03 December 2007

Support From Those You Love

Isn't it funny in a strange sort of way, that often the people you most expect to support your endeavors, are the ones who have the negative response. This happens really frequently in this field of Network Marketing and MLM. If you ever get a chance to read Mark Yarnell's book Your First Year in Network Marketing, he covers this topic in a humorous yet honest manner. On page 2, he talks about how easy it is for an excited potential network marketer to never even begin because of the reaction from his spouse, family and friends. Luckily, Mr. Yarnell also spends time later in the book teaching us all how to introduce prospects to the company in a way that allows them to bring the idea home and have it be accepted.

Meanwhile, if you are already working this business and you're not getting the support you need from those around you, how do you deal with that? It's important in all aspects of your life to be very clear that you can never make anyone do or thing or believe something that they don't want to do or think or believe. Trying to convince your spouse or your parents or you best friend of something by constantly talking about it, is probably going to result in frustration and hard feelings all around. So take a step back.

First look at what you're doing and re-examine your why. Then take an honest look at the time and money commitment you'll need to be successful in this business. Is it something you can swing in your present situation? My feeling is that all worthwhile goals require sacrifice and if you truly believe in your product, company and the potential, then find a way to make it happen. Just be careful that you don't shirk other commitments, such as family and finances it you don't have a supportive spouse. Once you are making money and becoming successful in your network marketing business, your spouse and others will begin to see the light. It makes more sense to show than to tell.

I know a woman who began in a network marketing company 1 1/2 years ago. Her husband was not happy when she started. He thought it was a scam, he thought it would take time away from the family, he couldn't believe that she would spend her time selling juice. After 8 months this woman was bringing home a substantial paycheck. She was on her way to qualifying for a company trip and now her husband was excited. After they went on that trip he joined her in her business and eventually left his own employment to work as a team full time. It makes more sense to show than to tell.

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