04 September 2008

Why the IRS Paid Me Over $2000

Wouldn't that be COOL? There is a very legal, very legitimate way to have the IRS pay you as well. Have a home-based business. Now I'm not an accountant, so you must obviously talk to one or do your own research, as I am not legally able to advise you on taxes. But, having a home business is known to be one of the best ways to save on taxes. Here is an article I found written by an accountant, that outlines why.

If you take the information in that article and now bring in the wonderful world of network marketing, amazing things start to happen with your deductions. Network marketing is a relationship business. When I leave my house and go out into the world and talk to people, I am doing my business. I make a point to talk to at least one, if not 3-4, new people about what I'm doing, every time I go to town. Every time I go to town, I deduct my milage ($.58/mile beginning in July 2008). That alone adds up to thousands of dollars per year that I am deducting.

Do you want to hear something funny? The IRS allows you to take a loss in your business for 3 years, as long as you can show that you are working it as a business and not a hobby. There are some people who work their home business just hard enough to break even with their true expenses and then their tax deductions help reduce their income from their primary job. They have fun, get to use their companies products for free and get a tax deduction. By the end of three years, if they've been consistent, they are probably making some really good money with their home network marketing business. Maybe even enough to let go of that JOB.

Paper, printer ink, phone, internet, travel, business meals, office supplies, books, marketing materials, samples, meetings. All are deductible expenses in your home based network marketing business.

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