08 August 2008

Building a Business, Building a Balance

Building a business requires time, energy, commitment and perseverance. Add to that the (loving) demands of family and often a 9-5 job that you're keeping until your entrepreneurial business is underway, and you are a very busy person. As my business grows I find that the excitement and the exposure to new ideas, new people, new techniques keeps me working long hours and late into the night. Does that sound familiar?

Months of hard work setting up an interlocking web of websites, blogs, articles, etc...is paying off. Traffic is coming. Leads are being generated. It works!! Yet for me, success only creates a need to know more/do more/learn more. And so I spend a lot of time learning about new ways to generate traffic to my websites and new techniques to teach to my team. This is all GOOD. There are no complaints here, only some philosophical musings regarding balance.

In Think and Grow Rich, that bible for entrepreneurs, Napolean Hill has you develop an outline and a daily mantra to go with it. When you develop your outline you are asked to state what it is that you will give up in order to achieve the goal that you fervently desire. I was very clear that I would give up my free time and my recreation time in order to build my business to the level of my dreams. As I was I taking a much needed walk tonight I realized that giving up those things did not mean forgoing basic exercise or time to take a breather from work. In fact, the point that came to me was that as I ardently pursue my goal, I need to be that much more focused on every moment of my life, even the non-work related ones.

That means being 100% in the moment with my daughter when I'm playing with her, rather than thinking about the next phone call or email. It means paying attention to the beauty of my mountain home when I'm out walking, rather than planning the details of my next blog post. You get the picture. By being conscious of each moment, it will in fact keep my mind more clear and better able to work harder and more efficiently during the times that I am focused on my business.

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