=9; 9x3=27; 27x3=81; 81x3=243
Add 1
4x4=16; 16x4=64; 64x4=256; 256x4=1024
Add 1
5x5=25; 25x5=125; 125x5=625; 325x5=3152

The green number represent your first level, purple your second level, blue the 3rd and red your fourth level down.

This is an example of Metcalf's Law of Exponentials. Anybody who can share the wonderful experience of network marketing with just two people, could easily find two or three more with which to do the same. Your job/your commitment in network marketing is to teach the five first serious people that you bring in to your organization, how to do the exact same thing that you just did. And then guess what? You also teach them how to teach their five people the EXACT same thing and watch what happens. Even if you ONLY went down three levels, if you add up the Green, Purple and Blue numbers in the last row (The FIVE row), you will see that you'll have over 700 people in your organization. (And then look what happens at the fourth level!!)

If their is any question about who is actually buying your product, there is your answer. Anyone who is doing the business is also using the product. Commissions are paid on product. You have 775 PRODUCT CONSUMERS in your organization (and probably more), just by going deep and duplicating for 3-levels with a duplication system of FIVE.

I can hear some of you now...."I've tried it...no one wants to join...it's too hard...people think it's a pyramid scheme...people think its a mickey mouse business...." Well I have news for you. If it hasn't worked for you in the past it is time to do something different. If you keep doing what you've done, you'll keep getting what you've got. That is definition of insanity. So I want you to go out and read this book. It will take you less than an hour. The book is called The 45-Second Presentation That Will Change Your Life. It was written by Don Failla. When you finish this book you will know exactly how to approach your next prospect and how to quickly bring FIVE new serious people into your business.

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One last question you may be asking. "Where do I find these people?" The answer of course is "anywhere". But for those of you who feel like you've already exhausted your warm market (thought this is never true...it just sometimes feels that way), watch this series of free videos and learn how to connect with people outside of your circle without buying leads or cold calling. These videos are free and they are a great introduction to attraction-based marketing...how to bring prospects into your sphere naturally. Just click here and you'll be redirected.

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