27 September 2009

$5,368,709.12 A Penny That Doubles

A penny that doubles every day for 30 days = $5,368,709.12

Doesn't that just seem incredible? You can do the math yourself and you'll watch how it happens on your calculator. It is the power of a geometric progression. Geometric progressions are the engine that drives income in any industry where people work with other people to market a product and create income for all.

In most network marketing companies you will not see a doubling every 30 days. But over 4-6 months, you could see five people progress to an organization of over 3000. Even in a program where you commission on product sales is $5 per person per month, that's $15,000 per month in just six month.

Yesterday an email came across my desk from a colleague. We both work our primary network marketing businesses full time. He shared with the crazy program with me. At first glance it was the type of thing I usually just delete. But given who it came from, I took five minutes and watched the video.

The outcome: I could find no down side to playing with it for a month or two. It costs nothing, as all costs are covered by the advertisers. It takes a tiny bit of time per day to click on a few ads. I'm always doodling around online while I'm talking on the phone or listening to conference calls, so why not click some ads.

Free to join
Easy to do
No money to spend
Only five minutes per day
Could make $100 per month
Could make a lot more
Could be junk
May be great

Decide for yourself...
Watch the Video and see the penny double over 30 days!

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