21 July 2008

How To Sponsor 10+ New Business Builders PER MONTH!!!

While many in network marketing struggle to sponsor just 1-2 people into their business per month, there are those that easily sponsor 10-20. What do they do that is different than the average? There are three answers to that question.
1. They set daily, weekly and monthly goals and stick to them.
2. They create MASSIVE ACTION. This means that instead of calling 10 leads per day, they call 200...EVERY DAY!!
3. They understand the psychology of recruiting.

As a 20 year professional in the field of psychology, number three is particularly intriguing to me. What is the psychology of recruiting? What it means is that there is a way to speak with prospects that creates a desire on their part to work with you and to want to know about and join your business. No one explains this better than Mark Weiser. I've placed a banner below that links to a FREE, 60 minute video interview of Mark explaining how he regularly sponsors over 20 new people per month and the psychology that he uses. Mark has a background in Clinical Psychology and he speaks my language. I think you'll find the information he presents incredibly useful in your own growth as a business person.

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