21 October 2012

Is Visalus a Pyramid?

Is Visalus a Pyramid ?

I think it's HILARIOUS that people STILL ask if our company, or any MLM is a "scam" or "Pyramid things" because we've helped SO many people make a 6 or 7 figure incomes in the past 3 years...probably more than ANY Fortune 500 company.
Here's a little education on the Visalus pyramid.
Let's examine the evidence, and YOU decide.
1. Visalus is publicly traded. The SEC or FTC doesn't allow pyramid schemes. Period. Stock Symbol BTH. Check.

2. Visalus promoters get paid commissions for products sold....just like car sales, software sales, retail sales, realtors, insurance agents, etc. Check.

3. Visalus trains their people. Check.

4. We work for money. NO work, NO money. Check.

5. Visalus has a world class legal team, customer service center, shipping team, product development team, marketing team, management team. Check.

6. Visalus has comprehensive policies and procedures in place. Check.

7. 75-80% of people who join Visalus and the Body By Vi Challenge  are strictly customers. Check.

Here is the REAL SCAM: Being sold into building into someone elses dream, to fund their vacations, lavish homes and cars while you work for $8-$20 an hour, work your tail off and get 3% yearly raises if you're lucky. No rewards and incentives for doing your job, no hope for huge pay raises, someone telling you when you can or cannot be sick, go on vacation or spend time with your family.

So let me ask YOU... Mr./Ms W2.... Why are YOU falling for that scam in one of those Pyramid things???

Don't you at least owe yourself a look?

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