23 January 2009

Instructions: How to Convert Clicks to Prospects

This post is focused primarily on how to successfully convert clicks to prospects when doing internet marketing. Many people offer wonderfully creative and informative websites and even have learned how to bring traffic to visit the site...but still don't see many prospects or customers develop. Why is that? Here is the answer.

You must have a good landing page for your site. A landing page is just that..a place where people LAND once they click on a link in a paid ad or anywhere else online. Once a person lands on your page you need to do three things:

1. Keep their attention so that they stay on the page and read through it.

2. Offer them something that entices them to fill out your Lead Capture Form (back to that one in a moment) and give you their name and contact information.

3. Give very clear instructions as to the ACTION that they need to take..such as "Fill in your name and click to GO button.

If you send someone to a web page that does not have these three components then the chances of them becoming prospects or leads or customers, is greatly reduced.

Back to the Lead Capture Form. This is form that you create and put on your Landing Page. It is tied to an auto-responder system like Aweber which allows you to create lists composed of everyone who fills out your form. You must have one of these systems. They say in internet marketing that the fortune is in the list.

In Video #4 of PPC Domination Training Course, Jim Yaghi does a great job of showing the components of a really good landing page. He strongly suggests that beginners utilize some type of funded proposal system that comes with a landing page ready to go. He uses Mike Dillard's Magnetic Sponsoring affiliate program as an example. Mike does an awesome job with all his landing pages, but I find that sometimes people prefer a more personal touch. I do like the idea of using funded proposals though, as an easy way to capture leads, meet prospects and fund your advertising costs.

Marketing Merge/Renegade University is a great funded proposal system that allows you to create a very personalized landing page. The debate could be that these personalized pages don't have as strong of a call to action as the more direct/generic pages...so I would try both kinds if I were you (Renegade University gives you this option). I use both and vary them based on my target audience. Personalized Example
Non-personalized Example

Once someone has landed on your page and given you their information and you have given them whatever it is you offered (free video, ebook, etc...) now it's time to make contact. In your auto-responder system should be a series of letters that you send to your new prospect. Most of the packaged funded proposal systems do this for you. Beyond that, I strongly suggest that you use that phone number that you have acquired and say hello to your new prospect. Call and say hi. Get to know them. Find out what they are searching for and see if you can offer a solution.

Your click has now become your prospect.

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