26 November 2008

The Law of Attraction IN ACTION !!!

I finally watched the THE SECRET last night. (No, I'm not lost in space...I read the book years ago and then studied more in depth Law of Attraction information such as Jerry and Esther Hicks.) Anyway, I finally watched the movie and it was a bit cheesy, as I expected, yet also an excellent presentation of the message. One point that really got me thinking wa the idea of truly FEELING that which you truly desire.

Think about this for a minute. TRULY FEELING. Not just thinking about it or making a plna or staying positively focused--but FEELING the feeling of already having that which you desire. If it's a new bicycle then create a vision--or a vision board--of your new bike. Picture your hands on the handle bars and the feel of flying down your street pedaling fast past the blur of trees.

If you're searching for the love of your life then draw him/her in words or pictures. Make the description really clear--physical attributes, emotional, spiritual. Get to know him or her in your mind and imagine talking, walking, playing together. FEEL how that will be. FEEL it every day in your mind.

Financial success is the focus on this website. Make it concrete in your FEELIINGS. Do not just think "more money" or "success in my mlm", but picture a $10,000 check arriving in your mailbox. FEEL yourself opening the envelope and pulling out the check. See the check with your name on it. See that number written on line. Look at it. Hold it in your hands. Imagine talking to others about your great month. Imagine spending some of it on debt, on fun, on charity. FEEL what that IS like for you. FEEL $1000 or $1,000,000. Paste it on your vision board or on your ceiling.

Do you want to have a downline of 20,000 people? Be there now. Think abou the people. What countries are they from? Plan your conference calls and your team emails. Draw on outline of your geneology. Use some concrete tools to truly get a feeling of how big 20,000 really is. Do you know a town near you that has 20,000 people in it? Go there. Imagine every one of them being in your downline. How does that FEEL? Feel those feelings of leadership, success, responsibility, leadership.

Now you will begin to see the Law Of Attraction at work. The recent unfolding in my own business life can have no other explanation except for the Law Of Attraction manifesting as it has since the dawn of time. Amazing!!

(End note: As a psychotherapist I often take clients on "imaginary journeys", using guided imagery. I also use this technique in my mentoring and coaching when appropriate. Visit Success Mentoring System information)

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