21 October 2012

Is Visalus a Pyramid?

Is Visalus a Pyramid ?

I think it's HILARIOUS that people STILL ask if our company, or any MLM is a "scam" or "Pyramid things" because we've helped SO many people make a 6 or 7 figure incomes in the past 3 years...probably more than ANY Fortune 500 company.
Here's a little education on the Visalus pyramid.
Let's examine the evidence, and YOU decide.
1. Visalus is publicly traded. The SEC or FTC doesn't allow pyramid schemes. Period. Stock Symbol BTH. Check.

2. Visalus promoters get paid commissions for products sold....just like car sales, software sales, retail sales, realtors, insurance agents, etc. Check.

3. Visalus trains their people. Check.

4. We work for money. NO work, NO money. Check.

5. Visalus has a world class legal team, customer service center, shipping team, product development team, marketing team, management team. Check.

6. Visalus has comprehensive policies and procedures in place. Check.

7. 75-80% of people who join Visalus and the Body By Vi Challenge  are strictly customers. Check.

Here is the REAL SCAM: Being sold into building into someone elses dream, to fund their vacations, lavish homes and cars while you work for $8-$20 an hour, work your tail off and get 3% yearly raises if you're lucky. No rewards and incentives for doing your job, no hope for huge pay raises, someone telling you when you can or cannot be sick, go on vacation or spend time with your family.

So let me ask YOU... Mr./Ms W2.... Why are YOU falling for that scam in one of those Pyramid things???

Don't you at least owe yourself a look?

18 October 2012

Monster, Red Bull, 5-Hour Energy Review

Monster- Red Bull -  5-Hour Energy Review

A recent edition of Esquire Magazine focused their attention on Energy Drinks.  The title of the article monster, red bull, 5-hour energywas "How To Work Late" .  The picture of the review is included here. What struck me most is the really concerning side effects of these energy drinks. Why would someone do that to their body when their are energy alternatives with no side effects?

For Monster Energy side effects include Jitters, excessive bathroom breaks and over the long time, trouble sleeping and calming down.  No wonder, it contains the amount of caffeine found in FOUR cups of coffee!!

Red Bull might be great helping a man sky dive from space but it leaves a sour taste in your mouth that won't go away no matter what you do. The caffeine content is similar to a cup of coffee but the sugar is over 27 grams!

5-Hour Energy has the same amount of caffeine as Monster and no sugar. It's energy ingredients focus around B vitamins. While there are many good aspects of B's, too much of a good thing is too much. I recently heard of a situation from a chiropractor friend,  of someone having temporary paralysis in their face from drinking too many of these.  People report crashing as they come off the "high" of the energy.

Why not consume smart energy drinks rather than ones with questionable side effects?

Visalus Go has the Instant Energy that you need right away.

Visalus Pro offers sustained energy for endurance and alertness.

5-hour energy alternativeBoth were developed by Dr. Michael Seidman who is listed as one of the top nutritional physicians in the US by the NIH. Both give you the energy you need without side effects found in other over the counter energy drinks. Being energetic in the moment and in the long term means feeding your body with products that actually benefit it. Visalus Go and Visalus Pro will do that as well as Monster Energy, Red Bull and 5-Hour Energy in the short term and much better over time because you won't be risking side effects.



17 October 2012

Body By Vi Challenge AFTER Pictures at 53 Years Old

















































16 October 2012

Should I Buy Vi Shake or Order a Vi Shake Sample ?

Should I buy Vi Shake or Order a Vi Shake Sample?

The answer depends on what you are trying to accomplish. For example,  you may have a friend in another state who is a promoter for Visalus and you want to order Vi Shakes from her. But you would prefer to taste it first.  That would be a good reasons to order a Vi Shake Sample. Taste the shake mix that tastes like cake mix and then tell your friend you love it and are ready to order.

On the other hand, if you don't have a connection and are just searching for Body By Vi Shakes on the internet it makes more sense to buy Vi Shake. Here's why. Your initial order of Vi Shakes is 100% satisfaction guaranteed. When you order a Vi Shake Sample you receive just one serving- one shake. But if you buy Vi Shake and just order a $49 Balance Kit, you receive thirty shakes. Now you have the chance to try different recipes and also see how your body responds to two shakes per day for 15 days. If you love it,  go back into your account and buy another Vi Shake Challenge Kit. If you don't like them, you can return the empty bag to Visalus and receive a full refund!!

Should I buy vi shake or order a vi shake sample   is a question I answer every day. Many people end up talking to me because  they decided to order a vi shake sample, picked up the phone because they saw a phone number on the page and preferred talking to a live person. In most cases, we decide that it is better for them to buy a bag for Vi Shake than it is to order a Vi Shake Sample. But in some cases, we determine that the sample situation is better for them.

Either way  - Don't put it off any longer. If you've been investigating the Body By Vi Challenge and the Visalus Vi Shape Shake, get your hands on some. You will see why 150,000 people per month are joining the challenge all across North America. A Shake that tastes this good and works this well is hard to walk away from!

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