10 November 2008

Coffee, Tea or Special Offer for Me?

If you could imagine the PERFECT network marketing company, what would it look like? Here is my list:
1. An everyday, non-luxury product that people are familiar with...yet still unique
2. Must be a consumable product
3. A compensation plan that focuses on retention and rewards people at all levels of interest and ability.
4. Less than 10 people in one's business downline will cover monthly autoship costs
5. Company is developed and run by EXPERIENCED network marketing professionals who have spend years in the field and know what is truly important for distributor's success.
6. Not a lot of hype..just a solid, well funded, well run company with a good, unique, consumable product. A company that you can hang your hat with for many years.

A company that focuses on customers and on business builders, both. Not just on recruiting "new blood".

So you wonder if a company like this exists. I have been wondering the same thing. What would the product be...water, crackers, tea, coffee, toiletries? Those are all everyday products, yet not unique enough..though there is designer water. What if there were a company that nailed this one on the head? What if it didn't conflict with the company you are with now and yet gave you more oppportunity than you have presently? What if a group of MLM pros, totalling 70 years experience, IN THE FIELD came together and created a company that rewards you for keeping your enrollees, and does not want you to go out and become a recruiting machine? What if the product was something you already use...and so does EVERYONE you know? Would you be interested in learning more if this fantasy were true?

Click Here NOW and we'll get back to you with details. We not only provide Success Mentoring and coaching...we now have the PERFECT situation for you to use what you learn.

No Hype. No extreme recruiting needed. Enroll just 21 Personal's and you'll be at the top of the payplan. No need to recruite your customers...this company is set up for people to JUST BE CUSTOMERS and use this unique, yet everyday product...and you can grow your business just from that. Or become a business builder sharing a very special version of something I'm sure you or your family have used already this week. Click onto our mentoring site and we'll be in touch shortly. We believe in what we say..that people join people. That is why we mentor and coach every network marketing professional who desires our services. Only if they ask do we share information about the upcoming Secret Pre-Launch of our company.

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